Monday, April 30, 2012

Color Club Fractured Polish Swatches

WAY long ago Sara sent me these two polishes in a box. Since China Glaze is releasing come glitter crackle polishes this year, I thought I'd show you the two non-standard crackle finish polishes that I have as a warm-up to the China Glaze ones I know I'll eventually buy lol.
Color Club has a small little collection of Fractured polishes (which is their clever name à la OPI Shatter and China Glaze Crackle Glaze). They originally made your standard Black, White, Silver, Gold, Blue polishes, which I do have swatches of already but I didn't even realize they had made these until Sara sent them to me. These are gorgeous though and are very unique from the other crackle polish colors that are out there so I was sort of shocked to see the crackle design on the cap.
The formula on these were standard, which was nice because with the first round of silver/metallic crackle polishes brought an issue with the crackle design - the metallics were sheer so in order to get an opaque color you'd need a lot of polish, but with the thick coat came very large pieces and not a lot of crackling. Unless you layered strategically over a very contrasting color, you'd either get very thick silver pieces with a little bit of the base color peeking through or what looked like a weird wash of silver over a base coat. 
It was nice to see the color was opaque and the effect of the polish coming through with no sort of hassle. 
The Great Divide
The Great Divide is a dark blue-green base with a gorgeous dark bottle green and gold glass fleck shimmer. The glass flecks definitely translate into the crackle swatches so I was very VERY pleased with this color. Not only is it a gorgeous color on it's own, but crackled on top of a black would just be stunning.
Burgundy Burst
Burgundy Burst is a very sexy red shimmer. I'd totally wear this on it's own (as a regular polish if it were a regular formula) and so crackling this over another red or even a deep purple would give this very vampy, deep, rich color that I think would look beautiful. The shimmer showed through nicely as well. 

These can be purchased online at etailers and can be purchased for between $3 and $5.  

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lush American Cream Conditioner

This is probably Lush’s most popular bottled conditioner. When I talked to the Lush lady, she said a lot of people picked this up, with all sorts of different textures and types of hair.
American Cream is a very lightweight cream. It’s supposed to smell like strawberries, honey and other naturally moisturizing ingredients like vanilla. It really didn’t smell like that to me at all, just sort of like a general Lush scent. Like the store. Maybe a little bit more vanilla.
Because of how lightweight it is, it’s really deceptive when you go to use it. If you go from using a standard drugstore conditioner to American Cream, or really any Lush hair product, you’ll be used to an immediately silky feeling or creamy feeling texture in your hair. This won’t really happen with American Cream.
You only need the tiniest amount of product and it will make a difference when you dry your hair. I typically used a good dollop of conditioner but decided to cut back a little bit since I got such a small bottle (the smallest one they have available). While my hair was in the shower and wet, it didn't just automatically silken and feel artificially soft like with regular conditioner, but felt kind of tangly and hard to deal with. After I rinsed it all out and my hair was dry though, it was a totally different story. Not only did my hair feel shinier and stronger after my hair dried, but it didn’t feel as weighed down. I know now that a problem that I generally had with conditioners was the amount I used.
It does soften my "brittle ends" as it says on the bottle, and again after my hair dried, it felt very healthy, strong, and nourished. People noticed how healthy my hair looked too. I also started using my Emtage hair serum at the same time too, which added an extra dose of health back to my hair.
I definitely noticed how great of a difference this product made so I will be purchasing it again, in a bigger size. These are available at Lush and Lush online and retail for $9.95 for 3.3 oz, $19.95 fr 8.4 oz, and $29.95 for 16.9 oz.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lush Three Gold Rings Bubble Bar

I'm bad. I know. It's not really all that great that I'm reviewing a Christmas item right now, but I'm fairly positive that it will be released again this winter so it's all good.
Lush's Three Gold Rings is one of their most popular Holiday Bubble Bars. It's shaped like a little cone dome and is a swirl of gold and tan product. It smells like vanilla and their Crème Anglaise body cream so it's a very luxurious and comforting scent. The scent definitely translates really well into the bath water and lingered on my skin for a couple of hours. The water felt pretty soft and moisturizing during and after the bath so it was a very pampering experience.
This bubble bar will give you three or four baths, if you like a medium amount of bubbles. I used half of it in one bath because I enjoy a really frothy bath. It produced an average amount of bubbles, when compared to the other bubble bars I've tried from Lush and other companies. The bubbles popped a little quick for my taste so I was hoping it would last a little longer. I did also use this after letting it sit for almost 4 months so that could also be the problem.
It didn't dye my water like a lot of other Lush products do, so that was good. I would find it very odd to bathe in tannish yellow water.
I quite enjoy the scent of this one and so I will probably purchase it again. You all know I quite like these decadent and comforting scents so it really fit in my favorite genre of products.
Three Gold Rings was about $8 and will hopefully be available again during the holiday season at Lush stores and Lush online.

