Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NOTW: Revlon Dreamer

My cameras (plural) hate taking photos of things that have any remote hints of purple. Period.
For some reason, anything with even the slightest amount of a purple tone to it never photographs correctly.
Revlon's Dreamer is a periwinkle creme polish. It's definitely not as blue as it looks above, having just a little bit more purple to it. I love it.
This was opaque in 3 coats, with a medium viscosity - not too watery but not too thick. This is what I wore under 1920's Tic Tac Toc in my nail polish giveaway last week.
This sort of blue is one of my favorites to wear in the summer since it reminds me a lot of pools and the sky.
Revlon's polishes retail between $5 and $8 depending on where and when you get them and can be purchased at all drugstores, all though I hadn't seen this color until I went to Bed Bath & Beyond.
I wore this ove Nubar's Foundation Base Coat and under Seche Vite and it lasted on my nails (under a glitter top coat) for about 5 days before I got minor tip wear.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette "In The Nude" Photos & Swatches

I first mentioned this palette in my June favorites, when I had just purchased it. I hadn't used it all that much at that point but have been able to use it all month and have been very happy with it.
Sephora, like most know but don't pay all that much attention to, is not just a makeup store, but also a brand, and a brand that carries a pretty full line of products. They have their own nail polishes, not just the OPI ones, eye shadows, palettes, brushes, lip products etc, but they get overlooked because of all the other fantastic products available to purchase in the store and online.
This product I purely just stumbled upon while walking around Sephora, killing time on my lunch break. I had no intention at all of looking for another neutral palette but this totally caught my eye, from the packaging to what was actually inside.
Sephora has a few of these Moonshadow palettes, and at my Sephora, they sit next to those cool wave looking eyeshadows that were Sephora's response to the Estée Lauder and Mac In Extra Dimension shadows that were a huge hit in the spring.
The Moonshadow palettes all come with 10 shadows. In The Nude comes with a full fange of baked neutral shadows, from light to dark. The other ones had some special colors as well, one of them having the brightest and most jewel looking blue ever, but after playing with all of the products this is the one that I decided to purchase.
These palettes retail for $30 and can be purchased at Sephora and online on their website.
More photos and swatches after the jump!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow - 82 Émerveillé Swatches & Review

Ohhhhhh Chanel. You always do this to me. The minute I buy one thing of yours, I then want to buy everything else you have to offer. This product has had me browsing through the Chanel website every night. *Sigh*.
Chanel's line of cream shadows, or the Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadows, have been a coveted item for me since they first were released and Pixiwoo first started using them in tutorials. Then Temptalia did reviews. And posted photos. And it was done. I had to get them.
My first was Epatant, which was a pewtery silver with a green tone to it. I loved it - the color, the texture, the wear. So next on my list was Émerveillé, because it was the next most wearable and a lot of people on YouTube had been using it and it was gorgeous on like... everybody. It's always a good sign when people ranging in skintone, hair color, eye color and style all look good in the same product.
These shadows are cream based, but are a very different texture than most cream shadows. This is more spongy - it literally is slightly bouncy, porous feeling, kind of moldable, and very smooth. A mix between a mousse and a cream shadow, I guess. It's easy to use with your finger as well as a brush, but I prefer to use my finger, especially since it's my own product. It does come with a tiny brush, but I've never used it.
Émerveillé is a peachy rose gold color. It swatches to a very light rose gold and looks slightly shimmery on the lids. It's the nicest wash of color and its that perfect tone for the summer - it looks amazing next to a slightly tanned cheek.
In terms of wear, I always need a primer so I have never tested it without a primer. Just over Too Faced Shadow Insurance it wears all day for me, even if I don't set it with a powder. You can build it from a soft shimmer to a strong, almost full frost like you see below, if you want to. Most of the time I go in-between in intensity.
I definitely intend on purchasing more of the Chanel cream shadows - the other 3 are more intense and bold though so I'll probably go buy them in the fall. The thing is, as with all Chanel, they're expensive so it's something I do plan ahead with when I go to buy any of the products.
These are available at Nordstrom and all other high end cosmetics retailers like Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eye Shadow Swatches - 11, 20

I'll admit it, these were an impulse buy. But after everything that I had seen and heard about these shadows, I thought it was finally time to bite the bullet and just get them. And I'm very pleased that I did.
There are about 20 shades you can choose from (they're up to #29 now I think, but half of them have been LE), and a lot of them are golden neutral shades. The colors range from golds, to more bold colors to lighter shimmery colors. Mostly, they're just really cool to look at though, even though they have a lot of neutral colors.
The colors I purchased were 11 and 20. I decided to get one wearable shade and one bold (teal!) shade so I can have one of each and play with them in different situations.
They come packaged in little glass pots, like most cream shadows do, but these are really not creams at all. They're actually more powdery, like a pressed pigment. They're super finely milled and very very smooth, rich and silky. There's also a little stopper it comes with to keep the pigment pressed and flat on  top, like you see in the photos below.
11 is a pearly white. I think the site says it's supposed to be a champagne, but I get mostly pearly white when I swatch and use it. I believe this is permanent, or it's just always available and not run out of stock yet. 11 swatches very opaquely for a white shimmer, which I like a lot because when used on the lid you don't have to put a ton of effort and layering in to get a full color payoff.

