Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wet N Wild Color Icon Trio Swatches! 334 I'm Getting Sunburned, 380B Walking on Eggshells, 384B On Cloud Nine

If you couldn't tell, I've been in a bit of a drugstore kick lately. There have been a lot of brands that have released a lot of very impressive products lately. Because of that, I've started watching various drugstore favorites videos and hauls and have been purchasing a lot of old time favorites.
These are some of those products. Tati, or GlamLifeGuru on YouTube, is in the middle of her series of videos highlighting her favorites from each brand hand highlighted these as some of her absolute favorite drugstore products.
I have some of the Color Icon 6 shadow palettes, so I don't know why it took me so long to purchase these trios. Tati did a pretty shadow demo on her video and I was so impressed by the quality of the products she showed that I went out and purchased them.
The three palettes I bought are:

  • I'm Getting Sunburned - frosty pink (browbone), shimmery mahogany brown (crease), frosty warm gold (eyelid). The pink is a slightly icy like pink. The dark brown is a cool toned dark brown with a warm reddish brown shimmer. The eyelid color is a very pigmented bright warm gold. All three of these colors were incredibly soft and super pigmented. The swatches were done with just barely touching my finger to the shadow. Sidenote - shouldn't it be "sunburnt" instead of "sunburned"? Regardless, this was an awesome trio.
  • Walking on Eggshells - three frosty shades. Browbone is a warm toned frosty off white. Crease is a warm cork board type brown with a frosty finish. Eyelid is a very light pink with orange undertones, almost a champagne like color. This is a pretty standard pairing of colors. It's got good color payoff and the shadows are soft. Not quite as soft and pigmented as I'm Getting Sunburned but still a great product. If you don't have any basic shadow palette, this will be a great place to start. 
  • On Cloud Nine - duo of less frosty, almost satin finish blues and a matte brown. I bought this purely for the matte brown since Tati said it was pretty good, formula-wise. The first blue is a lighter shimmery blue. It's actually really similar to a light frosty blue shadow that Covergirl used to make in a quad of shadows. It was my favorite in middle school, and I was kind of gutted when I found out they didn't make it anymore. The matte brown is a midtoned brown that's pretty neutral. It's not chalky and had pretty good color payoff. The third color is a shimmery slightly dusty blue. 

Each trio retails for $2.99 at all drugstores. These three were excellent quality so if you're a makeup beginner these are great places to start. Since I have so much makeup, I'm probably not going to pickup any more of their permanent shadow palettes, but I know I have good products to use in the future with these in my stash.
If I travel I know I'll probably bring I'm Getting Sunburned or Walking on Eggshells with me since they're pretty staple colors.
Do any of you have these? What do you think?

***Each center column has swatches. The top photo is under artificial light. Each bottom photo is with flash.
I'm Getting Sunburned

Walking On Eggshells

On Cloud Nine

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Video :) Indie Polish Overview!


p.s. - sorry for the lack of posts; i've been working on a lot of different things recently, but i'll have more posts up soon :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Video! Collection Video :)

Enkore's Lipstick Organizer: 
DIY Nail Polish Rack - TheEasyDIY
For the time being, I disabled comments on this video.
Skip to 10:22 for JUST Nail Polish!


  • how many nail polishes do you have? 
    • a lot more than normal people should ever have lol - a lot of them i keep around for comparisons and nail art!  
  • can you do an in-depth polish collection? 
    • i did that once - it was 30 mins of me reading names, and that was when i had half the amount of polishes than i do now. so probably not, since it'd be a boring video lol. in theory though if you follow me here and on my blog/instagram, you've seen my whole collection as well as new polishes as i get them :D 
  •  Why is everything so dusty? Why didn't you clean? 
    • i go to school full time and work 40 hours a week. i know a lot of people have the same or more busy style life that i do, and more kudos to you if you can keep everything spotless but i don't. i like the convenience of having it all out while i'm getting ready at 5:30 in the morning. i also figured i'd show you what it actually all looks like instead of lying to you all and pretending i'm a super duper neat freak. i used to pretend to do that (or try) and it was obvious that i wasn't a super duper neat freak, and quite frankly, of the 10 hours i spend at home (14 hours of my day is spent either at work or school or babysitting), i spend about 5 of it sleeping, and the rest eating and doing hw. simply, i don't have the time to keep everything spotless, i don't have somebody do it for me, and youtube happens to be low on the priority scale in terms of my life right now. :) 
  • what does your desk look like when it's clean? can you show us? 
    • when i have a day off and i can clean my desk i will - but i rarely get days off from work & school (on the same day) so maybe eventually :) 
  • how do you decide which nail polish to use? You have so many! I'm indecisive with my 70 nail polish!! Also, how often do you paint your nails? (notready2break asked me this) 
    • if i'm in a mood for a certain color i'll look through my drawers to see which formula/brand/finish to use. most of the time if i'm feeling like a certain color, i'll mentally remind myself to try out some of my more new products to test formula and such. i do vaguely know which polishes i haven't used yet (at least once) so i do reach for those products i've used already. i keep track through my blog and my NOTW posts! 