NOTW: Deborah Lippmann "Ray Of Light"

Deborah Lippmann just released 2 flaky polishes, along with 3 multichromes and 3 magnetic polishes. This is pretty cool considering that most high-end department store brands don't do multi-dimension or effect polishes. I don't see your typical Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus shopper wearing a glitzy magnetic polish or a flaky, but that's just me.
This is one of the 2 flakies released. This was released on QVC (Or HSN?) and sold out FAST so I literally jumped to the Deborah Lippmann website and ordered it ASAP so I could get it before it sold out since it was limited edition.
It's an indigo jelly base with the red-green transitioning flakies. The formula is a little on the thicker side so you have to be patient with it, but it's not unbearable. The flakes are on the smaller side which make it look like burning embers in the indigo base. The flakes create a nice contrast because of the red-orange, to gold-green transition, and compliments the blue very nicely. 
Even though it's a jelly and has a tricky consistency, it is opaque in 2 coats. I used this over Nubar Foundation Base Coat and under Seche Vite. It does have a pretty glossy finish on it's own but I just used a top coat anyways.
I just checked and it's still in stock for $18 on the Deborah Lippmann website, which is now the only place you can purchase it. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Video: Skin Care Tools!

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Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light, Sweet Dreams, Mermaid's Dreams, Good Girl Gone Bad, Some Enchanted Evening Swatches

Since I've accumulated a few more Deborah Lippmann polishes, I thought I'd put them all into one post and swatch them for you.
Deborah Lippmann has been doing some amazing things with her line recently and really been stepping outside of the box when it comes to what a regular high end brand would do. She already did that, with creating those fabulous chunky glitters and creating colors that your standard department store brand wouldn't necessarily make, but this spring and summer a whole new bar has been set.
She not only made three magnetic polishes, but also made some awesome multichromes (like Chanel's Peridot) and some flakies. I haven't bought the magnetic or multichrome polishes yet but I know I probably eventually will. 
From the new Spring release I bought Mermaid's Dream which is a stunning aqua foil with teal and gold glitter. I bought the new flakies Ray of Light and Sweet Dreams, then I bought two of her regular line polishes, Good Girl Gone Bad and Some Enchanted Evening.
Deborah Lippmann polishes range from $16-$20 and can be purchased on her website as well as at Nordstrom.

Soap & Glory Clean On Me Body Shower Gel

This is another product Sara sent me. It's one of the giant haul of Soap & Glory goodies she sent me. Clean On Me is their clarifying shower gel. I've heard quite a few very positive things about this product so I was excited to start using it.
It smells just like their Flake Away Scrub and Hand Food, which is a sweet Lavender smell. Very bath-y. I find that I use this whenever I take a shower since it has a more invigorating scent than the other gel that I'm currently using, Lush's It's Raining Men. It's not an out-right invigorating smell, there is a comforting side to it as well, but it's more of a daytime, nourishing scent than a night time smell which I associate with It's Raining Men.
It is a creamy "gel" - more like the consistency of a more fluid moisturizer. It isn't viscous or sticky, just more fluid. Because it feels like a moisturizer, it's not as drying as your typical shower gel. It lathers really nicely both in a Loofa and in the hand and the scent lingers quite nicely on the skin. 
My only complaint is that the pump is so small. I wish it would dispense a little more product. I find myself frantically pumping the product 6 or 7 times in order to get a good little dollop of product in my hand. I like a very frothy shower gel, especially when I use a Loofa. It just makes me feel cleaner. It's a very minor complaint though and not something that is going to deter me from using it. 
This can be purchased at Sephora as well as Ulta.