20 is a blackened teal and right up my alley lol. Of course I'm going to buy the teal! This one is very intense and rich and deep and bold and just... awesome. It too swatches super opaquely so not a lot of layering is needed.
Armani just released a new set of 6, all limited edition, which you can get at Nordstrom, I believe. These are also available at Neiman Marcus and other high end retailers and on the Armani website. I totally plan on picking up more of these because they're so different and easy to use. I do want to try some of the golds and some of the other bold colors.
Have any of you tried these yet? I'd love to know what you all think of them as well :)

Inglot Swatches! AMC Pure Pigments, Eye Shadows, Body Sparkle

A while back I got a few things from the Inglot counter at the Macys in San Francisco. I didn't end up posting photos and swatches though, so here they are now :)
Inglot is a brand that I do already own a few products from, and that I like quite a bit. Their eye shadows are a cult favorite because of their amazing pigmentation and as far as I can tell, the rest of their line is pretty fantastic as well.
On this trip to the counter I only picked up 3 shadows (plus an extra palette that fits 10), 2 pigments and a body sparkle.
If you live in the Bay Area, the Inglot Counter in the Union Square Macy's is on the bottom floor, towards the back (if you enter from the side that faces Tiffany's). It's easy to find though, if you browse around. 
Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow 10 Square Palette

In general, I plan on trying all the other products (face, nails, etc) that Inglot has to offer, but I mostly go and browse the shadows because to me, that has the best value for price. A 10 palette in their Freedom System is MUCH more inexpensive than if you got 10 shadows from Mac. The quality is also generally better and the palettes are much more sturdy. Mac does have their benefits in that they're so easily accessible and so much more user friendly (the standard girl doesn't need more than 10 shades of matte bright eyeshadow), but if you have the opportunity to see Inglot products in person, I highly recommend you do.
If you don't have the opportunity to see them in person, you can purchase Inglot online on their shopping site (which is different than their general info site).
Now on to the swatches!
AMC Shine 33
Inglot has a ton of different finishes for their shadows, all with abbreviations on the packaging. To add to that complication, they also number their shadows. So really, unless you write them down, it's really hard to remember which ones you have.
AMC Shine 33 is a pretty aqua color. Very me. The shimmer in the pan swatches true on the skin, and applies as well. This shadow was very easy to use and blend out and the swatch above was just one pass of my finger (no layering).

AMC Shine 30
AMC Shine 30 is a buttery cream color with the same type of shimmer as the teal color. This one is an amazing highlight and applies so smoothly it's just a dream to work with.

D.S. 501
This is a gray taupe color with silver microglitter dispersed throughout it. It's like the glitter you see in Mac's Black Tied shadow. It's beautiful. The gray taupe color is matte, otherwise. The D.S. formula is super unique in that all the colors in that formula do the same thing. They are probably my favorite Inglot finish.

Inglot also has a bunch of pigments. I have 2 of them already, and I really quite enjoy using them so I thought I would look through what they had and pick up a few more. These are much more expensive for what you get, as compared to Mac so I was a bit wary and really only found that the ones I had plus these two were the only ones I had wanted out of their Pigment line.

82 is a chunky bronze to pink duochrome. It's really.... really chunky. It swatches chunky as well. If you press it on it gives a beautiful metallic finish though. The pink was really hard to photograph so you'll just have to take my word on the fact that it's there :p.
It does fallout a little when you use it dry, so I've been using it wet and the duochrome comes out more as well as the finish is more metallic and it's just easier to work with.

I'm actually only 90% sure that this one is 85. There's another that's pretty much the same just with a slightly bluer duochrome. But I think this one is 85. If it's not, I'll add an edit in later lol.
This is like Mac's Blue Brown pigment, just with a golden pistachio green duochrome instead. It's lovely and very pigmented and as you can see, much less chunky. It's definitely super smooth and a pleasure to work with as well.

These actually caught my eye on the way out. In the display they looked like Mac's Reflects Pearl pigments, which I was on my way to a Mac Pro later to pick some up and instead, I bought one of these.
I swatched a ton, and wanted to get a few of them but a lot of them were out of stock. I did pick up this one though, and it was the last one they had of this color.
This is a very very finely milled cosmetic grade and eye safe glitter. This particular one is a white with gold reflects. It's got a slight pink gold look to it but it doesn't swatch like that. In fact, I think it swatches pretty identical to 56.
The Body Sparkles might be my new favorite formula of glitter though. Very fairy like and so so cute and pretty :D

Trend: Metallic Foils & 2012 London Olympics!

