Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Summer 2013 - OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sands Swatches & Review

I have the first (and probably one of my favorite, of all time) Summer 2013 post for you all today, and it's the OPI Bond Girls collection.
The press release for this came out probably about 6 weeks ago, right when I started to like the OPI Liquid Sands. This collection definitely helped that cause because it's based off of 6 Bond girls. 
You all know how much I LOVE James Bond, and so this collection was such a no brainer for me to purchase. Bond girls are eternal - they're beautiful, sassy, and yes, their image is totally sexist but you can't help but love them. They're timeless and are going to be forever remembered.
OPI chose to feature 6 girls, two modern ones and 4 classic ones.
  • Honey Ryder (Dr. No, Ursula Andress) - pale metallic gold base with pieces of gold glitter dispersed throughout it. The metallic base gives it sort of a metallic leather like finish along with the sand like finish. 
  • Jinx (Die Another Day, Halle Berry) - warm reddish orange base with a ton of gold glitter. This one has a more sugar crystal like finish, rather than a metallic finish. 
  • Pussy Galore (Goldfinger, Honor Blackman) - frosty cupcake pink base with pink shimmer. So pretty in person, especially in the sun!
  • Solitaire (Live and Let Die, Jane Seymour) - frosty white base with a silver glitter. This will look amazing on tanner skin tones. It was another, along with Pussy Galore that I didn't think I'd like, but was definitely a surprise when seeing it in the sun.
  • Tiffany Case (Diamonds Are Forever, Jill St. John) - bright blue glitter base with silver and blue glitter dispersed throughout it. Just a warning, this does stain the nails!
  • Vesper (Casino Royale, Eva Green) - this is a dark inky purple base with a black matte glitter. It's got more of a finish that's similar to the non-glitter colors by China Glaze and Milani that are also textures. This one is definitely much prettier though because of the black glitter. 

Formula wise I was able to get full opacity at 2 coats with each of these. Pussy Galore was the "sheerest" but if you use slightly thicker coats, it will cover the nail in 2 coats. Vesper definitely looks different with 2 and 3 coats - 2 coats it looks more purple, 3 coats it looks more brown. It's not sheer though at 2 coats, so you can choose how purple you want your nails to look, which is nice. These all dried to the touch within minutes, and I've been able to go do "stuff" (cleaning, dishes, go through my purse) after 5 minutes with no negative outcome to my nails. The OPI Liquid Sand formula has lasted on my nails really well each time I've used them. They don't chip and they don't budge at all.
OPI suggests not using a base coat or top coat, to preserve the finish that it's intended to have. I use a base coat and it works fine. These eat top coat, so while you get a glossy shine with top coat, you definitely will still have texture to your nails.
Since you don't need top coat, this makes these products great for the quick mani before you rush out the door. I've definitely slapped this on RIGHT before bed and RIGHT before leaving for school at 6 in the morning and have never had to worry about the state of my nails. It's almost better than the matte polish because these (at least for me) set faster. So although it's definitely a kitschy trend that won't last longer than a year, I currently take full advantage of this formula of polish and paint it on so I don't have to go naked to school or work the next day.
Each polish retails for $9. You can purchase them now at Ulta and Ulta online, and I think the official release for these is the first week of May. Salons, beauty supply stores and etailers should have them by then.
Will you be picking any of these up? Do you like the trend??
Photos and Swatches are down below, along with pics of each Bond Girl, and my video review :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

NOTW: Autism Awareness #2 - Ombre Blue Holo

This is my second Autism Awareness mani and it's a blue holo ombre :)
By the way, I have about 5 other NOTWs that I hadn't posted before these April ones, but I wanted to get these up on time so they'd be appropriately posted.
I got in the mood for the ombre look on my nails recently. Not on each individual nail, but ombre as a whole on my hand. I definitely wanted to do it with blue, as I had a purple one on my nails earlier (which I'll post soon I promise!), and I definitely wanted something holo, so I went into my holo drawer and picked out my favorite blue holo polishes.
Here are the colors I picked:

  • Thumb: Nail Nation 3000 #11 Max-A-Million - really pale light blue with a strong linear holo
  • Index: China Glaze 2Nite - cool medium blue linear holo
  • Middle: Jindie Nails Blue Ivy - bright medium blue holo with a very slight almost linear scattered holo
  • Ring: Hits No Olimpo Apolo - deep blue almost linear scattered holo. 
  • Pinky: Chirality Polish Quarks - dark navy/purple almost linear scattered holo.
I loved the range of color in this mani, but also the degree of holo in each nail. If you may have noticed, some of those brands are new to my collection, and yes, I will be posting swatches of them!
Aside from the China Glaze, the rest are pretty readily available on Indie stockists such as Llarowe, Harlow & Co, Mei Mei Signatures, or directly off of their own store, like Chirality.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