My friend Eshani (TotalMakeupJukie101) posted a tips & tricks video for Indian skintones. I thought it was super helpful, even though I'm not Indian, so I thought I'd share with you guys :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wet N Wild Color Icon Blushes - Pearlescent Pink, Berry Shimmer, Mellow Wine

After hearing lots and lots of praise for these products for months, I finally went out and purchased 3 of the Wet N Wild Color Icon Blushes.
I have some of their eye palettes (and also bought 3 more of the trios - those will be up soon I promise!), and am familiar with how awesome the Color Icon line of Wet N Wild products is, so I was very happy to find that I wasn't to be disappointed with these blushes after playing with them.
What finally convinced me was Tati or GlamLifeGuru on YouTube doing a comparison of Pearlescent Pink and Nars Orgasm (one of my all time favorites and everyday go-tos). She claimed to have liked the Wet N Wild more, so I thought "for $2.99, I may as well try the blush out!"
At Rite Aid, one of the blushes was on Clearance and was 50% off (which isn't much considering it's only $2.99) so I decided to purchase them there. I was actually browsing to see if the new JulieG polishes were in but they weren't. By the way, I did go to CVS after and the blush that was on Clearance at Rite Aid was NOT on Clearance at CVS.
The three colors I purchased were:

  • 831 Pearlescent Pink - this is the blush that was similar to Nars Orgasm, according to Tati. It's a coral pink with gold shimmer. I will say that Nars' is more pigmented, as well as slightly darker and has slightly more gold when you swatch it, but when applied they do look really similar on the cheek. The formula on this was soft but didn't provide any fall out. It was fairly opaque after just one swipe on the back of my hand. 
  • 833 Mellow Wine - matte warm midtoned pink. I'm quite pleased with this one because I don't have a matte pink blush this color. This is an awesome product for those on a budget that don't like the blushes with shimmer shot through them - I know my mom isn't crazy about blush to begin with, but shimmery blushes is something she just wouldn't wear because she doesn't think she's in the age range to wear them anymore. The formula on this was pretty outstanding considering it's $2.99 and matte. It was soft, not chalky, but had no fall out and was opaque on the back of my hand. The swatch below shows what was left on my hand and I barely touched the pan with my finger.
  • 834 Berry Shimmer - shimmery warm pink with strong red undertones and a strong gold shimmer. This product was out of this world. CRAZY opaque and soft. That swatch is again, barely touching the pan with my finger and look at it! It's vibrant and so pretty :) There was no fallout at all. I'm beyond impressed with that blush. It's probably my favorite of the 3 I purchased, and will for sure be a color I'm going to wear often in the summer. This would also look amazing on darker skin tones because the color payoff is so opaque and the gold sheen will highlight the skin beautifully.

There's at least one more in this line of blushes that I'm completely willing to go find and purchase since I've had such fantastic results from these three. At such a low price, it's probably one of the best deals I've come across at the drugstore in a long, long time.
Have any of you tried these? What do you think?

