Thursday, April 12, 2012

My New Baby!

After about a year of researching and testing and playing and more researching, I finally bought a DSLR Camera, the Canon T3i. I got it with the kit lens. I thought about getting just the body and getting a different lens but I figured I'll get a different lens later.
I went with Canon because I have all Canon photo and film equipment right now and I'm generally comfortable with the brand. I went with the T3i because from playing with different cameras, I found this the most friendly to me, and based off of several people's videos on YouTube I know what sort of quality it presents with film and photos.
Since I got it just a day ago, I'm still playing and figuring out my settings and such, but I went around the house and took a few photos.
I'm super excited to start getting more into photography since it's always been something I've found fun. I've also re-discovered the fact that makeup is the prettiest and most fun thing to photograph.
 And just for good measure, SJ Sharkie:
So yeah, I bought this camera for my own personal pleasure, but It will be making an appearance in my blogging life, and quite possibly my video making life. This blog will probably see more high def photos :) 
I hope you're all doing well, and thanks for bearing with me on this very slow blogging month for me! I'll be back soon with more content :D

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  1. Awesome!! The quality of your videos have always been so nice to me but I cannot wait to see your videos when you use your new baby! Congratulations on your new camera! Oh and the pictures you took around your house, look amazing!! :)