Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ninja Polish Divinity - Photos & Swatches!

Hello, hello!
Today I have swatches of the Ninja Polish color called Divinity. I believe Ninja Polish first started as an etailer for indie polishes and overseas brands and then took over the creation of colors like Floam. They also started making a bunch of colors with that multi-shift shimmer that's become really popular and in-demand since Max Factor's Fantasy Fire came on the scene.
I only own one of these since they seem to be out of stock whenever I'm browsing Ninja Polish, which to be honest, is NOT as much as I browse Llarowe or Harlow & Co.
Divinity is a purple red jelly base with a shimmer that shifts from a reddish orange to a greenish blue. The strongest color to come out of the shimmer is definitely the red - in certain angles and lighting it looks just like a shimmery red with a little bit of a purple undertone, which is most notably seen in the edges of the nail. But in other lights the green flashes very strong, especially in the bottle:
It's base keeps it from being a super opaque color, but for me I reached a good color opacity at 3 coats. Most of these sort of polishes have that same sort of formula - naturally on the sheer side because of it's somewhat jelly like texture. I say "somewhat" because it's not a fully jelly, it feels more like a shimmer when you apply it, it's just super sheer.
For the swatches I have three coats of the polish on each nail with no top coat.
This polish is available on Ninja Polish's website and retails for $11.
What do you guys think of these types of polishes? Do you like this finish or prefer a different one? Or do you wish more companies made polishes with this type of shimmer?
Indoors, Fluorescent lighting

Indoors, Natural lighting

Indoors, Flash

Indoors, Natural lighting

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  1. Wow, what a pretty finish. I'm not even a huge fan of dark shades on me, but this is just stunning