Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mac Pigment Samples from

Kitschmas, Pink Bronze, Violet, Golden Olive, Lovely Lily, Vanilla, Teal, Cornflower, Blue Brown, Pink Opal
Pink Bronze, Violet, Golden Olive, Lovely Lily, Vanilla, Teal, Cornflower, Blue Brown, Pink Opal, Kitschmas

Cornflower, Blue Brown, Pink Opal, Kitschmas
Vanilla, Teal, Cornflower Blue, Blue Brown
Pink Bronze, Violet, Golden Olive, Lovely Lily

These are the pigments I bought from I bought 3 of each. I heard from Allthatglitters21 that 3 of each sample is enough to press them into an eyeshadow pan. So that's what I did!

Each sample is from between $1.50-$2.00. I bought pans, magnets and a
palette from Stars Makeup Haven (see previous post) and used those to make my own
eyeshadows from these pigments.

I have a youtube video on pressing pigments which will be up soon after this post.

So, as promised here are pics and descriptions for each pigment!
- Kitschmas: Mac describes it as "shimmering pink/mauve pearl". To me, it's a midtown blue-pink with a major silver sparkle to it. Very pretty :]

- Pink Bronze: Bronze/Pink duochrome. It's very very pigmented. I'm not sure how often I'm going to use it though because the bronze comes off so strong.
- Violet: Frosty violet color. Sort of reminds me of the purple from the Alice In Wonderland Palette by Urban Decay
- Golden Olive: Yellowy green frost. Very earthy.
- Lovely Lily: More of a mauvey pink, and another frost. Like the name, it's lovely.

- Vanilla: Goldy, white pearly frost color. Warm and pretty. The duochrome is easier to see in the swatch with all the colors in it.
- Teal: the main color that I wanted. I love teal eyeshadows. Highly pigmented, rich and deep.

- Cornflower: soft midtone purpley blue. Frosty.
- Blue Brown: SUPER pigmented brown that's very very strong. Blue duochrome. The duochrome is easy to see in the pot (above) as well as the swatch with all of the pigments on it. I honestly don't know what to do with it because in some angles you only see the brown and it looks... dirty. But in other lights you see the blue and it's interestingly gorgeous.

- Pink Opal: white with pink duochrome. Great highlight color.
I think the color payoff is much much better in pigment form, but the main reason for me to buy all of this is to press them. I did it by mixing it all with rubbing alcohol (as you'll see in the video).
When pressed you do get a great pigmentation still though. So you can only imagine what it's like in pigment form.
My favorites so far are Teal and Cornflower.