Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zoya Summer Pixie Dust Swatches!

Sorry this post is so late - I've been busy this past week finishing up some things for school and then there were a bunch of birthdays and such :)
Today I have the entire Summer Pixie Dust set from Zoya. There are 6 colors, like the original release but all in brighter bolder colors perfect for the upcoming season.
The formula is like the rest of the liquid sand/pixie dust effect polishes out there. They're opaque in 2 coats and dry to a matte but super glittery texture on the nail. I've found that the Zoya polishes have a slightly larger grain to them - they're not as finely textured as the OPI or Julie G ones I've previously posted about.
Here are the colors:

  • Destiny - orange red base with gold sparkle. The gold sparkle gives it sort of a peach type look to it. It's very, very similar to OPI Jinx and Julie G Sugar Rush. OPI Jinx is slightly more pink. Julie G Sugar Rush has a slightly smaller grain.
  • Beatrix - light tangerine orange base with a gold sparkle. This is really really similar to Julie G Tangerine Dream, but maybe slightly more orange.
  • Solange - lighter sunshine yellow with a gold sparkle. Sunshine in a bottle :D :D :D It's very very pretty :) This is probably the favorite of the bunch for me.
  • Miranda - magenta pink with a pink shimmer. This one is the closest to the recently released OPI Minnie Mouse texture polish (which I will not be purchasing), although I think this one is more pink than the OPI is. It's not my favorite, but serves as the pink option for all the texture polishes available. 
  • Stevie - light lilac lavender tone with a silver sparkle. The silver in this is very bright and makes it look really beautiful. It's really quite fairy like and delicate looking when painted on.
  • Liberty - bold cerulean blue with a blue shimmer. It's so so pretty! It's slightly darker than the OPI Mariah Carey blue texture and it doesn't have the extra pieces of glitter mixed in. This one is great for those of you that like blues, although there are a LOT of blue options in this finish out there.

Currently you can purchase the colors on Zoya's website, and they retail for $9 each. You can buy the set for $54, so there isn't a discount, but they come in a nice box that, from a collector's point of view, is nice to have.


Top - OPI Jinx
Bottom - Zoya Destiny

Left Top - OPI Jinx
Left Bottom - Zoya Destiny
Right - Julie G Sugar Rush


Left - Beatrix
Right - Tangerine G