Sunday, July 3, 2011

FOTD: Smokey smokey smokey - True Blood "Pam" inspired makeup

I went from Smokey to REAL Smokey today because I'm on a True Blood kick.
My favorite character in the series is without a doubt Pam. She's Eric's progeny and she's sassy, sarcastic and she loves her black eye liner.
So I started the day with a smokey eye using Mac's Hocus Pocus, just to test the true "universal smokey eye color" feature of it, and sure enough it was perfect. Then When I got home from work, I added more darkness and some blue sparkle, covered the skin a bit more and made the lips a dark blood red.
I didn't write down all the products and put all of it away before I could post this so you're just going to get before and after pics!

Hocus Pocus Smokey Eye

Pam Smokey Eye

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  1. Love this! Hocus Pocus looks like it's worth the money, I'll definitely be picking it up now...