Sunday, May 29, 2011

NHL Tutorial #15: LA Kings

LA Kings Makeup Tutorial,warmvanillasugar0823,purple eye shadow,silver eye shadow
This is officially halfway through the series! This is for the LA Kings, whose team colors are silver, purple and black. I am aware that the colors are going to change next season, but I had a clear image in mind of what I wanted so that's what happened.
It's a super dramatic silver and purple smokey eye. This is actually something you can substitute other colors for the purple to make it a super dramatic smokey look in any color you'd wish to pair with silver.
I actually loved the way this one turned out (you all know I love my purples).
All products are after the jump!

LA Kings Makeup Tutorial,warmvanillasugar0823,purple eye shadow,silver eye shadow

Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation

Chanel Mat Lumiere,Chanel Foundation,Chanel Mat Lumiere 20 Clair,warmvanillasugar0823
This is #2 in my foundation review series. The first I reviewed was the Mat Velvet + by Make Up For Ever. That foundation, I loved and still use it quite frequently.
This is Chanel's Mat Lumiere Foundation, and it's probably one of the most expensive items I own, beauty wise (that's in comparison to amount/function of similar products). For 1 fl. oz you pay $54, which is $20 more than the Mat Velvet. Obviously, Chanel foundation isn't a must for people - it is for sure a luxury item and something I consciously saved up for.
I first saw it on the Pixiwoo girls channel, because they use Chanel foundations all the time. It really wasn't something that I thought I needed, but always something I had wanted to try out. They both rarely use this foundation because they both have dry skin, but have recommended that those with oilier skins use this because "it sits so matte on the skin".
That's probably why I assumed that this foundation was going to be a completely matte finish, even though it has "lumiere" in the name. 
My color is 20 Clair. I'm an NC25/NC30 in Mac, and I was 140 for the Mat Velvet +. I have medium skin with yellow undertones, and I have very oily skin, particularly in the T-Zone.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Misc. Nail Polish Swatch Post


I need to get better at posting swatches. Or just not impulsively just buying random nail polishes. Oh wait. That's never going to happen. So I just need to get better at posting swatches.
Here's just a collection of random swatches from nail polishes that I've harvested over the past month and a half, and they didn't belong to a large collection, or I just didn't purchase any from the collection, so they really had no place but with each other in this Miscellaneous Nail Polish post.

OPI Serena Williams Glam Slam Duos: Spark de Triomphe, Rally Pretty Pink

This is the second release for the OPI and Serena Williams collaboration. Again for those who don't know, or couldn't guess, Serena Williams is a professional tennis player, who also designs clothing, is friends with Tyra Banks and has a nail tech license. 
The first duo pack released, released in conjunction with the Australian Open, was Simply Smashing, and it came with a glass fleck dirty tennis ball green shimmer polish, and the mega coveted Black Shatter.
This time around, the duo packs were released with the French Open. Instead of one, she released 2.
The first is called Spark de Triomphe, and comes with a very platinum/white gold glitter and White Shatter. The other is called Rally Pretty Pink (which for some reason I hate saying), which comes with a purpley magenta based gold shimmer polish and a Red Shatter.
It's fun that they released two in this collection, more to love haha. OPI also has a Blue, Turquoise and Navy Shatter coming out, but I have no clue when it'll be available. Some people have been able to get them in stores, but none of the stores near me has them yet, and TransDesign has yet to have them online either.
And as mentioned before, Sally Hansen is coming out with crackle polishes as well. Some have been able to find them at Walgreens already, so I will soon go venture out to find them!

OPI Silver Shatter w/ Added Swatches

Just at the beginning of May (ps, Happy Star Wars Day to all of you, May the 4th Be With You...), OPI released their newest collaboration collection, the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.
You're probably wondering where the rest of the collection is. I didn't buy it. I saw the swatches online, and they just didn't speak to me. Are you all proud? I sure am hahaha.
The only polish from this collection that I wanted was the Silver Shatter.
Back in the winter, OPI released a collection with Katy Perry and Serena Williams , and both of them included a Black Shatter polish - a black, crackle top coat.
This is the same, just a shimmery silver color.
OPI is supposed to release a Blue, Turquoise and Navy Shatter as well, any time now.
They also have 2 more duo-packs with Serena Williams, which I've ordered and will be coming in the mail soon.
For now though, here is the much buzzed about Silver Shatter polish!
EDIT: I added swatches at the end of the post with pictures of the silver shatter over other colors.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

