Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Current Obsession: Rockslide Brownie Candle

Candles By Victoria makes these Comfort Candles that are absolutely AMAZING. They're on her very last page of her site, number 16.
The one I bought is the Rockslide Brownie candle, which is layers of chocolate, brownie and caramel, with brownie and caramel chunks on top. It's absolutely wonderful.
If you haven't tried any of her candles they're extremely scented. I like to keep the candles un-capped for a light scenting of my room, and to get a stronger scent, I burn them. It's probably the most delectable treat ever, without eating unhealthily.
It's double wicked so it burns evenly, since it's quite a large candle.
I can't say anything more positive about CBV and their products because they're absolutely amazing. Go check them out!

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