Monday, August 13, 2012

In The Mood for Baby Pink

Do any of you ever get in the mood to only wear a certain color on your nails but can't decide on which color? That was me this past week. I wanted to wear baby, neutral, bridal like pinks all week but couldn't decide on which one! In fact, I was so indecisive I didn't even end up painting my nails that color lol.
Here are the 5 that I picked from my collection though just in case I was in the decide to choose :)
No Surprise that of all my nail polishes, when I went to pick out a baby pink, I chose 3 from Essie and 2 from OPI. Those are the 2 brands that are really super popular in the salon world, and have probably the biggest range of neutral colors, especially those bridal colors. 
Shown above, from left to right, are Essie's Fiji, Vanity Fairest and Ballet Slippers then OPI's Sweetheart and Bubble Bath. As you can see, they're all slightly different, with slight nuances in their undertones. 
Of all the baby pinks out there, do you guys have a favorite? Let me know :)

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