Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pssssst! Good reading ahead!

Before I get back into beauty blogging, I just wanted to give you all an FYI!
The male love of my life, one of my best friends from high school, made a blog :D He's the sassiest and most fabulous person I know, so go check it outtttttttt! 
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Favorite Blue Nail Polishes :)


p.s. sorry i've been MIA recently! i've had a lot of personal and work stuff i've had to deal with - i'm trying to get back into the groove of everything though - new posts will be up soon!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chirality Polish Swatches: Holographic Polishes - Apollonia, Cu2+, Kale, Katydid, Quarks

Today I have another bunch of Chirality polishes for you. Just as a recap, I first heard of Chirality because of Radha, when I was searching for ALL the holographic nail polishes. Which I still am lol. But still, I had wanted some really unique holos and Radha pretty much yelled at me through the internet to purchase them.
I purchased 5 holos in fairly unique colors. The formula for them were amazing - they were all super opaque and easy to paint. They're opaque in 2 coats and have a really rich base to them so the holo jumps out of it really quite nicely.
  • Apollonia - Royal purple. It almost looks velvety with the holo sprinkled in. I love this shade of purple and the closest to this I can think of is A-England's Lady of the Lake, but it's a different type of purple in the base. It's slightly bluer than Apollonia.
  • Cu2+ - Rich teal that ends up looking really deep on the nail when layered, again because of the holo. This is one of those colors that I originally bought JUST because it's teal, but then was so, SO glad I did because it's so pretty!
  • Kale - Darker earthy green, which is the perfect kale-chip sort of color. It's one of those "pretty ugly" colors that you'd never think to wear, because of it's slightly browned tint to the green, but it applies beautifully and the holo gives it just that extra push to make it super unique and wearable. 
  • Katydid - Bright insect green, again perfect for the name. It's sort of got a green apple candy tone. There's a springyness in the color, which I think is partially because it's just the slightest bit less rich of a base, making it just ever so slightly jelly like. It's also really quite perfect for the name, formula wise, because insects tend to be less opaque. If you get that lol.
  • Quarks - Rich blue toned purple which again looks almost velvety because of the base color and the holo. This color sits right in between A-England's Lady of the Lake and Tristam, color wise. In some lights it looks really quite blue and in some it looks almost completely purple. 
Chirality polishes can be purchased on their site, and the holos retail for $8 a bottle. The bottles I have are the old packaging, by the way, and they now come in round bottles with smaller black caps.