Sunday, August 19, 2012

NOTW: Retro Summer Red

Happy Sunday, everybody! Any plans? I'm off to the farmer's market with my mom to grab some peaches and crepes. I also have an entire week off of school, with my birthday this thursday, so I'm pretty excited to have so much time to myself :)
Today's NOTW was inspired by just summer in general. I wanted something really classic and bright, but nothing too showy. I settled on painting them red, but then couldn't decide which red I wanted to paint them.
So, I just mixed my own :D
I first painted a thick coat of Essie's Red Nouveau, which is an opaque orangey red color. Next, while that was still wet, I painted a coat of Julep's January, which is also an orangey red, but slightly brighter and less thick in consistency. Last, again, while still wet, I painted a coat of Zoya's Sooki which is another bright warm red, slightly lighter than Julep's January. This combination brought me a very rich, bright, fire-engine, cherry red mix that was super glossy and super fun and summery.
Have any of you mixed or layered colors before? Mostly I layer glitters and sheer colors to get a nice and unique combination to fit my mood when I do glitter. 
I used Nubar's Foundation Base Coat and Seche Vite. Julep is available on their site and at Sephora, Zoya is available on their side as well as Ulta and Essie is available at all drugstores. 

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