Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I don't know if you all remember, but when I did my Turquoise Nail Art Manicure a while back, I mentioned this. But today, a line was crossed and I'm pissed. I don't usually do these types of posts because well, I sort of hate doing them, but this has to be said.
To start with, I fancy myself a fairly loyal person. I find favorites, and I stick to them. I've used the same base and top coat for about 2 years. I've used the same face cleanser for 5 years. And MrCandiiPants happens to be one of my favorite nail art bloggers, and I will ALWAYS look to her for inspiration.
I've actually recreated a few MrCandiiPants tutorials, through videos and NOTW posts, so you're probably familiar with her at this point. She's the original designer behind those really pretty flower manis that you see above.
Today, however, a prominent YouTuber named MissJenFabulous took it too far and enough is enough.
MissJenFabulous calls herself a YouTube Beauty Guru and has a full playlist of "Beginner Nail Art" videos. Now, previously she's made some obviously similar nail art designs on her channel to other prominent nail art bloggers. Take a look at a screenshot from @JessFace90x's instagram:

Not only are there multiple manicures that MissJenFabulous has posted and called her own but also the corresponding original designs so you can see just how "creative" Jen is. AKA, she's not. She's stolen dozens of designs from people like Chalkboard Nails and CutePolish and never credits. What makes it worse is that she even won recognition from magazines for stolen ideas.
Today though, she posted a new "nail art for beginners" video in which she BLATANTLY steals MrCandiiPants' design. I'm saying this is more blatant than others because MrCandiiPants' design is so unique and so clearly hers that Jenny passing it off as her own is just absolutely ridiculous. The only time she even comes close to crediting the design is when she says "it's no wonder the design is so popular online." THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH. What Jenny did was copy this design from MrCandiiPants:


Everybody online knows that his is HER design. She's been posting this design for over a year and has been doing recreations and variations of this design for at least a year. This particular mani is from 19 weeks ago, but her very first Instagram photo of this design is from 70 weeks ago. 70 WEEKS AGO. 70. That's 490 DAYS AGO.
Since then, Chalkboard Nails has really been the only popular nail blogger to recreate this design that I've seen, although I'm sure there are more:

And look, SHE CREDITS! Is it that hard? Apparently it is.
Since Chalboard Nails did this manicure, 30 Weeks ago as you can see in the date stamp in the top right corner, I even did my own version of this manicure but linked straight back to MrCandiiPants and Chalboard Nails:

I posted this video in May of 2013. And look, a link to Chalboard nails and MrCandiiPants' Youtube Channel.
MissJenFabulous is CLEARLY not the original designer, as you can see from the 3 photos above. Today though, she posted this on her Instagram, which is about her new YouTube video:

I saw this photo in my feed and decided to comment. Going back to the whole "I'm Loyal" thing, I was LIVID when I saw this. I knew immediately that this was a MrCandiiPants design and I also knew immediately that she wouldn't be credited in MissJenFabulous's design. I commented as nicely as possible though, as you can see my name at the bottom of that photo.
Within 2 minutes of that photo being posted, my comment was deleted. A different user actually replied to me and said "I thought so too!" and her comment was deleted as well. We were both blocked by MissJenFabulous and thus she became dead to me. I instantly unsubscribed. I instantly flagged that video for fraud, because that's what it is.
She's a fraud. She's completely a lying fake and I'm done. The world needs to know. You know, those other manicures were kind of different, and you could say she was "inspired" by those other nail artists. Even if "inspired" is a loose term. This though? This is ridiculous because there's no "inspired" with this manicure. Either you do it, or you don't. And she stole this idea from MrCandiiPants, and is now making money off of it because of her 300,000+ subscribers and 100,000+ followers on Instagram.
If you want more information on other manicures she's stolen, here's a full blog post by my friend Zenorah. You can not steal from one of my favorite people on the internet and NOT expect to have some consequences.
I URGE all of you to flag her videos where she's stolen designs and mark them as fraud. She's lying to everybody and will continue to steal from true artists unless something is done.
Moral of the story is, don't steal folks. Credit. No matter what, credit. It's not difficult and people wont' dislike you for crediting. In fact, they'll respect you more. Also, don't take weird internet photos of yourself in your underwear like Jenny did because it will come back to bite you in the ass. Yeah, I said it. See you in hell, Jenny - I look forward to ripping out your nails because you're a filthy nail art stealer.


  1. I agree with you, that's enough!! She also stole one of my Halloween designs I did back in 2011, she made a video in 2012 claiming it was her idea. I'm sorry, but I will post the link to my nails and her video. Her video: My mani:

  2. OKay... I came here looking for swatches of the Revlon Matte&Lacquer balms and I found this post and I have to say...

    A-FREAKING-MEN! AMEN! You have a new follower... I used to watch Jen too, because she actually did do really great nail tutorials, little did I know at the time they were stolen works of art! She became dead to me a loooong time ago back in May of 2012 when I caught her stealing some adorable polka dot nails that The Beauty Department featured (and omgwtf CREDITED) here:

    She not only took one of the designs, but she didn't even bother to come up with an original color combination, which is one of the striking features of the manicure (and people complimented her choices in the YT comments)
    Scene of the crime:

    I was like you and, very politely of course, commented that I had seen the exact design elsewhere and she would be wise to give a little credit where it was due. It should come as no surprise that my comment was not approved by MissJenFraudulous...

