Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stanford University Inspired Tutorial!

Back into videos with a tutorial :)
I was requested to do a Stanford University inspired tutorial a really long time ago. Their colors are Cardinal Red and White. I did a red and white tutorial a while back as well as a red smokey eye so I wanted to do something red and black, but not a really normal red and black look.
This turned into a more velvety red over a black - sort of True Blood's Pam inspired or a night out sort of look. 
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Where Have I Been??!!

LONG time no blog! I'm so sorry I've been away for so long. But there is a long story behind it (which will be after the cut, for those of you that are curious) and I just needed a little break.
Now that things are starting to settle back down, I feel like I'll actually be able to start blogging and making videos on a regular basis again :)
I do want to say thank you to everybody who's been subscribed and following me for a while, as I've gotten to 3000 subscribers on my channel! It's a huge feat for me and I appreciate every single person who takes the time to watch and enjoy my videos. I also got to 170 followers here, which is again, huge for me! I really do like having this as a creative and personal outlet and I couldn't ask for a nicer bunch of people. Quality over quantity - and you guys totally prove it. <3
I have a travel makeup video coming up soon, as well as a haul since Bath and Body Works is having their semi-annual sale, and I needed to pick up some things from Sephora.
After that, I think I'm going to finally start doing tutorials again as well as start a new little makeup-vlog (vlog related to makeup) series which is inspired by Temptalia and some posts she does.
So, thanks for sticking around guys and I promise more content in the coming weeks! Happy summer to everybody, stay safe, sunscreened, and hydrated!
PS, I hate that the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup this year.