Sunday, May 15, 2011

NOTW: Playoffs Round 3

Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal,Color Club Covered In Diamonds,Color Club Si Vous Please!,Zoya Charla,warmvanillasugar0823
I feel like I haven't posted a NOTW in quite some time. Which is partly to do with my computer, but partly to do with the fact that I just had forgotten to photograph my nails after painting them. My apologies.
Today's nails are in celebration of Round 3 of the NHL Playoffs. The Sharks have made it to the Western Conference Finals against Vancouver and are 4 wins away from the Stanley Cup playoffs. Which is exciting. But let's not get ahead of ourselves :)
The colors I used today start with "Teal" by Rescue Beauty Lounge. It's just a flat, very true Teal creme polish. Rescue Beauty Lounge are in general all very pigmented, buttery, and dry relatively fast. This is just 2 coats on my nails, and the coats were pretty thin. Although for $18 a piece, I'd only expect them to be that good.
On my ring finger, I layered 1 coat of "Charla" by Zoya, which is my favorite Teal polish, and one of my favorite glittery nail polishes. On top of Charla, I layered 1 coat of Color Club's "Covered In Diamonds". "Covered In Diamonds" is a clear base with mostly (some aren't) flat flakey opalescent pieces. The texture of it can be a little annoying to use, but the result is a very pretty and very Nfu Oh reminiscent nail. I have actually ordered 3 Nfu Oh polishes, and they're coming which is probably why I decided to do this on my ring finger.
On my other nails, there's just a single coat of "Si Vous Please!" by Color Club, which is a glitter. The polish is clear with lots of tiny silver and opalescent glitter bits dispersed throughout it. The opalescent glitter bits are mostly blue/turquoise/green. The perfect amount of glitter gets transferred onto the nail when used, which is great because I sort of dislike a heavy glitter application when layering. It's easier to build up and get the right amount than to try and take away from the glitter already on the nail.
Below are closeups of the nails so you can see the glitter and flakies better. I LOVE the flakey layered over "Charla" over "Teal". It gives a very mermaidy color. It also reminds me a lot of an All Lacquered Up post which I'd been trying to re-create without Nfu Oh, and that I again referenced before I bought the Nfu Ohs, and thus was probably on my mind when I painted my nails and therefore the resulting manicure.
The base coat I used today was Nubar's base coat. For top coats, I alternated Poshé and Seche Vite, for a top coat test (which I'll later have a blog post on).
Color Club Covered In Diamonds,Color Club Si Vous Please!,Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal,Zoya Charla,warmvanillasugar0823
Color Club Si Vous Please!,Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal,Color Club Covered In Diamonds,Zoya Charla,warmvanillasugar0823Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal,Color Club Covered In Diamonds,Color Club Si Vous Please!,Zoya Charla,warmvanillasugar0823


  1. I love your Sharks themed nails. Living in San Jose I'm a big fan too and painted my nails teal last weekend just for fun. Go Sharks!

  2. What adorable nails! My job as a paint booth supplier prevents me from really painting my nails but if I did I would love this! What a great color combination.