The Olympics are here! Happy Opening Day, everybody.
First off, I love the Olympics. Both the winter and summer. The summer ones always hold a special place in my heart because of swimming, and since I was a competitive swimmer, it's nice having national pride and attention behind people you feel like you've grown up with. I remember watching Michael Phelps swim at age 15 at his first Olympics, and the awe-factor behind Australia's Ian Thorpe. It's funny now too, seeing all the bandwagon fans that swimming has. 
Anyways, as a lot of nail bloggers are doing, I decided to do my own Olympic themed metallic manicure. I did an ombre instead of a gradient, which many have done, and I also chose to do this because there have and will be a lot of metallic and foil finish polishes coming out soon.
What I chose to do was go from silver to deep bronze on my nails. I hadn't officially ever done an Ombre manicure before, but I quite liked the results, so I'll probably do it again.
The picture at the very top of this post shows 5 of the 6 colors I used. I ended up putting a coat of Orly's Luxe over my index finger, where I had Zoya's Jules as a base coat. 
Starting with my thumb though, here's what I used:
Zoya Trixie, Orly Luxe over Zoya Jules, Orly Rage, Revlon Copper Penny, China Glaze Harvest Moon.
All of my nails I used 3 coats of polish (2 of Zoya Jules, 1 of Orly Luxe). There isn't much else to say about it, other than I used Seche Vite on top lol. The polishes swatch pretty accurately to bottle color and all of them are easy to work with polishes. Zoya's Trixie looks like liquid metal when applying it - so cool! All of them are very glitzy in sunlight too. 
All of these polishes are still available - Zoya on their website and Ulta, Orly at drugstores, Revlon at drugstores, and China Glaze at Sallys and Ulta. 
I hope all of you enjoy the Olympics and good luck to all your countries :D

NOTW: Nails Inc. "Picadilly - Fishnet Magnet Gold"

I'm sort of over the Magnetic Polish fad, as probably most of you are as well, but I saw this at Sephora and liked the effect of the fishnet, so picked up this and the emerald (swatches coming soon for that).
The base color of this is really similar to some of the gold magnetic drugstore polishes, that have the gold flecks in them (pictured down below). The color alone is a tiger's eye gold with really fine gold flecks that run throughout it. It's almost like Patina eye shadow by Mac.
When activated with the magnet, the fishnet brings out more of the gold flecks. The picture above is with no top coat so it'd be much more glossy afterwards, even though it does have a pretty shiny finish to it on its own.
This manicure lasted a few days, before chipping, which for me is standard with magnetic polishes.
I used it over Nubar Foundation Base Coat and under no top coat.
Below are some photos that I never posted of a drugstore magnetic polish. I got this gold one and a blue one, which I will post soon since I still have them on my computer and I still see them all the time at Rite Aid.
The Nails Inc. Polish is available at Sephora and the Magnetix is available at Rite Aid.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Smokey Eye Tutorial

Sorry for the slightly different photo format in this post (as compared to other tutorial posts). I totally blanked and forgot to take photos :( So, here's one super close up of the eyes and and one of the full face lol. 
This tutorial is based loosely off of the Kardashians, as well as trying to incorporate some of the new Mac collection items into the face. 
Whenever I watch the Kardashians, I always love their makeup, especially the smokey eyes that they ALL do. Most of the time it's pretty matte, so that's what I did.
It's pretty easy to do, and easy to find colors that match the ones I use. It's also not overly dramatic so it can be worn in the day time if you want a less dramatic smokey eye. 
I hope you guys like it :) Products are after the jump!

July Julep Mavens Box :)

I have my swatches of the polishes from my Julep Box for all of you today :) This is sort of... well, REALLY late but I have it up, right?
The video for it was posted just yesterday, in case you didn't see. Photos are after the jump!
Enjoy! ♥ 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

PrettyCutePolishes Nail Polish Review & Giveaway! Connect The Dots Dupe :)

I have a fun post for you today. A lot of people in the blogging community are aware of Lynnderella polishes, especially the polish Connect The Dots.
When one of my subscribers contacted me and told me she makes polishes and has a few that are similar to Lynnderella polishes I was very excited because I hadn't gotten my hands on any of them and now that opportunity has passed. I was the most excited to see one that was very similar to Connect The Dots because it was the one polish I wanted the most from that brand.
PrettyCutePolishes, or PolishForLife on Etsy, sells home made polishes. She offered to send me a polish for myself as well as another to giveaway, so I was very happy to hear that and took the opportunity to do so.
1920's Tic Tac Toc is a thick clear base with white and black bar glitter, as well as black square glitter and white hexagonally shaped glitters.
The color I've painted over in the picture is Revlon's Dreamer. On my middle finger is 1 coat, on my ring is 2 coats, and 3 on my pinky. The base is pretty thick but the glitter is very dense so you really don't need more than 2 coats.
I go into more depth in my video:
As for giveaway rules:
- You must be subscribed to me on this channel
- You must also follow me on twitter (@yukiesano)
- Please have a parent's permission OR be over the age of 18.
- This is open to US/Canada only
- Comment ON MY VIDEO ONLY ONCE with what your favorite glittery nail polish is
- Tweet ONLY ONCE "Follow @yukiesano and subscribe to her channel to be entered into her giveaway! #yukienailpolishgiveaway"
- This will be open for two weeks. It will close on August 4th 11:59pm PST (San Francisco, California time).
- Winners will be chosen by Random.org
- I will contact the winner via YouTube Message and they will have 48 hours to respond. If they do not, I will pick another winner, and so on.