Monday, September 27, 2010

What's In My Makeup Bag??

Zoya Sparkle Collection

I'm fully aware that this is late. But in an effort to again, organize my collection and have some sort of database of swatches for collections I decided to start posting full collections on my blog with photos of the products as well...
Here are all the polishes from the Zoya Sparkle Collection, which came out in the summer. I absolutely LOVED this collection and have always been reaching for them, regardless of the season or what I'm wearing. I just can't get enough of them!
For me it was also the start of seeing the uber shimmery/sparkly/glittery shades that are so popular now (Orly, Mac, Sally Hansen all have sparkly shades like this now). Although these aren't as multi-dimensional as the new ones, they are still fabulous.
Photos, names and swatches are after the jump :]

Sunday, September 26, 2010

NHL #3: Boston Bruins

This is the third in the NHL series. It's for the Boston Bruins and their team colors are black, white and gold. Their mascot is Blades the Bruin and to be honest, I really liked how this one turned out. I didn't think I'd like a yellow based look, but I ended up softening it up with some brown in the crease, representing Blades, and it ended up being a unique but very neutral everyday look.
It was an almost bright yellow on the lid, and then a sparklier white in the inner corner and a black liner. It also opens up the eyes quite a bit because of the white in the corner. The face was also left very neutral and the lips were left nude and glossy.
Keep reading for the list of products used and more up close photos :]

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NHL #2: Atlanta Thrashers

This is the completed Atlanta Thrashers look, which I mentioned in a FOTD a while back. I actually loved the way this one came out... I thought it was very fall, with still a pop of color and made having a rainbow eye extremely wearable.
Atlanta's team colors are Atlanta Midnight Blue, Thrasher Ice Blue, Georgia Bronze, Capitol Copper, Peachtree Gold and White.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum

There has been a lot of hype this past year about Argan Oil/Morrocan Oil and the benefits it has for skin, hair and nails.
So, I had been dying to try it and wasn't sure which brand to choose since there had been so many! I went to my local Sephora and they recommended this one to me (probably because they didn't have that many other choices...).
I loved that all of the Josie Maran products are 100% made of recycled materials. The box, the bottle, the cap - everything.
For the price, which was $30, I thought it wasn't that bad at all. I originally bought it in May and have yet to have finished the bottle.

NOTW: "Zombie Zest" by China Glaze

This is from the new China Glaze Halloween collection called Awakening. It comes with 3 polishes, and this is my faaaavorite :D
I chose a pic where my fingers were all in different positions so you guys could see the different components to the shade.
It's basically a really murky jelly-ish base with lime green and gold glitters in it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

NOTW: 9/9/10 "Shim-merry Chic" by OPI

This came from OPI's holiday collection last year. It's a golden bronze color with flakey opalescent glitters in it. This is quite sheer so it took about 4 or 5 coats to get it to look this way. I put a coat of Seche Vite on top. I've had it on for about 4 days and there isn't any tip wear at all. I love this color a lot for the fall... not really the winter because I feel like winter colors should be warm, deep cremes or they should be sparkley reds and silvers and blues. For fall though I feel like this mirrors the transition of the leaves as the base color being the woody, dead leaf color and the opalescent pieces reflect orange, pink and gold.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review: Sigma Premium Professional Brush Kit With Roll - Black

A while ago I purchased the original Sigma Brush set, and I thought it was a great deal, especially for those that didn't want to spend the money to get a set of brushes, if they were just starting out with makeup. Honestly, if you aren't a makeup artist, I don't think it's necessary for you to have a whole set of Mac, Louise Young, Laura Mercier or any of the higher end brand's brushes. It just seems sort of silly for a girl between the ages of 15-24 with at least one (and many times more than 1) of every brush Mac makes. Honestly... do you really need a $60 contouring brush? With just $40, not including shipping, (which is easily just 1 Mac face brush) you could purchase 11 more brushes and a faux leather brush roll. You'd also get the chance to try out all these different types of brushes, and really practice with them and figure out their functions without paying a fortune for it. 
That's where I thought Sigma came up with a great product line and concept of products because truthfully, the answer is no, you don't need a $60 contouring brush. Even if you're a professional... you may need a lot of brushes but I think these will substitute well for the budding professionals that haven't quite reached a place in their career to spend that much money on a brush. 
When Sigma released a new set of brushes, the Premium kit,  I was really excited because it came with 15 different brushes, 3 more than the original, and most of them were ones I had been eyeing from Mac. This brush roll, since it came with more brushes, is $149 (on sale I think it cuts down to close to $100, like during the holidays and such) which isn't bad at all considering you get 15 brushes and a nice looking roll for it. You also get a free travel sized blending brush (which I also got with my first kit) so really, you get 16 brushes. That's about a little more than $10/brush when including shipping and tax. Great deal.
Unfortunately, my experience with Sigma wasn't as positive this time around as the first time.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Series - NHL #1: Anaheim Ducks

Today (well when I first filmed this) I started to embark in a new series. I briefly talked about this in my FOTD post for 8/31 but I'll just recap those who didn't read that.
I have a few series of tutorials going right now... Flowers, Birthstones and Celebrities. I've decided that Flowers are going to be more bold, colorful looks (and they'll also expand into other plants, trees etc), Birthstones will be mostly frosty looks, and then Celebrities will be just that... whatever ads, redcarpet looks and such that are beautiful or inspiring to me.
The reason I've decided to start NHL teams is because I just love hockey. They're also going to be my more wearable looks. Team looks are always hard to do because team colors are generally difficult to use colors. Like red and blue. Or red and white (ohhhhhhhh can't wait for Detroit Red Wings day).

NOTW: Double post - "Dressmaker" by Milani, "Alegra" by Zoya

This week I had a lot of nail problems. One of them broke. The nail color chipped because I had to use my hands a bunch at school and work. My hands got really dry and then another nail broke. Really... just a bad week. What ended up happening though was that I painted my nails twice in 3 days. First was "Dressmaker" by Milani, next was "Alegra" by Zoya.
Both of them applied smoothly and were treu to color in 3 coats. They both have a coating of Seche Vite on top (as always).

Friday, September 3, 2010

August Favorites

Here are my favorite things from August!
August was a good month for me (as always) because it was my birthday on the 23rd and summer is ending/school is starting and although it can get hectic, I'm never stressed out. 
Because things were hectic, I ended up reverting back to things that I know were reliable and super easy for me to use... hence alllllll the Benefit products.
A lot of the rest of it is drugstore/easy to find and inexpensive alternatives to the non-drugstore things that people always want.
I didn't really have a non-beauty related products as a favorite this month because...I guess hi-lighters seemed really lame lol.
Anyways, here are my favorites, I hope you guys had a great August as well!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mac Haul: Fabulous Felines, F/W Nail Trend 2010

Here are pics from my Mac Haul.
I got not a bunch but a few things from the 2 Mac collections that just came out: Fabulous Felines and F/W Nail Trend 2010. What are you guys excited about??
I looked through a lot of stuff and decided to save my money for the Venomous Villains stuff coming out this month... regardless, here are the things I bought, photos and swatches!