Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NOTW: "Bad Fairy" by Mac from Venomous Villains

Mac's "Bad Fairy" was one of the 3 nail polishes released with the Mac Venomous Villains collection (swatches coming soon I swear!).
The other 2 had exact dupes in the Orly Cosmic FX collections, and you might as well get those because they're cheaper.
This one though, is stunning. It's a cool red base, with a pink, orange and gold shimmer which catch the light to make your nails look like they're glowing and are like embers.
It went on pretty smooth. 2-3 coater. Removal can get tricky because even though it's fine milled glitter, it's still glitter.
These sort of glittery colors are definitely the ones I gravitate towards when my nails are longer. In general I don't really like having longer nails but with these multi-chrome glitters, the length of the nail can provide more space which can provide more dimension, then you see all those colors.
Below are more photos in different angles to see all of the different colors that show up with the polish.

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