Swatches below: Top Swatch - with flash, Bottom Swatch - artificial florescent light with no flash

Monday, March 18, 2013

NOTW: Rainbow Gradient - KPandaNails Inspired

Gahhhh sorry about the messy cuticle area. And the dry cuticles. 
On Instagram, one of my favorite nail art inspirations is KPandaNails. She has amazing posts. I want to try everything she does. 
This is one of the first of her manicures that I duplicated. It's a pastel rainbow gradient with a flakey top coat.
The method I use to gradient my nails is to use a makeup sponge, paint horizontal (in this case, but vertical in others) stripes of color then dab it on to the nail. It's super easy, but messy, so be prepared for some cleanup.
The polishes I used were mainly from the China Glaze Up & Away collection from two years ago:
  • Something Sweet - pink
  • Peachy Keen - orange
  • Lemon Fizz - yellow
  • Re-Fresh Mint - mint
  • Light As Air - purple
For a pastel blue I used one of my Pa polishes since I didn't have a light pastel blue. That was sort of a shocker, considering I have so many polishes.
You don't have to use the colors I used - KPandaNails used a whole different set of colors.
I started with a white base so that the colors would show up more vibrant as I sponged them on :)
Last, I painted a coat of Essie's Shine of the Times flakey.
This manicure lasted about 4 days before it started to wear away and peel - it was sort of a thicker manicure because of all the color that was sponged on. 
And here's a little spam of pics :D enjoy!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Video! Drugstore Lip Review #2


Revlon Lip Butter - 053 Sorbet

Sooooooo I found out that Revlon released four limited edition shades of their fan favorite Lip Butter and I immediately scoured the internet.
From what I gathered, they should be available at Ulta. They may be popping into Targets soon. I have no idea about drugstores.
After gathering that information, I dragged Sergio along with me and we drove an hour north to the nearest Ulta and low-and-behold there was nothing. Granted, that Ulta is always decimated. There is never anything there that I'm looking for, drugstore wise. 
Anyways, I ended up finding one out of the four colors on Ulta's site and ordered it. I honestly only want Wild Watermelon now, but it wouldn't hurt to have the other two, right? lol.
Sorbet is one of the four new releases. It's a candy pink color with no shimmer. It's almost magenta, but it's sheerness keeps it form being overly opaque and bright.
It's in line with all of the other Revlon Lip Butter formulas. It goes on smoothly with great color payoff for a sheer formula.
I get about 4 hours of wear from each Lip Butter before noticeable fading. It also doesn't last that great through eating but these are easy to apply and are a no fuss lip color (I don't have to go look in a mirror and carefully apply them like some other opaque lipsticks).
This is available on Ulta's website for about $7.
I'm still on the hunt for the other three - I'll let you know when I find them, probably on Instagram (yukiesano is my username - follow me :) ).

Saturday, March 16, 2013

NOTW: Princessa Pretty In Purple

So normally when Sergio and I hang out and he goes and gets a haircut, I just sit in the salon and wait. Yeah, he goes to a salon and gets his hair cut, instead of SuperCuts or whatever most men do. It's funny because I cut my own hair. For free lol. But anyways, I normally just sit and wait. There is, however, a nail salon right next door to the salon he goes to so one day I decided to get my nails done.
The salon had very few well known polishes - maybe a handful of OPI. The majority of their polishes were by a brand called Princessa, which I had never heard of before, but the bottle shapes are super similar to the OPI bottles.
Actually if you Google Princessa, there really isn't that much information on them, so I don't even know if they still make colors, or even this color. So, I'm sorry that this post is pretty useless if any of you want this color.
This color totally jumped out at me from their stand of polishes because of the scattered holo glitter pieces.
The base color is a blue toned purple jelly. There's a ton of holo and purple glitter that make it look very disco ball like. Since it was an old polish, the formula was thick and goopy. But I mean, I wasn't really dealing with it so I guess it wasn't my problem.
What I have on my nails is 3 coats of the polish. It layered ok I guess. The glitter was pretty opaque at 1 coat so the other 2 coats just made it more dimensional.
The photo above was with flash at night, and the photo below was with flash outside. You can see the natural base color in the photo below.
If anybody has info on Princessa polishes, I'd love to know :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Nyx Butter Gloss Swatches - 06 Peach Cobbler, 08 Apple Strudel

