Friday, October 29, 2010

NHL #7: Carolina Hurricanes / Halloween Makeup

I'm on a roll this week. 3 Tutorials in one week? It's unheard of lol.
Anyways, this is #7 in the NHL tutorials and it also serves as a great Halloween look since it's BOLD. I mean red, black and smokey. Definitely not an everyday thing (at least for me).
The team is the Carolina Hurricanes, team colors being red, black and white (duh).
It can be used for vampires, or any school event if your school colors are red and black.
I loved how it turned out, I hope you do too!
Follow the link for a full list of products :D

Thursday, October 28, 2010

NHL #6: Calgary Flames

Here's the latest NHL look based on the Calgary Flames.
Their colors are Red, Gold, Black and White.
Instead of going a bright red and gold look, I toned it down and made it glowy and warm. Good for everyday :)
Keep reading after the jump for a list of products and more pics!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mac Venomous Villains Haul

It's finally posted!!!!
I'm sorry it took a while to get it up, but here it finally is :)
These are the photos and swatches of everything I got from the Mac Venomous Villains collection, as well as my Mac Pro Longwear foundation.
Everything can be purchased at Mac's website (if it's still in stock, probably not), or on Nordstrom, Macy's and other department store websites.
Another great blog with excellent photos is this one. I think she did a great job capturing the colors, and another person's descriptions might help in seeing and figuring everything out to those who are wondering.
So, without further ado, photos and swatches are after the jump! 

Review: Bioré Face Cleaning Strips

Guess who feels silly right now?
I've never tried face cleaning strips before but thought I'd try them when they were on sale at CVS today.
I wet my face (as I had washed it right before) and applied the strips to my face.
They were soft when you applied and they felt sort of cooling on the face. It wasn't like minty but it was nice.
It dried pretty fast and got to the "paper maché" texture pretty quickly, I'd say 15 minutes. I may have waited longer, just to make sure that it was perfectly dry.
Removing the strips were SO painful. It was pulling too hard and it stung so much. I ripped off the second and third strip like a bandaid so that it would hurt less. The nose strip especially hurt. My eyes were tearing. My face was tingling in a bad way. It hurt so much!
Afterwards I looked at the strip and I saw more tiny hairs being ripped off than things in my pores coming out.
Something to take care of when doing these next is to really press in the strips and get them into the curves of my nose would be key.
The second time around I did press them in all the way and then removed them before the full 15 minutes and yes it hurt less, but still hurttttttt. :(
I did look on the strips after and yeah my pores were clean. It was pretty gross, seeing all the stuff that comes out of your face. I then used my Clinique face wash and my face felt SO clean.
Like every time that you exfoliate and especially clean your skin, with facials or whatever, my skin did break out just a little bit.
I did like them I guess. It works and they're not expensive. I know CVS and other brands make comparable products so maybe I'll try those out as well some day.

FOTD: 10/25/10

Just some school time photoboothing. :D
Used my Coastal Scents Warm Palette, and made a goldish purple lid. Then did some dark green liner underneath the lash line, using Mac's Undercurrent and set it with just a dark green shadow (the one from my Sleek Storm Palette). Then did a darker berry lip with Nars' Strawberry Fields.
It's not supposed to rain today but it's still cold out. I'm super excited for it to be actually fall though and it makes me so happy!
Sidenote: changed my nails again today/last night because it's the week before halloween and I have a quick nail tutorial coming up with ideas for halloween nails.
If you're somebody like me and the whole dressing up thing is just not the thing for you anymore (I don't think I even have plans for halloween this year...) then you can just do the standard festive orange and black nails. Which is what I'm probably going to do. I'm going to be at work anyways so it's not like I'm going to dress up.
That and I'll probably be watching sports on tv. Depending on if there's a hockey game, I'll be watching that, or the Giants game (since they made the world series) if there isn't a sharks game on. We'll see.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Updated Review: Belle Ame and their Foaming Body Scrub

NOTW: "I'm Suzi & I'm a Chocoholic" - OPI

This is from the fall OPI Swiss collection. It's a brownish-red that's very rich in both formula and color. It went on very smooth and VERY OPAQUE. It was almost good to go in 1 coat. I applied 3 and it wasn't clumpy, fussy, sticky or goopy. Very good polish all around.
It's a great fall color and can be worn on anybody and anywhere. Love that I can start wearing these sorts of colors because it's starting to actually feel and look like fall outside (it just started raining here :D).
Here's the color with flash:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

