Sunday, May 12, 2013

Maybelline Summer 2013 - Color Tattoos! Waves of White & Cool Crush

Maybelline recently released their summer line of Color Tattoos and they were first spotted at Bed Bath & Beyond, so I mosied on over there and found the collection and bought the two I thought would be most unique to my collection.
There are 6 colors in the limited edition collection, and they're all multichromes :D Multichromes in makeup are always fun so I was pretty excited to play with these.
In general, the Maybelline Color Tattoo formula is great - crease proof for drier eyelids (I have to use a primer but I have incredibly oily lids) and they set all day. They're creamy and don't dry out in the pot too quickly, which is always a plus.

  • Cool Crush - cool slightly purpled blue with a silver sheen at some lights, then a bright blue in others and sometimes even a pink. When swatched, the blue shimmer comes through really well. 
  • Waves of White - shimmery white base with a bright minty shimmer at one angle and almost a purpley pink in another.
I swatched both of these at different angles so you can hopefully see the full effect of the multichrome.
They're really pretty in person - I definitely recommend at least going and looking at them in person (through the packaging of course!) before ruling them out :)
They were both about $5 each at Bed Bath & Beyond but will probably retail closer to $6 or $7 at drugstores like CVS. 

 Cool Crush

Waves of White

Waves of White (Top) Cool Crush (Bottom) w/ Flash

Waves of White (Top) Cool Crush (Bottom) w/ natural light at an agle

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