Saturday, November 19, 2011

November Julep Maven and Birchbox

Since I've got so many other videos to post, and since these two are generally very short videos, I've decided to combine both of them.
You can purchase Julep and Birchbox monthly subscriptions at both of those links, which are both referral links.
Below are photos of the polishes I got... otherwise, enjoy the video!

Julep Michelle
Very creamy navy blue creme. SUPER opaque, and a true navy, not very purple like OPI's Road House Blues. 
Zoya Holly
Emerald green metallic. The swatch is actually still wet when I photographed it since I was in a hurry and my brother was 5 mins away from being home... it dries to the same color though. When wet you can also see the different shimmer particles much clearer, which can be difficult to photograph when dry even if you see it when dry. 

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