Monday, March 11, 2013

NOTW: Blue & Yellow Neon! BrilliantNailBlog inspired

Wheeeeeeee here's another NOTW for you. That "Wheeee" btw, is how I'm feeling right now at work lol. Shhh don't tell anybody that I'm blogging at work :P After a super long day I've decided to just not care for a  few hours at work and do personal stuff. If you're my supervisor, and you're seeing this, sorry. But there is nobody here to help anyways, and at least I'm not playing Spider Solitaire like I usually do.
Today's NOTW post was inspired by a picture I saw online a few weeks back. I googled "neon nails" as well as "orly glowstick" because I was in the mood for something punchy during the brief (3 day) cold and rainy weather we had back in January. BrilliantNailBlog's picture of neon yellow and blue nails popped up and I knew I had to give it a try! 
For my manicure I ended up using Wet N Wild's Pin Em Slater for the neon yellow and Julep's Claire for the blue spots. The picture I referenced had Orly Glowstick and Orly Skinny Dip as the yellow and blue respectively. 
I layered the yellow over a white base so that it would come up opaque more quickly. Using a dotting tool I applied spots of Claire onto my nails. I also added a few dots of pure acetone to slightly diffuse the color in some spots. 
This manicure lasted about a week, using OPI Nail Envy as a base coat and Seche Vite as a top coat.
I absolutely LOVED this manicure, as did a few of my coworkers :)
Unfortunately neon just doesn't photograph as awesomely as I want, so the photo above isn't as glowy as it was in person. The photo below was taken with flash on my iPhone 5, and is more glow-accurate, but not quite as color accurate. 
Spoiled by Wet N Wild for CVS sells a neon yellow btw so if you can't find Orly Glowstick or the Wet N Wild I used (it was limited edition), you can always use that. Many brands make midtone blue cremes as well so this is a pretty easy manicure to recreate. 

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