Whenever I'm on the Ulta site I always browse through all the Nyx products to see what's new and available, especially their lip products. Nyx has become a brand that I can experiment with, especially with color, because they're so inexpensive. 
These I came across and was instantly curious because they were called "Butter Gloss". With the huge lip butter trend that's going around, I knew Nyx would release something similar and I hadn't seen these before. I looked through the online swatches and picked two colors that I figured I'd use the most. There were a lot of pale pinks. I don't wear pale pink as much as I wear more red toned glosses and lip colors. 
Each gloss comes with a doe foot applicator. The formula is sort of like the liquid version of the Revlon Lip Butters. They're really more pigmented than I thought they'd be. They have a pretty good color payoff, well at least the colors I bought. They do go slightly sheer if you spread it along your lip rather than just swatch the product. With two coats you'll get a medium coverage wash of color on the lip. 
They're pretty much unscented - there's a really faint sugar smell but it went away too quickly for me to discern if it was from these glosses or something that I had swatched earlier.
Nyx has 12 of these available, and they retail for $4.99 each. They're all pastry themed names, which is cute. You can purchase them at Ulta or on their site :)
Here are the colors I purchased:
  • Peach Cobbler - given that they're pastry themed, I would have thought the name would be closer to the actual food, or at least the fruit in the food but whatever. Peach Cobbler is a warm red with almost a coral tone to it. 
  • Apple Strudel - again, with the name food thing. Apple Strudel is a warm midtoned pink with a slight shimmer. What apple strudel has pink in it lol? At least I would have gone towards a red tone with "Apple" but it has nothing to do with the product lol. Apple Strudel is much less opaque than Peach Cobbler, but isn't completely sheer. 

I don't think I'm going to buy another one of these glosses, given that the colors are really pink favoring. I do like the ones I have though. Do any of you have these?
Peach Cobbler

Apple Strudel

Maybelline Color Whisper Swatches - 35 Coral Ambition, 40 Orange Attitude, 45 Who Wore It Red-er, 75 Rose of Attraction

Last month I posted swatches of three of the Color Whisper lipsticks. I was so charmed by them that I decided to purchase a four more of them!
The formula for these is really similar to the Revlon Lip Butters. They're soft and pigmented with a natural gloss to them. All the ones that I bought glided on pretty well and felt comfortable on the lips. There are about 8 or 10 shades available 20 shades available. I have the seven (which include these four and the previous three) that I thought I would wear the most. The colors range from nudes and pale pinks to some brighter fuchsias and there's also a lavender I believe.
These retail for about $7 each but you can always find a good deal at one of the drugstores or at Ulta so you can easily buy them for less than $7.
Here are the colors that I bought:

  • 35 Coral Ambition - pale peachy coral. This one swatches similarly to the only coral lipstick that I like, which is Mac's Cut A Caper from the Heavenly Creatures Collection last year. Cut A Caper is slightly pinker but since the Color Whispers aren't completely opaque, I think I'll be able to use this one pretty thoroughly in the spring and summer. For those of you that aren't familiar with my relationship to Coral, I'm not the biggest fan of the color on me since it has such strong orange ties. Orange looks weird on me, especially lipstick or nail polish but if it's a slightly sheerer coral like a lip gloss or this product, then I can usually wear it without it looking strange.
  • 40 Orange Attitude - mandarin orange. This one I picked up because I honestly don't have anything this orange toned and I was feeling adventurous when I was purchasing these off of Ulta's site. Again, since it's sheerer than your typical bright lipstick, I'm hoping I can wear this and like it without it looking weird, especially in the summer when I have a little bit more of a tan on my skin :)
  • 45 Who Wore It Red-er - very magenta tinted red. It's definitely more like a rose petal red than a true red. The pink tones come out really strong against my skintone, which I like since I don't have too many colors like this. This was much more opaque than the previous two Whispers that I swatched and I was pleasantly surprised by that.
  • 75 Rose of Attraction - sheer mauve toned rose color. This is much lighter than I thought it would be based on the packaging. It's also got a very faint shimmer to it. These colors are colors I typically gravitate towards the most since it's a My Lips But Better color. I know in general I'll be getting a lot of use out of this color.
Overall, I really do like the Maybelline Color Whispers. I don't think I'm going to purchase more colors though because I have 7 of them, and they're great products but I also have a ton of the Revlon Lip Butters so I think I've covered the full spectrum of colors for this type of lip product and formula lol. 
I do recommend these for people that want an easy to wear lip formula without going too bold. It's also less fussy than a lipstick because you don't have to pay as much attention to them when you're applying them, since they run slightly more sheer and since they have a slightly balm like texture to them.
What do you guys think? Do you like the Color Whispers?

