Saturday, December 21, 2013

KeshiaLilly - MissJenFabulous' Newest Victim (STOP THE STEALING, SPREAD THE WORD)

Hi guys. I have another not-so-pleasant post for you all, but I have to do it. I have to. Because it's something that I will continue to fight for, every time I get reminded of it. 
Meet KeshiaLilly (Go follow her! She's super sweet and has awesome nails!). Yesterday she tweeted me about the post I previously did on MissJenFabulous being the worst offender of theft in the nail art community. After talking to her, she let me know it's because Jen stole some of her artwork, and boy did it make me mad. I know as long as no actual punishment goes Jen's way, she's not going to stop, but it really does bother me every time I get told of her actions. It's just simply not fair to those nail artists, who inspire me everyday, and who create these beautiful designs, to not only have their ideas stolen but for Jen to treat them so childishly.
Here's KeshiaLilly's Story:
Keshia, last year during the holidays, made this super cute Santa hat nail design and posted a pictorial of it. It was so popular that this year, she decided to post a YouTube tutorial for it, along with the pictorial she created last year. Here is the Tutorial she posted, 2 days ago:
Also, here's a picture she posted 4 days ago of the design. She states here that she is going to post a tutorial for it. Regardless, she posted the tutorial 2 days ago, on December 19th. 

And here's where we encounter the problem: 
MissJenFabulous (who blocked me on Instagram, remember?) posted this picture late yesterday, and KeshiaLilly took a screepcap of it and posted it on Instagram. MissJenFabulous posted a tutorial for basically the exact same design, but is not crediting Keshia for anything, as she should be. You can also see that Jen posted her video a day after Keshia did hers. 

And in pure Jen fashion, she decided to block Keshia for calling her out, as well as others who commented, and denied all knowledge of other people's tutorials.
I'm posting about this again, with picture evidence, because it's a problem. And it really shouldn't BE a problem. Crediting is not a difficult thing to do, and there is NO SHAME in NOT being the original creator of a design. If you like a design, it's ok to link back to the original creator. It's in fact better for everybody because each person can benefit from the post.
MissJenFabulous however thinks she's above all that and thinks that it's OK to steal people's original creations, and she's spreading this attitude every time she posts a video. She's taking so much credit away from people, and then has the balls to call them out and say they're stealing from her. It's absolutely ludicrous and people need to know the truth.
I will also like to mention that since my last post on this blog and on Instagram, I have gotten comments from a handful of people saying "but Jen did it better." THAT DOESN'T MATTER. It doesn't matter how well you do something. It's still stealing. If I paint a better version of the Mona Lisa, the Mona Lisa is still NOT mine. If I write a better version of Harry Potter (which is like impossible, btw) it is still NOT mine. If I build a better version of the Statue of Liberty, it is still NOT mine. If I sing a better version of anything on Glee, it is still NOT mine, NOR IS IT GLEE'S. The songs, statutes, paintings, books, and NAIL ART BELONG TO THE ORIGINAL CREATOR.
Credit needs to be given to those who take the time to create these designs. Credit needs to be given if you see something and mimic it, recreate it, and incorporate elements of something. Credit needs to be given if you copy techniques. Credit needs to be given if you find something that inspires you, even, and you do your own twist on it. And honestly, even if you think you may not need credit, what is the harm in just giving credit to somebody somewhere anyways?
It's not that difficult and it needs to be the norm on the internet.
Also know that Keshia and Candice (MrCandiiPants) are NOT the first 2 to be fucked over by MissJenFabulous. She has done this countless times to the greats like Chalkboard Nails, Wicked Polish, and even CutePolish on YouTube. She's done this to so many people and continues to block, delete, and ignore everybody that may even mention it.
Candice, who I will always support, along with all nail artists online, actually posted a video in which she states ALL THE CIRCUMSTANCES WHEN YOU NEED TO GIVE CREDIT:
I urge you all to watch this, because it's important. The more people know, the better. She can NOT continue to brainwash the half a million subscribers she has, and let them think that these practices are ok. It's not ok. 


  1. this is so disgusting. i had no idea she did this, but i'm glad i know now! i will stop supporting her with views and likes on instagram. she needs to stop this crap. i hope more and more people see that she is stealing!

  2. This is getting on my nerves. As a blogger myself I would HATE if people stole my work. I always make sure to link back to the people that inspire me. That is the only right thing to do. It´s basic knowledge to do that.. at least I think it is. I have unsubbed to Jen cause there is no way that I will support stuff like this :/
    Im a new subbie of your blog though :)

  3. She's hosting another giveaway to flush out her hashtag, but IG@cantdenyproof is doing an awesome job putting proof on top!

  4. I'd just like to point out that cutepolish's designs are mostly copies too

  5. everyone "steals" nail art designs and makes them their own! Keisha did not come up with this hat design herself it has been doe in the past before keshia. a friend of mine had this same design 3 years ago that she had gotten done at a nail salon. so in truth no nail art designs are really original and something that they thought of. however I do think that if missjenNOTSOFABULOUS is going to use another persons designs that she needs to credit the person even if she is changing it up a bit.. hell I can say I came up with the idea of water marble and get upset cuz other people are now doing it.

  6. She has a store now where she sells jewelry, some she says she made, some she says is stuff she hand-picked. It isn't really clear on which is handmade & which isn't on the site, at least IMO. It's basically all costume jewelry (some with Swarovski crystals-oooh, big deal :/), a lot of it kind of expensive for what it is. Anyway, I noticed that a lot of the pieces looked very, very familiar. Well, I found out why-there's a site I shop on sometimes called aliexpress that's sort of like Amazon, but the sellers are all from China mostly,& the stuff is super inexpensive. Some of the stuff I recognized from her site, of course though for MUCH less money. I suppose it's not a big deal I guess, as buying & reselling at a higher price is done all the time, but I guess what just doesn't sit well with me is it's like she's trying to make it out like it's 'luxury' costume jewelry that you'd get at a department store. At least that's the vibe I get. And all the while a lot of it goes for $3 & that's with shipping included on other sites. If it's not aliexpress/alibaba per se, then it's a similar type of site where it's sellers from Asia selling things for very inexpensive.

  7. Love the original super cute and pretty. Jens recreation doesn't stand even close.