Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Here's a peak at the Valentine's photo I took for everybody, because I forgot to buy Valentine's and didn't have time today (remember when everybody gave out Valentine's in 1st grade?). They were going to be Jonas Brothers ones (I'm not gonna lie, I have a soft spot for the Jo Bros). So, to make up for it, there's a pic of the Jonas Brothers, me and a heart I made (with a mustache).

Makeup is the same as earlier Photobooth, just added a rich, matte, red lip (which I had to make since I don't have a matte red lipstick...)
Red Lip:
- Carmex (light coat)
- Mac Hot Tahiti Lipstick, softly blended in with finger
- Rimmel London Bordeaux Lipstick, 3 dots on bottom lip, softly blended in with finger
- Hot Topic Red Eye Shadow, 4 dots on bottom, 3 dots on top, blended in with finger
- Clinique Angel Red lipstick, one swipe on bottom
Smudge lips together. Clean edges with concealer. Accentuate cupid's bow with white kohl pencil.
Have a safe, fun and love-filled Valentine's Day!
Love, Yukie

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