Saturday, March 17, 2012

PicSpam: Present from Sara :)

I'm fairly positive Sara is the nicest human being on earth. She sends me the most amazing packages, and it's always inspired by random things I say in videos.
A while ago in one of my videos I talked about not ever trying any of Soap & Glory's products (aside from the Flake Away leg scrub she sent me once) because I can't find it here. She then promptly sent me a box of goodies of all Soap & Glory products! I can't even handle how amazing she is when it comes to this. Super generous and super nice. Thank you thank you thank you! A million times!
I have yet to try these since I wanted to photograph them first so here's a big picspam of all the things I got. I'll review them as I use them :)

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  1. o0ooo I LOVE soap and glory products, but unfortuntly Target has stopped carrying them. I really love the scrub and the body butter, the scent is my fav.