Coral Ambition

Orange Attitude

Who Wore It Red-er

Rose of Attraction

Coral Ambition / Orange Attitude / Who Wore It Red-Er / Rose of Attraction

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nivea Lip Butter - Raspberry Rosé Kiss

I told you guys I'd post about the fourth in my post about the other three Nivea Lip Butters. I finally found the fourth in my CVS and snatched it up since it was the last in stock.
A lot of people have been asking where I found these.
The first three I found in Walgreens near all the other lip balms. They weren't individually wrapped like this, but in a small display holding each three in rows and the balms were sealed. 
This one I found on an end display of lip balms at CVS. It holds the EOS balms and the Milk & Honey balms from Nivea at my CVS. The display only holds individually wrapped items like this one so they hang off the little display. 
You definitely have to go looking for them to find them. They're not advertised in a display just for the Nivea Lip Butters like I thought they would be. They may be displayed like that in your area, but in mine they haven't been in any of my drugstores.
Each of these retails for $4 each.
Each Nivea Lip Butter comes in a little flat tin. The balm is inside and reaches right up to the top of the rim. I personally hate this packaging. Since it's so thin, there isn't much to grip on to, and it's really hard to get the cap off. In theory, it's just supposed to slide off, but I can never get tins to open like this, especially when it's so flat. I think I'm eventually going to purposely dent the side of it so I can lift the cap off easily. That's pretty much the only negative I have for these lip butters. 
The actual formula is fairly satisfying compared to the other Nivea lip balm I have. I own a Touch of Honey lip balm they make. The balm is not as moisturizing as these lip butters, and doesn't last as long. The lip butter formula is slightly thicker and almost feels like a cream. It's most definitely a balm, but you can pick up some of the product versus just residue of oiliness like most balms. The balm lasts on my lips for about 4 hours and conditions my lips pretty well. 
Raspberry Rosé Kiss' scent is much more raspberry than rose. It's only slightly floral and much more berry. Almost candy like. I'm not the biggest fan of raspberry scents but this scent isn't at all offensive so I don't really mind it. 
Again, there are three other "scents" - one is unscented, there's a caramel and a vanilla. So there's really something for everybody :)

OPI Oz Collection - Photos & Swatches!

Hello hello! Here's another OPI post for you, today showcasing the full Oz Collection by OPI for their 2013 Soft Shades. I was quite surprised that OPI decided to collaborate with the Oz film for their Soft Shades this year. Looking at the previews and the urban Decay Oz palettes, you'd think they would have done Oz for their Spring collection with tons of brights and bolds and something else for Soft Shades. They have collaborated with a couple of films in the past for the Spring, but I guess they really wanted to stick with their location themed polishes this year for Spring 2013.
The Oz collection comes with 7 polishes, 3 of your typical Soft Shade colors, then 3 glitters and 1 Liquid Sand. I guess if you think about it, it's really quite different than other Soft Shade collections, since it comes with 3 glitters and an effect polish. I ended up loving this collection based off of swatches that I saw online, especially the combination of the glitters and the non-glitters. Then I saw the Liquid Sand polish and was completely convinced. The Liquid Sand that came in this collection is what convinced me that the Liquid Sand polishes were worth looking in to.
Each OPI polish retails for between $8 and $9 and can be purchased at Ulta, in store and online, as well as salons, beauty supply stores and individual retailers online.
Here are the colors:

