Friday, May 3, 2013

L.A. Girl 3D Effects Hologram Nail Polish Swatches - 3D Silver & Teal Dimension

Yup, still catching up on older releases, but these were too pretty not to post here.
L.A. Girl is a brand that I typically only see at Rite Aid, and they normally are one of those inexpensive drugstore brands that are like half a season behind on trends. They don't have bad quality products or anything, but a lot of time they get passed up because they're not "innovative" or super famous. They're slowly getting there though and I give them an A for effort with their new line of polishes that came out.
While browsing at the beginning of April, I saw a little display tucked away in the back because my Rite Aid was in the middle of renovating and re-organizing the store. I totally walked passed it until I stopped and realized the words "HOLOGRAPHIC" was plastered across the front of it, and did an about-face and scurried over to the display.
L.A. Girl's 3D Effects Hologram line has 6 (or 5?) colors all with a holographic glitter dispersed throughout it. There was a red, teal and purple, as well as a silver and black and possibly one more. I did some Tweeting and was told that the purple was a dupe for one of the Zoya holiday colors so I didn't pick that one up, and Eshani told me she sent me the teal, so I picked up the silver and hurried on home to play.
  • Holographic 3D Silver - clear base with a ton of silver holographic pieces of glitter. They're not uniform pieces of glitter, but more like flakey pieces of glitter. Without being a flakey. Make sense? It's got a slightly gel like texture so it's a little thick at 3 coats but you get good coverage of the silver glitter that has a pretty strong holo to it. I like it :)
  • Holographic Teal Dimension - this is a teal gel like base with teal and holo pieces of glitter. Same sort of almost flake type glitter. This one is stunning and is opaque in 2 coats.
I quite like these two polishes. They're not linear holos, but I think that L.A. Girl did a great job releasing products that aren't really that popular, finish wise, into the drugstore market.
I think these were each like $5 so they're not expensive either!
If I can find the red, I think I'll purchase it, in hopes that it's somewhat similar to Picture Polish's Monroe (new version).
What do you guys think? Do you like them?

3D Silver

Teal Dimension

Teal Dimension / 3D Silver with Flash

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