Saturday, March 12, 2011

Partner for a video?

YouTube sent me an email today notifying me that one of my videos would be eligible for their Partner Program. The video is for my Top 10 China Glaze polish video, which is cool :)
So if there are ads there, then I guess that single video is in their Partner Program lol. I didn't know they selected single videos so that's cool.
I never really thought about applying for the YouTube Partner Program so I guess it was cool to get the email from YouTube asking me to accept their request.
Just wanted to let you all know so that if you do watch the video on the page, and you see the ads then you'd know.
I'm not a full time Partner. Just for one video, whenever they accept my information for the video :)

P.S. hey all you new followers :) i jumped from the faithful original 6 to 21 in the past 2 weeks or so. cool beans :D

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