NOTW: Autism Awareness #1 - Periwinkle Blue Jelly Sandwich

If you didn't know, April is Autism Awareness month. I personally know a few people with Autism and I thought it was a good cause to bring attention to.
At the very beginning of April, I had a very strong want to find the perfect jelly periwinkle color. Long story short, after browsing Pinterest for years, I started thinking about my future wedding and the nails I want and I came to the decision that I wanted something very inspired by Forget-Me-Nots, which are one of my favorite flowers.
After searching Google for an hour, I couldn't find any jelly formulas in the perfect periwinkle color so I sort of just gave up. Eshani then told me one day that Nfu Oh was discontinuing some flakies, so I headed over to their site to order some. I didn't order any of those, but I did end up on their other collections and found the Jelly Syrup collection. They have EVERY color under the rainbow and I was so excited to see they had periwinkle! I couldn't find any swatches really online aside from the provided ones on the site, so I bit the bullet, bought some and am very glad I did.
Nfu Oh JS14 is a perfect forget-me-not blue - it's a slightly purple toned medium blue. The finish is truly jelly - at three coats it's very glossy and still somewhat translucent. The picture below is more color accurate.
For the Jelly Sandwich part of this NOW, I used OPI's Pirouette My Whistle and Deborah Lippmann's Boom Boom Pow. The very bottom picture is the glitter before I added the final coat of jelly polish on top. 
The Top Coat I used was Julep's Freedom Top Coat (new fave!) and I used OPI's Nail Envy as a base coat.
This manicure lasted about a week before I switched to my next blue mani :)

Revlon Babysticks - All The Regrets

I haven't done a negative review in a while. I don't really do them, since I typically can find another use for something, if I don't like it. Or really, it's just not that bad so I can deal with it, and then the product grows on me and I see a few benefits that I haven't seen.
This is not the case with these products.
I was pretty excited to see these in the display with the new Lip Butters because I love cream blushes, and I wanted the drugstore to also put out a good cream stick formula of blush since I love the Nars Multiples so much.
In fact, I was so excited when I saw these first at Walgreens that I didn't even research these and snatched them up. #regrets.
There are three colors available in the Baby Stick formula.
  • Sunset - in the tube is a bright red gel. It has a gel like waxy consistency, like clear chapstick, and swatches SUPER SUPER sheer to an orange tint.
  • Pink Passion - bright bubblegum pink with a lip balm like texture. It swatches pretty true to what is in the tube.
  • Tahitian - grapefruit like sheer tint with a lip balm like texture.

These retail for about $10 each. Which is first off, ridiculous. They're barely the length of my middle finger, and about the size of a silver dollar. Not that much product for $10.
The formula though, is what I really have an issue with. It was inconsistent through the three of them. Pink Passion swatched pretty well but not completely opaque like you'd expect from a cream blush. It went on like a tinted lip balm. Tahitian was worse. It went on like a sheer tinted lip balm. And then there was Sunset. Which was oily and waxy and barely deposited any color at all. AT ALL. I had to rub that thing on my arm like 15 times before I got that orange tint on my wrist. 
I know that it says "For Lips & Cheeks" but honestly, I wouldn't even wear these on my lips. The formula wasn't conditioning, or moisturizing at all. Maybe I'd use Pink Passion for the color but not for the formula.
These products are definitely a major disappointment, and I DO NOT recommend people purchasing them!
Do any of you have these? Have you had as little luck with them as I have?

Pink Passion


Pink Passion / Sunset / Tahitian

Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Video! Favorite Greens :D


Milani Color Statement Lipsticks & Lipliner Swatches!

I talk about Eshani, Radha and Holly a lot, but it's because they're some of my favorite and best friends I've made through YouTube and the beauty community. I can bounce ideas of them and ask for opinions and they always give the most honest opinions and it's easy to have conversation with them. 
Recently, Eshani had been raving about the new Milani lipsticks, and was kind enough to actually send me six of them :) She also sent me two lip liners, which I was also very excited about because I have so many lip colors and quite frankly like 3 non-red lip liners.
The Milani Color Statement Lipsticks are a new line of bold and pigmented lipsticks. There are 28 colors to choose from, that range from neutrals, to bright pinks, oranges, and reds as well as really sultry dark vampy lips. Each lipstick retails for about $6 or $7, depending on where you purchase them, although Milani's website has them listed for $5.49.
Along with the lipsticks came the lip liners, which Milani sells for $3.99 on their site, although I think at my CVS they were selling for about $5. There are 8 colors to choose from, ranging from neutrals to some slightly brighter colors.
Formula wise, the lip liners, are a medium texture, hardness wise. They're softer than the Mac lip pencils, but much harder than the Covergirl and Revlon lip pencils I have used. 
  • 07 Brandy - red toned brown. It's fairly opaque, I didn't have to build up the color to get a strong brown color. The red definitely pulls through when swatching, so it'll be a good base for neutral colors. It will darken lipsticks you put on top of it though, so if you're a lighter skin tone, this may not be a color you want to choose.
  • 08 Fuchsia - bold magenta pink. This was also fairly opaque and didn't require very much building to get full color payoff. The color isn't necessarily bright, as in neon, but it is a bold pink. It's a slightly darker shade of pink, so again, it will darken lipsticks you put over it. I love this shade and will most likely pair it with Mac's Girl About Town lipstick when I wear it next.