  • Don't Burst My Bubble - really pale pink. Very bridal, and I have some suspicions that this may be close to the original OPI Bubble Bath color. The new Bubble Bath is much more pink. This is just barely pink and has a slight jelly like finish to it. Since I've been in such a neutral mood lately, I totally fell in love with this one! There are plenty of polishes on the market like this though so you probably won't want to get this if you have something similar. It's going to be as opaque as you can possibly get it at 3 coats. 
  • Glints of Glinda - slightly jelly like beige color. This is very skinetone-y. Like Barbie skin. Which sounds really gross and weird as a description of a color of a polish, but I fell like it'd be awesome for those of you that can't quite find a nude for your skintone yet. Pretty much opaque at 3 coats.
  • I Theodora You - light warm pink. It's almost a midtoned pink. It's on the sheer side but pretty much opaque at 3 coats. It's also got that slight jelly like finish.
  • Lights of Emerald City - this is a clear base with white and opalescent pieces of square glitter. Square glitter! OPI! What?? They also had a chunky glitter in almost every collection this past year! I'm so proud lol. This one is definitely made for layering, as it doesn't get fully dense and opaque in 3 coats. I feel like this would look unexpectedly neutral but jazzy layered over the 3 non-glitters in the collection. This is my favorite glitter of this collection.
  • When Monkeys Fly! - super chunky glitter in a clear base. There are really large gold pieces, that are sort of bendy. As in, they are half folded. There are also smaller pieces of holo, and holo microglitter. These glitters are a love or hate. I find that nobody is really neutral on these glitters. I personally like them and don't find them difficult like some people do. But I can see how much of a nuisance they can be. If you don't apply them correctly, they fold out and won't lie flat on your nail. This was also meant to be layered over something else as it doesn't go fully dense on the nail in 3 coats.
  • Which Witch? - very dense silver glitter. All the glitter pieces are holographic. There are medium sized hexes, small bar glitters and microglitters all mixed together to get an almost fuzzy looking holo appearance on the nail. Very cool! I could totally see somebody wearing this on it's own since it's much more dense than the other glitters were.
  • What Wizardry Is This? - liquid sand. It's a patina like gold shine in a dark bronze base. It's cool on it's own, but is really awesome when topped with a top coat! Like the other Liquid Sand polishes I have used, it dries matte. 3 coats and it's opaque, although you're going to want to wait a little between each coat so it dries down. If you don't, you may experience some dragging when applying each coat. The good news is, even with 3 coats, this polish dries really quickly so you can pretty much put it on and run out the house. That's what I did and I got no noticeable smudging. It was great! 
Have any of you found these or are planning to purchase these? What do you think? :)

Don't Burst My Bubble

Glints of Glinda

I Theodora You

Lights of Emerald City
Swatch above:
Middle column - top photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, artificial lighting. Bottom photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with flash.

When Monkeys Fly!
Swatch above:
Middle column - top photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, artificial lighting. Bottom photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with flash.

Which Witch
Swatch above:
Middle column - top photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, artificial lighting. Bottom photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with flash.

What Wizardry Is This?

Swatch above:
Middle column - top photo, no top coat. Bottom photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with top coat.
Right column - top photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with top coat.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

OPI Euro Centrale & Mariah Carey Swatches!

How many times does this happen - I say "I'm not getting anything from the collection." And then this happens. Mostly it happens with nail polish. Makeup is easier for me to say no to. But for some reason, even if I don't need it and I see pretty swatches of something, I end up caving and purchasing something. Especially if they're a lot of hype around a product.
Enter the OPI Liquid Sand colors. Originally I was totally uninterested. I talked about this in my Zoya PixieDust post - they were sort of just something I didn't want at all, something that wasn't worth the time. Then people's swatches starting coming out and they were super pretty and I just had to get them.
There is, however, a difference between these and the Milani or China Glaze textured polishes that are coming out. These and the Zoya have glitter mixed in to make them shine. The others are just flat with texture and they look cool but are not to my taste.
Along with the Liquid Sand polishes I bought I also bought one polish from Euro Centrale and one other color from the Mariah Carey collection. I splurged on the color Sprung from Mariah Carey since I saw it on a couple of people's posts on Instagram and it looked awesome. As for the Euro Centrale collection, I was SUPER excited about it all the way until it was actually released. I then saw them in person and decided I only needed one from the collection since the rest were easily matched in my collection. I do think it's a good collection for new collectors or people with few colors since it has quite a variety of colors, including a glitter, but I didn't need any :)
Each OPI color retails for between $8 and $9. You can now purchase OPI online from Ulta's website! OPI is also available in salons, beauty supply stores and in various suppliers online.

