Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hard Candy High Maintenance Eyeshadow Duo - Swatches & Review!

Hard Candy is not a brand I'm super familiar with. I've heard of it, and seen a lot of people use and review their products, but they're not accessible to me so I rarely purchase them. In fact, this is the only Hard Candy product I've recently bought. I think the other products I have from them I bought in high school, when they were randomly easy to find.
This baked shadow duo is a product I've had on my wishlist for a long time, because Amarixe used to use this in her videos all the time. Way back in the early stages of her channel. It always looked so gorgeous on her so I wanted to try out how it'd fair on me. Since I could never get my hands on it in person, it just took a back seat to all the other wishlist items I had until I finally cracked and did a big Walmart online purchase back in August.
The duo comes with a champagne and a mushroom brown, almost taupe, in a shimmery finish. The product comes in a small compact like package, the actual shadow is domed and about an inch and a half wide. So it comes with a fair amount of product. I'd say its slightly smaller than a Mac baked shadow.
Formula-wise, it's not super soft, like some baked shadows, but not hard and chalky either. The closest consistency I have would be the Sephora baked moonshadows. This do is less glittery than the Sephora but gives off a similar effect - it looks very shimmery on the eye but it's light. The product doesn't go on too heavily so it's easy to build up. The champagne side has more color payoff for me than the darker side, but neither are bad.
The light side is very similar to that light sparkle that Victoria's Secret Angels all have. The darker color looks like a lid color that Emily from Pretty Little Liars used to wear all through seasons 1 and 2. Both are pretty people friendly - they're pretty easily useable as a duo through the spectrum of skin tones.
This is a great everyday duo and is pretty travel friendly because it comes with a good lid and crease color, or highlight and lid depending on your skin type or what type of look you're going for. The champagne can also double as a face highlight, and the surface area is large enough for a tapered highlighting brush to swirl over.
Each Hard Candy duo is $6 each at Walmart, and you can purchase them in store or online.
Have you guys tried Hard Candy? Any must-haves in their line?


  1. hard candy is a really fun, cheap, and cruelty free brand! I've tried quite a few things, but not their baked shadows! I guess I know what I'm picking up when I head over to wal mart ;)

  2. I have never tried any Hard Candy products, simply because they aren't available to me at the moment... but that baked eyeshadow is really super pretty! Gorgeous colors! :)