Saturday, January 29, 2011

NOTW: "Julieanne" by Zoya

Gorgeous inky purple packed with shimmer - purple, green, gold, silver. Went on smoothly. This is 3 coats, over Zoya's Anchor and under Zoya's Armour and a coat of Seche Vite. This was from Zoya's Wicked & Wonderful collection, which came out this fall.
I think Zoya's glitter is my favorite. It's not a traditional glitter in any sense. The particle's aren't big and really should be described more as big pieces of shimmer. The best evidence of this is seen in Zoya's Sparkle Collection.
This is very similar to Zoya's Mimi, from Sparkle. Mimi is much more purely purple in terms of glitter, where as Julieanne is a combination of different glitters, the silver standing out the most.
Zoya polishes are $7 each and can be found on Zoya's website.

Zoya Swatches: Wicked & Wonderful, Fire & Ice

A while back I ordered a box of things from Zoya. I think of all the online places to purchase from, nail polish and makeup etailers or just the company website themselves, Zoya's has to be my favorite.
The site itself is very clean and easy to navigate and they always give you free stuff when you order. A lot of times when you purchase a certain amount, a company will either give you a free gift or free shipping.
On Zoya's site? If you order over $55 then you get free shipping AND if you order over $30, $50 and then $100 you get a free gift. It's awesome.
Most of the time the free gift is a single sized Remove+ Nail Polish Remover (seen above in the purple liquid filled bottle), or a lemon salt scrub. And A LOT comes in the scrub. They also give out swatch samples of collections, which is what those nail samples are above.
Colors are all $7 each and there are so many to choose from, traditional and non traditional. They always come packed very well so there's no threat of anything breaking or leaking in the mail.
Standard shipping is never more than $8, and the items come quick.
Photos and swatches after the jump!

OPI Katy Perry & Serena Williams


OPI just released two celebrity collaboration collections, one with Katy Perry and one with Serena Williams.
Although Katy's was probably much more anticipated than Serena's, both came with the much talked about Black Shatter top coat which was a new take on the old "Crackle" nail polishes that many nail bloggers recently started reminiscing about.
Katy's extremely anticipated collection came with 4 polishes (2 glitters, a multichrome and a shimmer, much like the OPI Burlesque and Zoya Sparkle collections) along with the Black Shatter. Serena's currently has one, a shimmer like Burlesque and Sparkle, although there plan to be 4, all coinciding with the major tennis tournaments during the year (Australian, which ends this Sunday, French, US and Wimbledon). 
I LOVED all 6 of the polishes that just came out. Since they were so highly anticipated, I expected them to be out of stock extremely quickly. That being said, Trans Design had run out of them within the hour of hitting the site. Because of that, I went searching through local stores, and none of them had gotten them in stock yet. So, I googled, and found which is a UK based makeup/hair/perfume website. Yes, you have to pay for everything in £ because it's based in the UK, but if you're desperate and need to have them and are obsessed like I am it's really kind of worth it. I can tell you that shipping is fantastic - I ordered from LookFantastic and Trans Design on the same day and received both of my packages on the same day, which is impressive considering it's being shipped from another country. Shipping was also only $12, again fantastic considering it's coming from the UK and that some sites have standard shipping within the US that's up to $12.
With all of that being said, photos and swatches are after the jump! Have at it!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NOTW: "Ballet Slippers" by Essie