NOTW: "Isla" - Zoya

This is "Isla" by Zoya. It's probably one of my favorite red nail polishes, as well as one of my favorite Zoya polishes.
It's much more a Christmas-y red so I only had it on for like a day because I didn't want to rush too far ahead with holidayish colors :P
It's a very deep, slightly blackened metallic red. It's beautiful in person. It goes on very smoothly, and only needs 2 coats. I have Seche Vite on top and it really does make a difference. The high gloss of the top coat makes it shine like no other and I feel like deepens the color. I absolutely love it as a manicure and will definitely reaching for it again in the deeper winter.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NOTW: "Bad Fairy" by Mac from Venomous Villains

Mac's "Bad Fairy" was one of the 3 nail polishes released with the Mac Venomous Villains collection (swatches coming soon I swear!).
The other 2 had exact dupes in the Orly Cosmic FX collections, and you might as well get those because they're cheaper.
This one though, is stunning. It's a cool red base, with a pink, orange and gold shimmer which catch the light to make your nails look like they're glowing and are like embers.
It went on pretty smooth. 2-3 coater. Removal can get tricky because even though it's fine milled glitter, it's still glitter.

September Favorites!

I.... well I have no explanation for this super late blog post but here it is! My September favorites!

• Bold Lips:
- Ultra Glossy: Tarte Double Dose Lip Gloss
- Ultra Glittery: YSL Golden Gloss, Mac To The Beach Lipglasses, Mac Superglasses, Mac Dazzleglasses, Mac Resort Life Lip Gelee, Benefit Back To The Fuschia
- Super colored: Plum, Vintage, NSFW OCC Lip tars, Nars Strawberry Fields, Nyx Goddess of the Night, Benefit Lipstick Misbehavin'

• Bold Lashes: Benefit Bad Gal Lash, Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion, Cover Girl Eye Exact Eye Lights, Nyx Dolleye Volume, Rimmel Glam Eyes

• Nails: OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, Manicurist of Seville


Review: Cliche Cosmetics Eye Shadow Primer

The reason I first bought this was because Juicystar07. She raved about it, and I believed her.
Did it work out for me? Not so much. I don't get how it worked out for her either, since she claims to have oily skin. I guess my oily skin is worse? I don't know.
Regardless, I bought this hoping that it really was the awesome product she advertised it to be. Not so much. Right off the bat, the creaminess of the product said "I WILL CREASE ON YOU". It didn't set very quickly either. If you have drier lids, it'll probably work fine for you, but for me, it just seemed like not a good time. And I was right. The day that I tested this was the hottest day of the year so far. It was also the day that I walked to school and worked at the pool. The indoor pool that's super humid and gross. I guess if there were ever a day and place to test it it would be there. So, yeah. Didn't work out for me at all. 
The color itself is a very light, sheer skintone color. If you have pale skin, it'd be nice if you used it as a skin tone base underneath a neutral look. Only if you have dry eye lids though.
On me, it looked really pale and blended out pretty well, not all the way so there was still a lighter tint on my skin.

Monday, October 18, 2010

NOTW: Sharks Game Nails - "Ski Teal We Drop" by OPI / "Charla Covered In Diamonds" by Zoya and Color Club

Index, Middle, Pinky: "Ski Teal We Drop" by OPI
Ring: "Charla Covered In Diamonds" by Zoya and Color Club
These are the nails I had during the Sharks game this past weekend... I have so many shades of teal that I couldn't decide where I wanted to go.
But I ended up choosing the newest addition to the teal collection from OPI's Swiss collection and then accent it with my favorite of the lighter teals.
The camera picked up more on the red than the green, as seen by my overly red fingers and hand. So, the colors in real life have more green to them. Especially "Ski Teal We Drop" as in these photos it looks like a dark navy color.

Friday, October 15, 2010

NHL #5.2: San Jose Sharks, Black/Teal

So, like in the previous post, this is the second of the 2 San Jose Sharks tutorials I did tonight.
This one is obviously the more bold of the two, being a bright teal on the lid and then smoked out with a black. The inner corner has a nice shimmery light green which isn't being picked up on camera (sorry :/)
There are major lashes going on as well, since I put on two pairs of lashes tonight.
The face was kept neutral with a slight orange lip.
The team colors are Deep Pacific Teal, Burnt Orange, Black and White.