Here are the colors I purchased:
  • A Woman's Prague-ative - (Euro Centrale) rich reddish orange with a lighter amber orange glass fleck shimmer. This was opaque in 2 coats. It's super shiny after it's dry and was easy to work with. The polish wasn't too thick or thin so full opacity wasn't difficult to achieve.
  • Sprung - (Mariah Carey) reddish berry color with gold and orange rust like glass fleck shimmer. This one is formula wise very similar to A Woman's Prague-ative. It's slightly thinner, and needed three coats, but the coats definitely didn't add up to be thick and gooey like some polishes can get. This color would look awesome in the fall. Sometimes I feel like OPI releases more fall appropriate colors in the spring.
  • Can't Let Go - (Mariah Carey) grape candy colored purple glitter with bigger pieces of slightly lighter purple glitter. This is one of the Liquid Sand polishes. There were 4 in total and I only purchased this one and the blue one, Get Your Number. The formula of this was great. 3 coats and you get a good coverage of the polish. You should wait a littler longer than you'd usually wait between coats of polish because the texture of this polish is much more gritty than a regular polish, obviously, so if you don't wait you'll get a little bit of dragging when applying new coats. Luckily, this polish dries fairly quickly and sets fairly quickly so you won't have to wait too long after you paint your nails. The natural finish of this polish is a matted down finish, which gives you a very grainy and sugar like finish. When topped with a top coat you'll still get the grainy texture but you'll get a little bit more shine from the polish and a little bit more sparkle.
  • Get Your Number - (Mariah Carey) blue raspberry candy colored blue glitter with pieces of slightly larger holo glitter as well. The formula of this is the same as the purple, although this one looks a little bit more gel like on the nail after it dries. Well, as gel like as these matte drying liquid sands can look. It really does look like a candy on your nails. Love!
Photos below! Have any of you bought any of these polishes? What do you think?

A Woman's Prague-ative


Can't Let Go
Swatch above:
Middle column - top photo, staggered, no top coat. Bottom photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with top coat.
Right column - top photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with top coat.

Get Your Number
Swatch above:
Middle column - top photo, staggered, no top coat. Bottom photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with top coat.
Right column - top photo, staggered, with no top coat.

Monday, March 11, 2013

50 Random Facts!


Zoya PixieDust Photos & Swatches!

I have the first of a few Spring 2013 collections for you today! In general, I honestly wasn't too excited about a lot of the mainstream Spring releases this year, especially in the polish department. So many of the indie brands have impressed me so much that I sort of just didn't care what the mainstream brands were doing because they were just "blah". 
However, this year's big trend, the Liquid Sand/PixieDust trend caught my eye because of this collection. OPI just released their own Liquid Sand polishes with the Mariah Carey collection. When they first released, I wasn't impressed at all. It took me about 3 weeks of looking through swatches to even consider any of the polishes in that collection. Then I saw them in person at a local supply store and got sort of interested. Then I finally cracked about a month after the release and bought a few. The real turning point was the Liquid Sand polish that was released with the OPI Oz collection. I'll have swatches and photos of all the recent OPI I've purchased up in a day or so, I just need to crop them all up :)
Getting back to Zoya, I saw swatches of these online and I was much much more interested in these over the OPI because of the sugar like sparkle that was part of the formula. There are 6 colors in the current PixieDust collection, but good news, Zoya just announced that they'll be releasing 6 more in the summer in brighter colors.
Of all the textured polishes that have come out so far (Milani has some, JulieG will release some, as will China Glaze), these and the OPI have been my favorite because of the added sparkle dimension. The Milani and China Glaze ones are matted out and just look like textured paint on your nails vs. a sugar coating, if that makes any sense.
OPI is also to release a new collection in the summer with more new Liquid Sand.
As for the concept, I like these but I hope it doesn't go as big as Crackle did or the Magentic polishes did. I think a few brands releasing quality items in the two finishes is enough. This is mostly coming from a practical standpoint because reflecting on my collection right now, I have about 20 crackle polishes going unused and just drying out. I have fewer magnetic polishes, but I'm ok with them because I can also just wear them on their own as metallic polishes. 
The Zoya PixieDust collection can be bought at Ulta as well as Zoya's online store. If you purchase from Zoya online, you can purchase the set for $54 or just pay individually for each polish at $9. I bought it as a set (even though I didn't save anything) because it came in a box that I'll use when I inevitably have to move all my polishes.
This is what Zoya has to say about the PixieDust Collection:

Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish Collection

Infused with magic and wonder! The latest "must-have" nail polish finish - textured, matte and sparkling! This newly developed formula is sure to captivate with a magical sparkle and sugary finish like no other. The color experts at Zoya have created six, long-wearing stunners for the introduction of this enchanting look.

