Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NOTW: Purple Jelly Sandwich inspired by MissHollyBerries

So Holly is one of the people I turn to whenever I get jelly polishes. I always go through her blog and videos because she had a whole video on jelly sandwich manicures, and also comes up with amazing combinations for jellies! After she posted her jelly sandwich combo video, I got completely inspired and had to go dig through my stash to get all my jellies out and do my nails. 
If you're wondering what "jelly sandwich" means, its when you layer different glitters in-between two layers of polish, the base can be almost anything, but the top has to be a jelly so you can see through it. The effect is a translucent glitter mani that's super fun and awesome. 
I also recently saw on AllLacqueredUp that gradients with jellies look amazing as well, so I combined those two features and came up with this mani.
Purple and gold is one of my favorite color combos so I stuck with that theme. On my middle and ring fingers I applied two coats of Orly's Rage, which is a beautiful rose gold foil. On top of that I made a gradient of purple jelly, using Julep's Candy, which is a very sheer grape candy color. Since it's so sheer, it's very gradient friendly. However at the tip of my nail it got pretty thick at 5 coats. Also you can see the bubbles coming through because I didn't give each layer proper drying time. When I did this manicure, it was back in September, so we still had a summer heat wave going, which didn't help things. I loved this color combo though and loved the jelly gradient over the foil.
For my index and pinkie fingers I wanted a classic glittery jelly sandwich look so I first used a coat of Sally Hansen DVD, which was my favorite from their HD Collection. It's an amazing blue to purple shifty shimmer in a jelly base. I added a coat of OPI Crown Me Already, then another coat of DVD and topped it off with one sheer coat of Julep Candy.
I personally don't mind 4 to 5 coats of polish on my nails, so I'm pretty OK with this amount of layering. If you're not a fan of that, using a creme base, a single coat of glitter then a coat of a jelly will create a pretty awesome jelly sandwich look with minimal polish on your nails.
If you're looking for Jelly polishes, Zoya makes a few, as well as Nfu Oh. Nfu Oh actually makes pretty much every color under the sun in a jelly formula, as part of their Jelly Syrup series. You can also randomly find them in other brands - primary reds and blues are often in jelly formulas and you may not even realize it. 
Do you have any jelly combos you think I should try?


  1. I love the gradient look! I'll have to start playing around with jelly polishes!

  2. Please do a tutorial on the purple and gold gradient! <3

  3. ohmygosh... my eyes. My heart! You know purple is my thing! This is gorgeous! the purple and gold... just stunning!

  4. It reminds me of space and stars and sunset and it is such a pretty manicure!