07 Brandy Lip Liner

08 Fuchsia Lip Liner
The lipsticks are all really smooth, pigmented and fairly long lasting. They sort of remind me of the Cover Girl lipsticks, pigmentation wise. The Cover Girl ones are slightly softer, but it's not a totally noticeable or negative difference. They feel comfortable on the lips and last on me for about 5 hours before I feel a little bit of dryness and see a little fading. I have eaten with these on and have noticed some wear, and had to reapply but that is typical with pretty much every lipstick I have used, aside from the OCC Lip Tars. 
As a sidenote, which has nothing to do with the product's performance, the Milani Color Statement Lipstick packaging is awesome. It's a sleek gold tube with a little plastic color swatch with the number and color listed on the bottom. It's very high end looking, which is something that has been somewhat of a trend in the drugstore recently. I like it!
  • 17 Plumrose - dusty red toned rose. This is a color I recently reached for to use as an everyday color but to add a little bit of color as well. It's great for spring since it's got that nice pink undertone to the red. 
  • 19 Raspberry Rush - bright purple toned pink with a slight frost to it. This one swatched much more pink than I thought it would after looking at it in the tube. 
  • 20 Uptown Mauve - darker pink with a berry undertone. This one reminded me a lot of colors you'd see Maybelline do. I do however like this formula of lipstick more than the Maybelline formula. The regular Maybelline lipsticks don't feel as substantial on the lips which I'm not a fan of. 
  • 21 Sangria - Dark berry wine color. It's actually not as dark as a wine. Sorry. I take that back lol. But it's a darker berry toned pink. 
  • 24 Black Cherry - Super dark vampy wine color. This one is awesome. It reminds me a lot of Mac's Dark Deed which is one of my favorite dark lip colors. It's also similar to Revlon's Black Cherry lipstick. This is my favorite of the bunch.
  • 34 Violet Volt - bright purple toned magenta with a slight frost. This one is surprisingly wearable considering there's that slight frost to it. I don't wear violet toned lipsticks all that much but I feel like I'll be reaching for this quite a bit in the summer.

These have definitely left a great impression on me, and I plan on purchasing a few of the reds and pinks from this line. As far as I can tell, these are permanent colors, so that's a huge plus. Aside from the Maybelline Vivids collection, I haven't seen that many bold lip colors around so I'm happy Milani released these. Covergirl has a few really bold colors in their lipstick line, and I really like that formula, but there are a lot of neutrals.
Have any of you tried these? What do you think?
17 Plumrose

19 Raspberry Rush

20 Uptown Mauve

21 Sangria

24 Black Cherry

34 Violet Volt

Thursday, April 4, 2013

March 2013 Favorites


Lynnderella Swatches - Spring 2013! Bird Brain Blue, Crocus Pocus, Tres Chic Duckie Dear, I Don't Mean Rhinestones

Lynnderella is like crack. For polish junkies. At least for me.
I've said this previously, and I'll say it again, when it comes to good polish, I'm there. I'm saying this because of all the drama llama that went down with Lynnderella in the past. A lot of people refuse to purchase from her because of it, and I was one of those people for a while. Well that, and it's expensive. But, I eventually cracked because the polishes I saw were incredible. And unique. I may just be another pawn in the system, but I do appreciate well made products and beautiful things, and so that's why I continue to purchase products from Lynnderella.
I also don't know anything certain about what happened, and have only heard stories told by people who were like... 8 people down the line from who it actually concerned and stuff. So I can't even tell you the truth about what happened.
So that's my stance.
Anyways, I have swatched four more for you today and 3 are from the new Spring line called "Everything's Coming Up Neon". I also have one of her "regular" (I don't actually know if they're permanent colors or not) polish to show you, which Radha recommended to me.