IMPORTANT PixieDust Application Information -  Do not use a base coat or top coat. Apply 1-3 (for full coverage) thin coats of polish. Allow product to dry down completely matte in between layers for full textured effect. The PixieDust textured formula may take up to 10 minutes to dry completely matte. Once dry, the textured finish is long lasting, matte and ultra-glittery!
Here are the colors:
  • Dahlia - black sparkly sand. Looks very sky like when dried down. 
  • Chyna - classic red sparkly sand. From far away it looks super vixeny and deep and then up close the modern twist of the texture comes through. 
  • Godiva - neutral champagne (with no shimmer) sparkly sand. This would be great for those of you that can only wear neutral colors but want something sparkly or want something updated. The shimmer is subtle from afar and gorgeous up close. 
  • Vespa - tinkerbell green sparkly sand. I swear this was made first, they named it PixieDust and just giggled about how perfect it is lol.
  • Nyx - pale periwinkle sparkly sand. This one reminds me a lot of Forget Me Nots. 
  • London - stormy gray sparkly sand. I laugh because it's called London (and it's always foggy there). 

Formula wise they all have the same shimmer, which is a like... clear? shimmer. It's very much just like sugar on the nails. The texture is gritty like sand paper when dried down. 
At 2 coats most of these were opaque. A third coat isn't necessary but you can add one if you'd like. I found the reason to add a third coat is because there were sparse spots due to dragging. This polish is pretty prone to it if you don't wait long enough between coats because of the texture.
These were slightly thicker in consistency than the OPI Liquid Sand. The OPI dried down really quickly and were thinner polishes. The Zoya weren't difficult to use, just the consistency was different and you had to pay more attention to it. 
So far I've worn the OPI on my nails for about a week and I've not had any major chipping or wear. Just some tip wear. Hopefully the Zoya will be similar. There is one thing to note though - these won't chip like a regular polish. They'll sort of break away at the edges because of the particles in the polish. 
Overall I really do like these, especially the shimmery finish. It dries down matte but if you layer a top coat you'll get a more shiny look. The texture won't go away though, so if you don't like textured polishes these are not for you.
Here are swatches! Enjoy!

Each swatch photo comes with 3 columns. Left column is the bottle. Middle column is swatches. Top of the middle column is staggered swatches (one coat, then 2 coats, then 3 coats). Bottom of the middle column is 3 coats. Left column is 3 coats under flash lighting and then a bottle close up.






NOTW: Blue & Yellow Neon! BrilliantNailBlog inspired

Wheeeeeeee here's another NOTW for you. That "Wheeee" btw, is how I'm feeling right now at work lol. Shhh don't tell anybody that I'm blogging at work :P After a super long day I've decided to just not care for a  few hours at work and do personal stuff. If you're my supervisor, and you're seeing this, sorry. But there is nobody here to help anyways, and at least I'm not playing Spider Solitaire like I usually do.
Today's NOTW post was inspired by a picture I saw online a few weeks back. I googled "neon nails" as well as "orly glowstick" because I was in the mood for something punchy during the brief (3 day) cold and rainy weather we had back in January. BrilliantNailBlog's picture of neon yellow and blue nails popped up and I knew I had to give it a try! 
For my manicure I ended up using Wet N Wild's Pin Em Slater for the neon yellow and Julep's Claire for the blue spots. The picture I referenced had Orly Glowstick and Orly Skinny Dip as the yellow and blue respectively. 
I layered the yellow over a white base so that it would come up opaque more quickly. Using a dotting tool I applied spots of Claire onto my nails. I also added a few dots of pure acetone to slightly diffuse the color in some spots. 
This manicure lasted about a week, using OPI Nail Envy as a base coat and Seche Vite as a top coat.
I absolutely LOVED this manicure, as did a few of my coworkers :)
Unfortunately neon just doesn't photograph as awesomely as I want, so the photo above isn't as glowy as it was in person. The photo below was taken with flash on my iPhone 5, and is more glow-accurate, but not quite as color accurate. 
Spoiled by Wet N Wild for CVS sells a neon yellow btw so if you can't find Orly Glowstick or the Wet N Wild I used (it was limited edition), you can always use that. Many brands make midtone blue cremes as well so this is a pretty easy manicure to recreate. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

NHL Tutorial - Washington Capitals

Long time no tutorial!
I have my second to last NHL tutorial for you today. This was based off the Washington Capitals, whose colors are red, white and blue. I had a lot of requests to use some specific products so I also used those and came up with this look. Glitter, patriotic colors - I think this is something I'd wear more to a 4th of July party or whatever, but I wore it to work a few weeks back and still got a lot of compliments on it.
The products are listed after the jump! Enjoy!