Oh Essie. If I were to go to a store and pick out "Ballet Slippers", I probably wouldn't be able to. Essie makes like a THOUSAND baby, bridal, soft, sheer, pretty pinks. Not literally but you know what I mean.
That's what Essie's "thing" was though. Same way that red cremes were OPI's thing and brights were China Glaze's. Recently, Essie has stepped out and done way more with their line, adding greens and blues but still the majority of Essie's line is baby pink.
The only reason I had even thought of purchasing this was because when I was 8, one of my friend's mom let my mom borrow the color and they were talking all about it. It was pretty much all the rage in between them.
When I got to the collecting stage of my life, I remember always associating Essie with "Ballet Slippers" so, "Ballet Slippers" became one of the first Essie colors I purchased.
I ordered it online so that's how I ended up getting it. If I were to actually go to an Essie stand an pick one out, I wouldn't have necessarily picked it.
This one is much closer to white than pink. It's almost a jelly finish, meaning that it looks almost marshmallowy on the nail. It's really quite sheer. This was 4 coats and I used my new favorite routine of the Zoya Anchor, Zoya Armour and Seche Vite all on top of that.
It's a fantastic color if you are in need of a conservative color - weddings, work, interviews, formals. It's just not absolutely unique in terms of color, and the formula isn't anything absolutely outstanding either. Pretty though :)

NHL Tutorial #11: Dallas Stars - Gold, Green, Black

Instead of trying to make a look that was based around yellow and green (which would have just turned out extremely similar to the Oakland A's look I did), I decided to do a basic smokey eye. This isn't as dramatic as let's say the Carolina Hurricane's look (which was WAY smokey and drama everywhere), but it's an everyday, wearable drama in my opinion.
I did this because you can really substitute any color you'd like for the yellow and the liner, for your school colors or team colors for example, and you'd be able to use this look no matter what.
As much as I dislike the Dallas Stars, the look ended up being one that I rather liked, and will probably wear often (just without the green liner).
Photos and a list of products after the jump!

Nubar Swatches

So way back in November/Early December Nubar had their 30% off sale. I hadn't ever tried Nubar but heard great things about them so I thought I'd purchase a few and see how they worked for me.
I chose the Sparkle Collection, the Go Green Collection and a few randoms because they caught my eye the most.
I did talk about these in my November Favorites video, so it's not like I didn't mention them previously lol. I'm just finally getting to posting the swatches (:x i know... I apologize).
If you've tried any Nubars or have any suggestions, please let me know! I'm just starting to feel my way through this brand and explore the different finishes they have so I'd love to know which ones are your favorites and which ones I absolutely need to have.
Nubar polishes are available on their website, which can be found here. The shipping was pretty good, fast and averagely priced.
The packaging was also pretty awesome. The sets (collections) that I ordered came in a nice box, with a hand out with information on it. Some may think it's too excessively packaged, with all the plastic being put to waste. Zoya's polishes come in a sleeker clear plastic box, but then again Zoya's polishes aren't as oddly shaped and can be packaged much more easily. I liked Nubar's presentation though.
Regularly, each polish is $7.49 ($0.51 less than OPI polishes), and collections are $49.95, with 8 polishes each, or 6 polishes and a top coat and base coat.
Pictures and swatches are after the jump!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spring 2011: Nail Polish Picks

Spring 2011: Nail Polish Picks

I made a video about this last year and decided to also do one in the fall. Since I got such a good response to both of the previous videos, I decided to do one for spring of this year.
Some trends I noticed were brights (but not neons), corals, grayed purples, bold pinks, shimmery golds, nudes and both metallic grays and creme grays.
Obviously the soft baby pinks and pastel colors will always be popular in the spring, especially those Eastery colors.
Click the link below to see the photos and swatches of the ones I chose!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NOTW: "Jane" - Rescue Beauty Lounge

I absolutely LOVE Rescue Beauty Lounge (swatches of all the ones I have is in a recent, maybe even the one right before this?, post). They have the best formula ever.
This one is from The Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty collection that just came out this fall. They're based on 4 of the 6 wives of Henry VIII of England.
This one is after Jane Seymour and is a pretty and rather gray and dark (shade wise) nude color. It has a slight gold shimmer to it, which you can see in both photos.
This was used with Zoya's Anchor base coat, and a coat of Zoya's Armor top coat and then a final layer of Seche Vite. I find using two top coats really seals in the polish and gives it the best shine ever. The Zoya top coat I use to seal, and the Seche for the shine, as well as it's fast drying properties.
I've actually been doing that with all my manicures recently (and I know, I need to get better at photographing and posting them here), and my polish has lasted pretty much 7 days with no chipping or wear on them. They stay shiny longer and look great longer. It's awesome.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Things I Have My Eye On...