NHL #5.1: San Jose Sharks, White/Gray/Teal

So I know this is TOTALLY out of alphabetical order but I am going to be attending the San Jose Sharks HOME OPENER TOMORROW!!!!!!! In being totally excited for it I've decided to upload 2 tutorials tonight in celebration of the beginning of the season.
One of them, this one, is based on their away jersey which is white. The other is a very dramatic teal and black smokey eye based on their third jersey.
About a year ago I did 2 tutorials very similar to these, for my Bay Area Sports Teams Tutorial Series and it was wayyyyy back when I knew much less about how to do makeup, make tutorials etc.
I'm much more proud of these and am proud of my growth, plus I have pictures of these lol.
So, here are the details, after the jump! More pics as well!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

NOTW: "Zulu" by Nars

"Zulu" by Nars was rereleased with this year's 2010 Vintage collection. It's a very smooth, jelly, inky green and is stunning. I absolutely looooooove the color!
It's probably one of the most missed/notorious Nars nail polish colors.
It applied pretty evenly, but with most jellies it takes a bit of patience.
This was 3 coats and a top coat.

Daylight, shade

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NOTW: "Space Cadet" by Orly

This is probably one of the most interesting, complex nail polishes in my collection (which is growing so nicely every week :D).
"Space Cadet", part of the new Cosmic FX collection by Orly, is a sheer jungle green base, with an extremely dense gold, pink and green microshimmer in it. The extremely dense shimmer thus makes it look duochrome-y when really it's... well multi-chromed and the dense shimmer actually gives it a chrome like finish. That's really the best I could do with the description. It's so complex and beautiful that no picture really does it justice. It's a definite must-see... CVS has the Orly Cosmic FX collection so you can see all of them there.
The formula is great... with one coat it's a sheer jungle green with a shimmer in it. When adding coats, the shimmer really intensifies and the base color just disappears. The polish doesn't get chunky at all when applying the extra coats and dries decently quickly.
More photos after the jump!

Friday, October 8, 2010

NOTW: "Out Of This World" - Orly

I purchased some of the new Orly collection about 2 weeks ago (video is coming I promise!) and this is the first that I purchased. "Out Of This World" is an inky purple LOADED with a brighter purple and antiqued gold shimmer.
On the nail, the color comes out much more on the purple side with the dark purple base and the brighter purple shimmer. The antiqued gold is more of an afterthought and is really only visible in the bottle.

FOTD: 10/8/10


That's the theme for everything today. :)
This look is pretty much what I'm going to do for the Sharks NHL look I'm going to do in my series.
I'll probably record it the day of the game I'm going to and then post the Sharks one out of order, just so you guys can see what I'd wear to a game.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

FOTD: 10/7/10

You know I've been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians when my makeup turns up darker and smokey, my brows are filled in and fuller, and I bronze my skin a little more than usual :)

NHL #4: Buffalo Sabres

Number 4!
This was (obviously) inspired by the Buffalo Sabres...For those of you that aren't hockey fans but watched the Olympics, the Sabres' goalie is the Team USA goalie Ryan Miller.
Their team colors are navy, gold silver and white so I came up with a silver in the inner corner, gold on the lid and a navy in the crease.
This one would also work out really well for anybody looking for a makeup look to support any of the University of California schools since they all have blue and gold as their colors.
Keep reading for photos and a list of products used!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NOTW: Mac "Jade Dragon"

This is probably one of my favorite new nail polishes... It's from Mac's new F/W Nail Trend 2010 Collection. I bought 3 from that collection, this being the one I was most excited for and was my favorite, right from the written descriptions were up on Temptalia.
Then the promo shots came out, and swatches and it made me even more excited!
"Jade Dragon" is a deep, kelp like blue-ish green with a bright teal shimmer in it. It's quite opaque and applied evenly within 2 coats.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bath and Body Works, Bed Bath and Beyond Haul

So, I figured you guys wouldn't need pictures of the candles since well... they're candles and they can't be swatched and there isn't a way for me to transfer smells through the computer.
I will provide the link HERE though so you can go check them out on Bath and Body Works' website and read through descriptions to see if you find any you like. I will put in a warning though: I read through the descriptions first before I went in and smelled them and the ones I thought I would like (Caramel Apple, Creamy Pumpkin, Spiced Apple Cider, Leaves) were the ones I ended up just totally disliking in the store. The ones that I didn't even bother to read ended up being the ones I bought (and the ones I recently bought backups of just in case). Therefore, I do totally suggest that you go in and smell them instead of just purchasing them online, no matter how many people you see on YouTube or on blogs preach and praise about a certain product - at the end of the day, it's your money and what you should like that should be purchased with your money.