Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer 2012: Wet N Wild Saved By The Bell Collection

Ohhhhhhh dear. These were super limited and I didn't expect to find them AT ALL. Then I walked into my CVS, saw them, and bought all the ones I could find. SayAnythingBr00ke did it again to me lol.
I first saw this collection on her blog and her videos. She had mentioned them and then mentioned how limited they were and I just decided to squash those dreams immediately because my area doesn't really get those limited drugstore collections. If they do, they don't get the good colors/all of them (like the Snowman/Pumpkin polishes from Rite Aid. My area only gets the glow in the dark, not the cool colors).
So yeah. I saw these and freaked out and then swept up the ones I could find. The only one I couldn't find was the bright orange, but I had just recently bought Color Club's Lava Lamp (which will be posted soon) so I'm not too heartbroken over it.
It's pretty impossible to find these now, but I thought I'd share them anyways, not just to archive things for myself on this blog, but to also show you guys a) how pretty some of them are and b) what sort of colors I tended to buy a lot of during the summer. I bought quite a few neons, and these happened to just be the most hyped up ones that I bought. I do list companies that have similar colors though (that are still readily available) so click the jump and read more!
More photos and swatches after the jump :)

Fashionista Lisa
Fashionista Lisa is a bright warm purple. It's got some neon to it, which is why it dries to that matte-like finish. Most neons will do this, but can be easily fixed with a top coat and it won't hurt the super brightness of the color either. Also with most neons they're not as opaque so you need to get 3 or 4 coats for full opacity. But it doesn't feel annoying because it's a thin polish anyways.
Jesse's Girl has a color similar to this, as does Color Club, in case you're looking for a polish similar to this, and you don't care about the novelty of it being from the Saved By The Bell collection.

Pom Pom Kelly
Pom Pom Kelly is a bright pink. It's glowing in the photo because it glows in real life. My camera didn't want to cooperate and focus. It's that bright. It's slightly red-toned/coral-toned but there are a lot of different options in case you want a neon pink. 
Color Club has a few neon pinks, as does Spoiled by Wet N Wild and China Glaze.

Pin 'Em Slater
Pin 'Em Slater is a neon, flourescent yellow! So bright and happy :D
This is pretty standardly a flourescent yellow. If you layer it over white you'll get a brighter look. Orly and Spoiled by Wet n Wild both have fourescent yellow polishes as well.

Nerd Alert: Screech
Gorgeous. LOVE. This is a bright lime green with a gold shimmer. As far as I know, Cult Nails has a polish close to this, and it's basically the closest you'll find, unless you have the discontinued and hard to find China Glaze Lymonite. I don't know how close any of those polishes are to this though, so I can't really guarantee that you'll find something similar to this.
It's super bright though and glows on your nails in the sun! This is also the only one that doesn't dry matte.

Chick Magnet Zack
Chick Magnet Zack is a teal with a slight blue shimmer in it, which is unexpected and very beautiful. Another polish I can't think of a dupe for but you could re-create it pretty well if you have a teal creme and something like OPI's I Juggle...Men, which is a slight blue shimmer topcoat.
This is probably my favorite and is the most opaque.

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