Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NOTW: Nubar "Reclaim"

Holos. My mouth waters for holos. 
I fully intend on purchasing all of those foreign super holos but I have yet to because I'm broke because it's the beginning of the year. (sad, first world problem rant done lol).
Since I just can't ever get over how cool holos are, I painted my nails Nubar's "Reclaim" recently. 
This is a grass green linear holo that just is drool-worthily beautiful in the sunlight. The picture above is just outside in the sun. Amazing!
This was 3 coats over Nubar's Foundation Base Coat and under Seche Vite. It's actually totally doable in 2 coats, I just like the added security of 3. The formula was pretty easy to work with. It applied pretty opaque and didn't catch at all in preceding coats (as in, it didn't go patchy anywhere). 
Nubar polishes can be purchased online at their website. Polishes are between $8-$10 each, and their website actually has legitimately helpful bottle pictures when you buy them. They have free shipping for purchases over $75 and I believe their shipping isn't that bad to begin with (from what I remember).
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