Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things (AFOMFT): Bloggers

Just a quick post before I have to go and write up more posts lol.
I'm going to start a thing on my blog - AFOMFT. It's a way to quickly update and share more of my favorite things instead of just doing review, swatches and haul posts. It'll be kind of like a monthly favorites thing but it'll be spur of the moment.
Today is a post of my favorite beauty blogs. I'm sure you've all already heard of and follow most of these but there may be some that you haven't heard of :) I basically look through all of these blogs to find products I'm curious about as if one of them doesn't have it, then another surely will.

  • Temptalia - probably the greatest of all makeup bloggers. Period. 
  • Karlasugar - does GREAT swatches - just straight up no bullshit. I love it. Also does a lot of the same products Temptalia does so if you're looking for swatches on a different skin tone or outdoor lighting it's a great reference.
  • Amarixe - she's primarily known for her videos, but her blog is great! She has a lot of drugstore posts, which you don't see much on a lot of "bigger" bloggers' sites since they do mostly high end stuff.
  • xSparkage - another youtuber, she has an amazing camera which totally benefits her blog. She also does the same range of products as Temptalia, but does more makeup tutorials, which brings up a lot more lesser known brands (the big Inglot explosion was because of her, I feel). She also is in total home decorating mode and features a lot of fun products on her site.
  • AllLacqueredUp - queen of macro. Her close up shots of polishes are amaaaazzzinnnggggg. She does pretty much only nail polish and her blog is very straighforward as to collection information and purchasing details.
  • Scrangie - I pretty much equate her as the nail version of Temptalia (although Temptalia does nail polish and Scrangie does makeup as well). She posts almost daily and does a lot of the big collections before other nail bloggers do. She also has really good photos and a quirky sense of humor. She posts on lesser known brands as well.
  • Nails By Kayla Shevonne - She also posts daily and does a whole variety of things from nail art to just swatches. Great photos.
  • VampyVarnish - I think she started off with nail polish but slowly started integrating makeup in as well. She also has great macro shots. I like that she mixes in a lot of drugstore makeup as well. She's also completely vegan when it comes to makeup products so she's a good resource for that.
  • FashionPolish - I found her on Tumblr. Her nail photos are fantastic. She has a really similar nail  shape and tone to me so I use her the most to reference how colors would look on me before buying online. Plus she has a lot of posts on lesser known brands.
  • Emerald Sparkled - She is my nail art inspirerer. I found her on Tumblr as well and just fell in love with her ideas. She has a lot of lesser known brands as well.
If you have favorites that I haven't listed here, let me know!


  1. is good as well!!

  2. Awesome! Thank you for sharing! Another amazing nail polish blogger that I love is The PolishAholic (!! I love both her blog and one that you mentioned, Fashion Polish! :D

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