Monday, April 16, 2012

NOTW: 2012 NHL Playoffs Version

This year I've based my first few nail looks for the Playoffs off of Zoya's Charla, which is my favorite teal polish of all time. I've surprisingly never done a NOTW post of Charla, even though I've worn it quite a bit for Sharks games, and just in daily life. Its gorgeous, and probably the prettiest aqua color ever. OPI and Orly (and Quo, which is made by Orly) made colors that are exactly the same right after Zoya released this in the Sparkle collection two summers ago. 
Charla is an aquamarine blue shimmer base with gold and aqua shimmer packed into it. The formula is on the thinner side, so I always use 3 coats. It's actually partially translucent so if you shine a light on it, you'll see visible nail line, but in real life you won't see it. I absolutely LOVE this polish. I've already used half the bottle.
If you're interested in getting a free bottle of Zoya, by the way, you can join the Share the Love program. Basically everybody that joins and makes a free account on Zoya's website gets a free bottle of Zoya Polish. From there, every person you refer gets a free coupon, and you get credit on Zoya's website. Everybody wins :) Click HERE to join!
I used 3 coats of Charla over Nubar's Foundation Base Coat and under Seche Vite.
To spruce up Charla a little bit, I added one coat of Hit's Zeus on top. Zeus is a jelly based sheer black holo. It does build up to an opaque black linear holo, but for the purpous of keeping with the Teal theme, I just did one coat to add a little bit of a blackened quality and holo to it.
Then I also did some sponging work and made a gradient with Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Dream with Zoya's Charla.
I alternated painting my nails with Mermaid's Dream and Charla then alternated sponging on opposite colors. It created a beautiful oceany mermaidy nail. It probably was one of my favorite manicures of all time, and I'm going to do it again for sure.
Zoya Polishes can be purchased at Ulta and Online on their website and retail for $8 each. Hits can be purchased on Llarowe and are $10 each. Deborah Lippmann can be purchased at Nordstrom and on the Lippmann website and are $16-$20 each.

Lush Jungle Conditioner Bar

Lush has a ton of products that don't get as much attention because they're not the cult favorites. The majority of their shampoos and conditioners are on that list. 
Conditioner bars are a weird concept because it's sort of like a bar of soap, or a moisturizer bar, but for your hair. You wet your hair, and just run it along your hair and let it sit then rinse it out. Weird. At least for me.
I decided to start looking at Lush hair products because with the transition of seasons again, and because of swimming, I wanted to change my hair routine, and include products that had less synthetic fillers and more natural products. I think Lush is on the more affordable side of that spectrum of products so it was the first place I went looking. 
I pretty much looked through all the hair products they had to offer, and talked to some of the Lush employees and ended up getting a small American Cream bottle to try out. I loved it, and will have a review of it up later, and wanted to try it out again but didn't want to pay for shipping or go out of my way to get another one because it was midterm season. I then remembered I had bought a Jungle conditioner bar WAY back to fill my free shipping fulfillment during the holiday time.
Jungle's sent is very much just like a Lush store. It's earthy, but also got that comforting smell behind it. Also a fresh smell. It sort of smells what I would imagine a Lush store would smell like in the middle of a rainforest.
The texture isn't super oily, and more of a clean conditioning texture. When you run it in your hair, it actually doesn't feel like it's don't anything to your hear at all. Not silky or anything. I normally run it along my hair like 6 or 7 times because I have quite a bit of hair, and then let it sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing it out. I've used it probably 15 times (15 showers, which is like 80 runs along my hair) now and have barely used half of it.
After rinsing it out my hair does noticeably feel stronger, look shinier, and conditioned. Actually conditioned. As in, "in good shape". Most bottled conditioners that I've used from drugstores give my hair a very silky feeling but not as if I it is "in shape". The pretty feeling of it goes away after a day. Jungle makes me feel like it's actually working, and for the long term.
I quite like this, and will probably purchase it again at some point, after I'm done experimenting with all the other Lush hair products. I think this is best for those with naturally straight hair, like me. I know a lot of people with coarse or hard to deal with hair won't like this because it's not a very strong hair conditioner. But since my hair isn't really in need of a dire treatment, this works great for me.
These are $7.95 each and can be purchased at Lush.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

NOTW: Deborah Lippman "Good Girls Gone Bad"

