Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OPI Pair'em and Scare'em Duo

As part of the halloween themed items that are popping up all over the place, OPI released a duo pack of a glow in the dark polish and their ever so famous Black Shatter polish.
I missed out on the glow in the dark blue polish they released 2 years ago, so I was very excited to see they were coming out with another one this year.
The Pair'em and Scare'em Duo comes in a cute, spooky themed box. 
"Zom-Body To Love" is a green, glow in the dark polish. It's pretty sheer. Works great for layering. If you give it a good 3 or 4 coats, you'll get a decent green color, but it's not going to be super opaquely green. You'll want to layer it over white, if you want it to be that color.
"Black Shatter" is the same as before - just a black crackle nail polish.

I tried to get a good picture of the glow in the dark polish in the dark but... well it's obvious isn't it, that cameras don't do well in the dark. You can still see the outline of it, and the green glow, and it's the best I could do. I didn't even try getting a picture of it glowing in the dark with black shatter on it. It would have just turned blurry and sad looking.
But, that being said, below are photos of swatches. On the left is Zom-Body to Love, then with Black Shatter, then in the dark.

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