    She has absolutely NOTHING to lose by letting people know that she saw the ideas elsewhere, LOVED them, and had to recreate them. But NO. She has to be a ****ing liar and sell the manicures as her own creative genius. I hate her. And no that isn't too harsh. She's awful. I would wish upon her that somebody would steal one of HER ideas so she could see how it felt, but she has no ideas of her own for anyone to steal.

  3. aaand your about me contains the word hockey... *subbed

  4. Omg! I think that I was the one that commented after you! I was so floored that she blocked me over saying "I thought so too" in no way shape or form being mean about just simply stating a fact. I love Candice and her channel too! She sucks! She shouldnt be stealing! She will get what's coming to her!

  5. YOU GO. MissJenFabulous is the worst. I'm blocked from commenting on her IG and youtube because I went though giving credit to everyone's ideas that SHE STOLE. I fully support the takedown of this greedy, ethic-less woman.

  6. I just ventured to your blog for the first time for these posts (and I have to say, I chuckled a bit when I saw pictures of my cats in that instagram screen shot). She frustrates me beyond belief. She used the exact same color palette as Chalkboardnails' interpretiation of Mrcandiipants. She could have even credited Chalkboardnails, and because Chalkboardnails is honest, there would have been a trail of links back to Mrcandiipants. I can't imagine coming up with something unique, that your proud enough of to post on the internet, and then watch someone with a much larger following rip it off and get compliments and recognition for it with no shred of recognition yourself. ughhhhhh

  7. I honestly don't know if this is going too far, but I'll say it anyway. If there is the slightest, remote, teensiest chance that someone actually filed a copyright on one (or some or all) of their designs, and she stole it, would there be a possibility that someone could actually post a copyright claim on her video(s)? I'm only wondering because I'd been considering putting up some of my tutorials on the Tube, but since reading this, it makes me think twice. Sure, I have pictures posted elsewhere -- and I hope she never sees them -- but they're only pictures, they don't show just how I got to the end result.

    1. her beginner tutorial no6 has been removed from youtube after someone made a copyright complaint it's just that for her to have true consequences coming to her all nail artists that have been stolen from need to file complaints against her and some ppl don't

    2. No6 is still on there when I went to look

  8. I posted on her instagram "Why don't you ever give credit to the creators of the design in your videos or photos?". She deleted the comment and blocked me on instagram the same day. So sad.

  9. What angers me the most about Jenny is that when I was a newbie to the nail community, I copied one of "her" designs and then gave her credit on my Instagram. Little did I know that it wasn't hers at all, and when I found out, I was mortified. I posted a comment on her website telling her I was pissed because not only was she a thief, but she had made me a thief, too, because I didn't credit the original designer! Of course, my comment never made it out of moderation, but I get some satisfaction in at least knowing she saw it. MissJenFabulous my ass.

  10. Her latest video, nail art for beginners 11 design 2, features one of my designs that I posted four months ago on IG. (RebekkahJay619 is my username on IG, for those wondering.). I had heard of her stealing designs but honestly I didn't think she was really doing it or that it mattered but I should've woken up a long time ago. When I commented on her IG saying "Funny how this looks like the picture I posted...four months ago..." she came back with 'Funny ive never seen your account or know who you are"..considering that she's liked my pictures in the past? Yeah, bull.

  11. At first, I really did love her. I'm not going to lie. But then I saw Zenorah's video and almost screamed. Because if there's one thing I hate, it's broccoli. And what I hate the second most, is LIARS!!!!! I mean, I'm not going to lie. if you look on her page, all of that nail art on there is AMAZING and freaking detailed, all while being easy! But it's not hers. So lets take a moment to think about how much time and dedication it must have taken for the original creator work on such a beautiful and amazing design, and only to have it STOLEN FROM THEM! And she won't tell the truth! It just makes me so mad! Oh, and by the way, I'm gonna put a link at the end of this comment, where the girl says, and I quote, "SO many rude comments on my new video!!! If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all." I'd just like to pop in here right now and say these people may not be saying nice things, but they are saying the right thing. Now, while I'm not entirely sure what video she's talking about, just take a look at one of the comments where one of her followers says that she can't believe that some people think that this copied from JulieG. But let's face it. After all this girl's done, they're probably right. Let's continue. "DAMN, what kind of mothers raised these ppl?! *end rant*" Well Jen, I don't know what kind of horrible, cruel mothers raised these people to believe in what they think is right and stand up for others that have been wronged, but I DO know that YOUR mother didn't know how to spell people.