  • Bird Brain Blue - sheer baby blue creme base with multicolored glitter in many different shapes. There are flowers, butterflies, hearts, hex, squares and diamond shaped pieces of glitter in super springy colors. Very cute! When built up you get a pretty solid baby blue base.
  • Crocus Pocus - sheer base with blue microshimmer and then a mix of purple, white, blue, and lilac pieces of glitter. There are moons, hex, stars and square pieces of glitter. The blue shimmer pops over a dark base and looks very magical :)
  • Tres Chic, Duckie Dear - sheer base with pink microshimmer and then a mix of orange, pink, yellow, white, and red glitter in various shapes. The glitter comes in flower, hex, square, bar and random shapes.
  • I Don't Mean Rhinestones - teal glitter of all different sizes, densely packed into a clear base. There are also holo pieces of glitter (diamonds, hex etc.) which pop out at certain angles. This one is amazing! It's teal jewels on your nails!
Each photo below has 4 swatches. There's a swatch of each color on my nails with undies (colored bases underneath). Then there's a column on the right with a swatch over no base, then over white, and then over black. Each swatch is 2 coats on my actual nails. On the right side column, it's one coat so you can see how the glitter applies.
You can purchase Lynnderella polishes on eBay and they retail for about $23 each. 

Bird Brain Blue

Crocus Pocus

Tres Chic, Duckie Dear

I Don't Mean Rhinestones

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Revlon Lip Butter Swatches - Juicy Papaya, Pink Lemonade, Wild Watermelon

About two weeks ago, I posted my swatch of one of the new Revlon Lip Butter shades (which I have found out by several people are permanent, so don't worry :D ). I was able to only find 1 shade of 4 and  only on Ulta's website. The color is Sorbet, and it's an almost magenta pink color. Very pretty and perfect for spring.
Now, after tweeting back and forth with Eshani, we ended up agreeing that if we find any of the other new shades, we'd send them to each other. 
Eshani was able to find Wild Watermelon, which is the color that I was most lemming for, and sent it to me about 5 days ago. In between that time, I was able to find the other 2 shades and sent her a couple, so I now have all 4 of the new shades! A million thank yous to Eshani (go subscribe to her on youtube: www.youtube.com/totalmakeupjunkie101)!!!!
I believe this was part of their new Spring line, which has to do with... resorts? Or something? I have no idea what the actual collection name is, since I guess drugstore brands are doing "collections now" (although I feel like the majority of those products just end up in the permanent range), but in CVS and Walgreens they've had individual displays for these and some palettes and chubby sticks (which I have and will review) separated from the regular Revlon display. That sentence was poorly constructed. I apologize lol. But you get the point. 
Regardless of that run-on paragraph, I have three to show you lol.
  • 027 Juicy Papaya - orange toned coral. Since it's a sheer coral, I think I'll be able to brave this color as well. I mentioned this in my latest Maybelline Color Whisper post, but I'm not the biggest fan of orange toned corals on me because I feel like I have too warm of a skin tone to comfortably pull it off. But since these lip butters are on the sheer side (compared to a fully opaque lipstick for example), I feel comfortable using it :D
  • 047 Pink Lemonade - light milky warm toned pink. This is another color that I'm usually not a fan of wearing. Milky light pinks and I don't get along because I'm in that medium skin tone that I feel makes milky light pinks look weird on me. Same principle though, since it's sheer, it'll work better than your standard milky pink.
  • 063 Wild Watermelon - slightly pinkish red color. LOVE. This is the one I was most excited for and I'm very happy to have it. This color is sort of right up my alley and is going to be a color I reach for a lot during spring and summer!
For me the formula for these across the board were great. They glided on smoothly and had pretty good pigmentation for this type of product. Same as the Maybelline Color Whispers, these lighter weight lip colors pack quite a punch of color. 
Since they are lighter weight, they don't last as long as your typical lipstick, which I don't expect to since they're a mix of a balm and a lipstick. As a balm, I guess they moisturize my lips pretty well, but I definitely don't skip on the lip balm. They're comfortable and not drying but definitely not meant to be a top line lip conditioner. As a lipstick they're pretty pigmented for a balmy formula and have a glossy sheen to them. 
I quite like this type of lip color, especially on my lazy makeup days. Compared to the original formula of lip butters, I feel like these may be slightly more balmy and sheer, but nothing that makes me consider why it's different; it's not varying in formula too much from the original lip butters that I own to cause any sort of concern.
At CVS and Walgreens, I found them for about $7, but there are definitely some good sales and coupons out that you'll be able to find them for less. Again, I encourage you to get the free CVS and Walgreens memberships because you'll get even more coupons and discounts that way!

027 Juicy Papaya

 047 Pink Lemonade

063 Wild Watermelon