Here's a brief "wishlist" of sorts I have... Most of these products I know I'm going to end up getting in the future, just haven't purchased them yet:

Amazon Associates

I would like to formally post about ads and "Amazon Associates". I have yes, decided to insert ads into my blog as well as become a member of Amazon Associates. It's not to get "totally rich and yeah" from what I do because I truly do love beauty products and such. I don't have thousands of followers on this blog either and I don't have thousands on my YouTube so really, I can honestly tell you all it's not to make tons of money.
It's just a way to start getting more stable, and if anybody else is out there with 3 jobs and is a student, you'd all know that every little bit helps.
If I'm going to have a blog, why not have a few ads mixed in?
I also do plan on reviewing products that you can actually purchase on Amazon and it seemed like an easy way to do so by having both linked to my blog.
By no way am I trying to "sell out" or anything. I'm not sponsored, paid, or affiliated with any specific companies and don't review products falsely because that's stupid.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatches

So a while back, Rescue Beauty Lounge had their 50% off sale. At regular price they are $18, so I literally couldn't wait to order them during the 50% off sale. Yes, I had heard many, many great things about these polishes. That they were pretty much the best nail polishes EVER. But I was still hesitant to buy them because, well, 1 RBL polish is between 2 and 5 OPIs and 7 and 10 China Glazes. I'm SO happy I did purchase them though, and then a few more at regular price, because they really are the best polishes ever.
They come packaged in a nice little box, very professional looking, and to tell you the truth, it makes a huge difference. There's something nice about buying a polish and having it presented to you the same way a higher end cosmetic would be treated. After all, I did pay $18 for them, right?
To start, they're all very pigmented. 2 coaters, all of them. They're smooth and creamy like... butter. I didn't understand what "like butter" meant in terms of nail polish until I used my RBLs. The colors are all very specific as well. Not necessarily unique, but specific. They have a whole range of cream colors, neutrals, bold reds, and all the other standard nail polish colors. But the thing is they aren't just the standard colors, they're specific. For example, one of the colors I purchased "Dead Calm" is a primary blue creme. There are plenty of companies that make a primary blue creme, but this one is such a specifically perfect primary blue. 
I ended up loving them so much that after the sale I went back and purchased the ones that weren't available during the sale, all from the Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty collection. I'm in love with them, and all of the RBL polishes and yes, they are pricey but are totally worth it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cham-Pale Comparisons


Mac Cham-Pale Comparisons

Sin-Tillation, Straight to the Head, Bubble Lounge, Luxure
Resort Life


Female Celebrities: Colbie Caillat "Bubbly" Music Video


This was a requested tutorial. It was actually 2 different requests that I combined into one look. The first being a look using Mac's Patina eyeshadow, and the other being a tutorial of Colbie Caillat in her "Bubbly" music video.
This is definitely a spring/summer geared look with a fresher face, and a coral lip, and a nice golden eye. Very easy, very simple, wearable for pretty much everybody.
Below are the products I used... in terms of past and currently unavailable products (aka not products just released in the most recent collections form Mac or other brands) I won't list them specifically because they're not available anymore. I'll just say "favorite peach blush" or something along those lines so you can pick whichever blush you'd like if you don't have the one I use. Really, you shouldn't go out and buy everything I use anyways, and should try and use products that you already have in your collection :)
Here's a screenshot of the music video:


Friday, January 14, 2011

NOTW: Nars "Midnight Express"