NOTW: Playoffs Round 3

Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal,Color Club Covered In Diamonds,Color Club Si Vous Please!,Zoya Charla,warmvanillasugar0823
I feel like I haven't posted a NOTW in quite some time. Which is partly to do with my computer, but partly to do with the fact that I just had forgotten to photograph my nails after painting them. My apologies.
Today's nails are in celebration of Round 3 of the NHL Playoffs. The Sharks have made it to the Western Conference Finals against Vancouver and are 4 wins away from the Stanley Cup playoffs. Which is exciting. But let's not get ahead of ourselves :)
The colors I used today start with "Teal" by Rescue Beauty Lounge. It's just a flat, very true Teal creme polish. Rescue Beauty Lounge are in general all very pigmented, buttery, and dry relatively fast. This is just 2 coats on my nails, and the coats were pretty thin. Although for $18 a piece, I'd only expect them to be that good.
On my ring finger, I layered 1 coat of "Charla" by Zoya, which is my favorite Teal polish, and one of my favorite glittery nail polishes. On top of Charla, I layered 1 coat of Color Club's "Covered In Diamonds". "Covered In Diamonds" is a clear base with mostly (some aren't) flat flakey opalescent pieces. The texture of it can be a little annoying to use, but the result is a very pretty and very Nfu Oh reminiscent nail. I have actually ordered 3 Nfu Oh polishes, and they're coming which is probably why I decided to do this on my ring finger.
On my other nails, there's just a single coat of "Si Vous Please!" by Color Club, which is a glitter. The polish is clear with lots of tiny silver and opalescent glitter bits dispersed throughout it. The opalescent glitter bits are mostly blue/turquoise/green. The perfect amount of glitter gets transferred onto the nail when used, which is great because I sort of dislike a heavy glitter application when layering. It's easier to build up and get the right amount than to try and take away from the glitter already on the nail.
Below are closeups of the nails so you can see the glitter and flakies better. I LOVE the flakey layered over "Charla" over "Teal". It gives a very mermaidy color. It also reminds me a lot of an All Lacquered Up post which I'd been trying to re-create without Nfu Oh, and that I again referenced before I bought the Nfu Ohs, and thus was probably on my mind when I painted my nails and therefore the resulting manicure.
The base coat I used today was Nubar's base coat. For top coats, I alternated Poshé and Seche Vite, for a top coat test (which I'll later have a blog post on).
Color Club Covered In Diamonds,Color Club Si Vous Please!,Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal,Zoya Charla,warmvanillasugar0823
Color Club Si Vous Please!,Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal,Color Club Covered In Diamonds,Zoya Charla,warmvanillasugar0823Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal,Color Club Covered In Diamonds,Color Club Si Vous Please!,Zoya Charla,warmvanillasugar0823

Review: Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil,warmvanillasugar0823
This will eventually be a supplemental post for a video review that I do on the argan oil products I have used. 
I have a video on the Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum, which I absolutely loved, and you can see it here:
This is the second argan oil product that I've used. 
In short, argan oil is an oil that is found in trees in Morocco and have been used for centuries to help with hair and skin and nail and other (as far as I know) integumentary parts of the body. That was probably the loosest definition of argan oil ever lol. 
To get to the point, a lot of companies have been incorporating products in their line with argan oil in it because it's the new staple when it comes to hair care. 
It's been a while since it first became popular. The most famous and probably the most popular brand would probably be Moroccan Oil. A lot of people refer to argan oil as "Moroccan Oil", because again it hails from Morocco.


I may or may not be moving my blog from Blogger to Wordpress.
There are pros and cons to both sites so I still have a bit of deciding to do. Until then, I will be updating both sites with the same posts.
My Wordpress url is:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NHL Tutorial #14: Florida Panthers

Florida Panthers,warmvanillasugar0823
This is probably one of my favorites of all the tutorials. I didn't think it'd turn out this way at all.
This is for the Florida Panthers, and their colors are Blue, Gold, Red and White. I based it off their logo, where the colors aren't all that bright, but more "neutralized" (is the word I used in the tutorial) and have more brown tones in them. Thank you Florida Panthers, it's as if you had known I was going to do a makeup tutorial based on your team and made the colors more wearable lol.
I used mostly non Mac products. I decided to do that so I a) use my other products and b) don't focus all my videos around Mac.
If you were wondering how to make blue eyeshadow wearable, I feel like this is a good tutorial for it. Not to toot my own horn. But I feel like it's wearable, not too harsh, and not overwhelming, which is something that is easily done with blue eyeshadow. It's easy to get carried away with it if you're not doing a smokey eye.
To pair the eyes, I gave it a "neutralized" red lip. Not a bright red, more of a berry red, with a nice gloss to it so it's not too extreme.
Photos and a full list of products are after the jump!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sephora by OPI Glee Nail Polishes

Sephora by OPI Glee,warmvanillasugar0823
I'd like to say it was this past April, but I'm probably wrong, Sephora by OPI released an exclusive collaboration collection with the ever so popular Fox TV show, Glee. Being a total Gleek myself, I was very interested in what colors they were going to release and how they were going to tie them into the show and the characters.
Turns out, I wasn't all too excited about all the colors, as I had dupes for a lot of them. There were 3 though that caught my eye. They're not too unique (well 2 of them aren't, more on that later) but still aren't completely dupable in my collection.
Sephora by OPI released a set of full sized nail polishes, as well as a mini set. Some of the colors in the mini set were the same, some weren't. Which is actually really annoying but oh well. 
I didn't purchase any of the minis, since I really only wanted 1 of the 6 in the set and it didn't seem all that worth it.
Sephora by OPI polishes are $8 each and can be purchased on Sephora's website . They all come with a skinny brush, unlike the regular polishes in the OPI line and are 3-free.

Monday, May 2, 2011


So my computer died. I have a few drafts on a here that I'll be able to post while I wait for it to come back. But, the videos won't be as available. I have a few good posts lined up that I'm excited to share at least.
I hope youre all doing well :) happy may!!