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Mac Eye Shadow Palettes - Updated 2/9/2012

My last post of my Mac palettes was in April of last year, and I had accumulated a lot more permanent Mac shadows since then so I thought I'd do a little update post. I also included swatches this time around, just so you can see how certain colors compare and such. 
The majority of the shadows are permanent, but there are some depotted limited edition shades in there as well. I also have travelled with these palettes, dropped some shadows, and have had some slip ups while depotting, so that's why some of the shadows look a little beat up. 
I do have a video on depotting which you can see here. It's one of my really old videos, which is kind of funny because I was still learning things like lighting, angles, and general camera work. So if anything, watch that video for the lols haha :)
For those of you wondering about depotting and Back To Mac, I asked my Mac store and they said as long as the plastic piece the pan sits in (not the part that you can open with the transparent "Mac" logo, but the actual flat piece on inside that comes out) is included, they will accept them. You do not need the metal pan in other words.
Other companies make magnetized palettes that you can put Mac and other depotted shadows into like Z Palettes and Uni Palettes. You can also take out the divider in the Mac palettes to fit more shadows and other shaped shadows if you so please. I just prefer the uniformity and aesthetically pleasing look of Mac Palettes. I'm a traditionalist in that sense.
Just like the other Mac Palette post, I'll bold favorites and italicize limited edition colors. I have 1 pro-only shade and that will be underlined.
My palettes are basically organized by color - highlights, neutrals, purples, blues and greens, and then pinks and reds.
Mac Pro Palettes are $7 for 2 pan and 4 pan palettes, and $16 for the 15 palette (Ps, I don't know why you'd get a 2 pan palette if the 4 pan is the same price...). Eye shadows are $15 in the pot and $11.50 in pan form. They can be purchased at Mac freestanding stores and Mac online. Mac counters have a limited selection of pan colors and I don't think they have palettes. 

Just like the other Mac Palette post, I'll bold favorites and italicize limited edition colors. I have 1 pro-only shade and that will be underlined.
I'll give you the names in order of rows, left to right, top to bottom. 
Finishes of the shadows are in parentheses and are as follows:
  • Frost = F
  • Lustre = L
  • Matte = M
  • Matte2 = M2
  • Satin = S
  • Veluxe = VX
  • Veluxe Pearl = VP
  • Velvet = V
  • Starflash = SF

The photos are of columns of shadows but that's just so you could see them up close easier.
Swatches are by row as well.

Highlight / Light Neutrals

Mylar (S), Dazzlelight (VP), Nylon (F), Retrospeck (L), Dreammaker (SF)

Vanilla (V), Blanc Type (M2), Shroom (S), Ricepaper (F), Nanogold (L)

Phloof! (F), Naked Lunch (F), Jest (F), Grand Entrance (SF), Honesty (L)

Mylar (S), Dazzlelight (VP), Nylon (F), Retrospeck (L), Dreammaker (SF)

Vanilla (V), Blanc Type (M2), Shroom (S), Ricepaper (F), Nanogold (L)

Phloof! (F), Naked Lunch (F), Jest (F), Grand Entrance (SF), Honesty (L)


Copperplate (M2), Satin Taupe (F), Soba (S), All That Glitters (VP), Glamour Check! (SF)

Concrete (S), Patina (F), Woodwinked (VP), Sable (V), Twinks (VP)

empty, Romp (F) recently discontinued still available at Nordstrom, Mulch (V), Quarry (M), Handwritten (M2)

Copperplate (M2)Satin Taupe (F), Soba (S), All That Glitters (VP), Glamour Check! (SF)

Concrete (S)Patina (F), Woodwinked (VP), Sable (V), Twinks (VP)

empty, Romp (F) recently discontinued still available at NordstromMulch (V), Quarry (M), Handwritten (M2)


Pincurl (F), Crystal (F), Shale (S), Blackberry (M), Trax (V)

Digit (S), Parfait Amour (F), Fashion Groupie (SF), Sketch (V), Nocturnelle (F)

Beautiful Iris (VP), Indian Ink (M), Shadowy Lady (M), Fig. 1 (M2)

Pincurl (F), Crystal (F), Shale (S)Blackberry (M), Trax (V)
Digit (S), Parfait Amour (F), Fashion Groupie (SF), Sketch (V), Nocturnelle (F)

Beautiful Iris (VP), Indian Ink (M), Shadowy Lady (M), Fig. 1 (M2)

Grey / Black / Blue / Green

Typographic (M2), Idol Eyes (L), Deep Truth (F), Tilt (F), Club (S)

Black Tied (V), empty, Contrast (V), Shimmermoss (VP) discontinued, Green Smoke (L)

Carbon (M), empty, empty, Birds & Berries (VP), Humid (F)

Typographic (M2), Idol Eyes (L), Deep Truth (F), Tilt (F), Club (S)
Black Tied (V), empty, Contrast (V), Shimmermoss (VP) discontinued, Green Smoke (L)

Carbon (M), emptyemptyBirds & Berries (VP), Humid (F)

Pinks / Reds / Oranges

Brown Script (M2), Cranberry (F), Star Violet (VP)

Free To Be (M), Da Bling (VP), Swish (F)

Creme De Violet (F), Hepcat (F) discontinued, Beauty Marked (V)

Brown Script (M2), Cranberry (F), Star Violet (VP)

Free To Be (M), Da Bling (VP), Swish (F)

Creme De Violet (F), Hepcat (F) discontinued, Beauty Marked (V)

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