Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hr Eyeshadow - Tenacious Teal, Tough As Taupe, Edgy Emeral

I have 3 more of the Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadows to show you. I previously posted about 2 other ones, which I really have been liking, so I decided to pick up the last few that I wanted.
In general, the formula for these is pretty smooth and they set to a powdery finish. They're very much like the Mac Paint Pots and can be used on their own as well as bases for eyeshadows.
I haven't used them on their own, but I have used them as bases and they work very nicely underneath eyeshadows.

Tenacious Teal
Tenacious Teal is a light aqua blue with a bit of shimmer. This one swatches exactly like the picture - pretty opaque. It can be thinned out if needed, but the fact that it goes on like that is good news for anybody that just wants to use these as regular eyeshadows.

Tough As Taupe
Tough As Taupe is one of the only matte colors they have. It's a darker taupe and also goes on pretty opaque. It's unusual to see a taupe, matte, cream shadow from a drugstore brand so that's always nice to see. I do, however, think it would have been better for the line if they had something like Painterly by Mac, which is just a nude, skintone matte so anybody that wants that option could have one in a very inexpensive form.
Edgy Emerald
Edgy Emerald is a midtone seafoam shimmer and is again, a pretty unique color for a cream shadow. This one is my favorite, color wise.

These can be purchased at all drugstores and retail for between $8 and $9.

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