This was about after a week of wear, and I was quite impressed. I don't know if it was the process in which I applied the polish or that I'm much more conscious of the ware that I put on my nails but recently, my nails and my nail polish have been looking nicer and have lasted much longer.
This was the Zoya Color Lock Base Coat, 3 coats of "Midnight Express" and then a coat of the Zoya Top Coat and a coat of the Seche Vite top coat. May seem like overkill on the top coats but the Zoya one is really smooth but doesn't have quite the finish that the Seche Vite has, and the Seche Vite dries SO FAST.
"Midnight Express" is a very dark, blue jelly. I absolutely LOVE the color of it. It's a very clean, clear, dark cerulean blue. When layered it almost looks black, certainly from far away, but up close it's just a wonderful, summertime night sky blue. It's one of my favorites.
I got it when it came out with Nars' 2010 Vintage collection. I assume they still have them in stock. It was originally released years ago and was re-released this year with a lot of buzz. If you can, I would totally suggest purchasing it.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Haul: Mac Peacocky, Cham-Pale

Mac came out with more collections right after Cham-Pale and Stylishly Yours came out on December 26th. Peacocky and Mickey Contractor were both released on January 6th... Peacocky was available to everybody but Mickey Contractor was more exclusive, only being released to specific Mac locations, or online.
Mickey Contractor didn't interest me at all. They had some cool products, I guess, but nothing I really "needed" or wanted.
Peacocky came out with 2 new products, the Mega Metal Eyeshadows and the Kissable Lipcolours. Both are fantastic.
I loved the Peacocky collection, and didn't care for the Mickey Contractor collection. I thought it was just funny that it was the exact opposite for me with Cham-Pale and Stylishly Yours. I loved Cham-Pale, the neutral and "pretty" and wearable of the two collections that were released. That being said, I (of course) had to go pick up a few more things from Cham-Pale just to "finish the set". I got the remaining lip gelée, paint pot and special reserve highlighting powder.
Then I just picked up some limited edition/discontinued items online and have the swatches and photos here as well.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

NHL #10: Columbus Blue Jackets

Soooooooo let me explain.
Columbus' team colors are Union Blue, Goal Red, Capital Silver and White. First off, I couldn't even say that list with a straight face. And then trying to do an eyeshadow look based on the most patriotic colors ever? Wasn't going to be very wearable unless it was the 4th of July. In order to make it easier to work with, I thought "well let's check the mascot and see if there are any colors from there I can pull from". And then I found HIM:
Yeah. He's a bright green... insect. Named Stinger. Somebody please explain to me what he has to do with the term "Blue Jacket". Or Columbus. I'm not trying to be judgmental or bash the Blue Jackets, but I mean come on. Like what?? Whyyyy?
Anyways, in order to make everything wearable, I decided to take the silver and blue and add in some bright green as a fun gradient. Then added in some white to help transition. I put the red on the lips to make it a little more... festive I guess? Nonetheless, photos and a full list of products are after the jump. 

Holiday Wrap Up - NOTW

So to finish off all the holiday stuff, here are the nails that I sported during the holidays. Christmassy, wintery, New Yearsy. Konading and sparkles. Typical :D
Base: China Glaze "For Audrey"
Konad: M59, Mac "Ming Blue", Konad Special Polish white
Top: OPI "Happy Anniversary"

Polishes: OPI "Smitten With Mittens", China Glaze "Party Hearty"

Polishes: Nubar "Night Sparkle", Nubar "Star Sparkle", Milani "HD"

Mac Cham-Pale Collection

Mac came out with 2 collections on December 26th, Cham-Pale and Stylishly Yours. Stylishly Yours was a big bold collection that really didn't interest me... I was thinking in terms of wearability and really, when was I going to use all those colors? I have a lot of bolds to go through before I get more. 
Cham-Pale on the other hand was right up my alley. Shimmery, neutral, very pretty. Glowy. 
Both were pretty big collections (and not to mention the 2 collections coming out Jan. 6th/already online) so picking and choosing can be difficult if you have items from both collections you're eyeing. I luckily wasn't.
It does remind me a lot of Warm & Cozy from last year, although that collection was slightly bigger and more bronze/brown based. This one is definitely gold based.
Pretty is really the only word to describe this collection. Everything is just so pretty.
Oh and as a sidenote, I'm probably going to get more stuff from this collection, even though I didn't get them the first time around. Photos will be updated as they come in :)