I can't even describe how much this polish dazzles. Pictures don't do it justice. Deborah Lippman's "Good Girl Gone Bad" is a real winner for me. 
It's a wine red, berry base with a ton of microglitter. The glitter is magenta and gold and together, they just twinkle so beautifully. The color leans more red in some lighting, pink in others, and vampy in others. It's just so unique and so so pretty.
The formula was great. It was pigmented in two coats and dried pretty quickly. I used it over Nubar's foundation base coat and under Seche Vitte. The polish actually dries to a slightly bumpy, not as deeply shimmery finish but it really comes alive with a top coat.
This was $16 on Deborah Lippmann's website and can be purchased there or at Nordstrom.
Inside, artificial lighting

Outside, cloudy weather.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mac In Extra Dimension Extra Dimension Skinfinish

Poudre Lumière. It just sounds so magical. I love some of the French things you see on the packaging of cosmetics.
Mac released 3 different collections this spring, Tres Chic, Reel Sexy and In Extra Dimension. I'm still on a project pan, and I'm also still in sort of a makeup rut so I didn't find anything else of interest out of all three of those collections.
Tres Chic was an all blush collection. Reel Sexy was a full collection of face, lip and eye products, and In Extra Dimension was to me, the most interesting, including eyeshadows and cheek products. What made In Extra Dimension so interesting though was that the products were basically the Mac version of the Estée Lauder Modern Mercury and Cyber Eyes collections. The Lauder collections were very hyped because of the unusually incredible formula of the powders.
I actually did pick up two of the Cyber Eyes shadows and found them intriguingly awesome - moist, dry, and very shiny all at once. Gorgeous, luxurious and very different from anything I own.
When Mac released the promo info and photos for this collection, from the way they powder looks in the pan on the skin I immediately connected it to the Lauder products and knew I had to purchase something from the collection.
There were a ton of eyeshadows and these 3 skinfinishes, and I actually only bought the skinfinishes. I figured since summer is coming, I'm not really going to wear the darker shadows that were released, and the skinfinishes were not only beautiful but also very wearable as eyeshadows. I also LOVE highlighters, as you know, so it was really a no-brainer for me to purchase.
Since Estée Lauder owns Mac, it was no surprise that the formula was not only just similar but basically the exact same thing. I was very happy about that, especially because Mac is so much less expensive than Lauder.
The three skinfinishes that were released were Glorify, Superb, and Whisper of Gilt. As a sidenote, Glorify is a dupe for Lauder's St. Tropez, and Superb is a dupe for the original Modern Mercury highlighting powder.
The Skinfinishes were $28 each and were limited edition at Mac, but you may be able to still find them locally.
Swatches are after the jump!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My New Baby!

After about a year of researching and testing and playing and more researching, I finally bought a DSLR Camera, the Canon T3i. I got it with the kit lens. I thought about getting just the body and getting a different lens but I figured I'll get a different lens later.
I went with Canon because I have all Canon photo and film equipment right now and I'm generally comfortable with the brand. I went with the T3i because from playing with different cameras, I found this the most friendly to me, and based off of several people's videos on YouTube I know what sort of quality it presents with film and photos.
Since I got it just a day ago, I'm still playing and figuring out my settings and such, but I went around the house and took a few photos.
I'm super excited to start getting more into photography since it's always been something I've found fun. I've also re-discovered the fact that makeup is the prettiest and most fun thing to photograph.
 And just for good measure, SJ Sharkie:
So yeah, I bought this camera for my own personal pleasure, but It will be making an appearance in my blogging life, and quite possibly my video making life. This blog will probably see more high def photos :) 
I hope you're all doing well, and thanks for bearing with me on this very slow blogging month for me! I'll be back soon with more content :D

Happy Playoffs!!!
I know I've been a little M.I.A. recently but again, school and work take priority over extra-curricular things. 
The Stanley Cup Playoffs started yesterday though and I decided to do another "My Favorite Teal Things" update video, sort of like I did last year. I've included a few of my all time favorites, as well as all the new teal and aqua colored things I had gotten since last years video. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, April 9, 2012

NHL Tutorial #26: St. Louis Blues - Day to Night Tutorial!

Weeeeeee playoffs are here! The Sharks' first opponent is the St. Louis Blues so I thought I'd upload the Blues' tutorial before the playoffs starts so any Blues fans out there can sport the look :)
In this tutorial I went from day to night so you could have two options (as I did with the Sharks tutorials). I haven't don't a legitimate day to night tutorial before, and this tutorial happened to fit in with my daily face look very nicely.
This tutorial happened to turn out quite nicely and I got tons of compliments on this look at work. I hope you all like it too :)
Products are listed after the jump!

Thursday, April 5, 2012