Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NOTW: Lisa Frank

Now I know I did a NOTW yesterday but my new Konad plate came in today and I could not resist.
I've been waiting for this one plate to do this one design and now that I've done it I couldn't be more pleased or entertained.
This is based off of sayanythingbr00ke's Lisa Frank nail tutorial.... actually it's like exactly the same.

Here are the products I used:
- QT (pink)
- L8R G8R (green/yellow)
- DV8 (blue)
- IDK (purple)
(all China Glaze OMG Collection polishes)
- Konad plate m57
- Konad special polish, Black


  1. I love these! Found your blog whilst searching for Lisa Frank stuff on google. So cute <3

  2. @lovelypinup don't credit me for this design at all! it was all sayanythingbr00ke :) check her out on youtube. she's amazing!