Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zoya Summer Pixie Dust Swatches!

Sorry this post is so late - I've been busy this past week finishing up some things for school and then there were a bunch of birthdays and such :)
Today I have the entire Summer Pixie Dust set from Zoya. There are 6 colors, like the original release but all in brighter bolder colors perfect for the upcoming season.
The formula is like the rest of the liquid sand/pixie dust effect polishes out there. They're opaque in 2 coats and dry to a matte but super glittery texture on the nail. I've found that the Zoya polishes have a slightly larger grain to them - they're not as finely textured as the OPI or Julie G ones I've previously posted about.
Here are the colors:

  • Destiny - orange red base with gold sparkle. The gold sparkle gives it sort of a peach type look to it. It's very, very similar to OPI Jinx and Julie G Sugar Rush. OPI Jinx is slightly more pink. Julie G Sugar Rush has a slightly smaller grain.
  • Beatrix - light tangerine orange base with a gold sparkle. This is really really similar to Julie G Tangerine Dream, but maybe slightly more orange.
  • Solange - lighter sunshine yellow with a gold sparkle. Sunshine in a bottle :D :D :D It's very very pretty :) This is probably the favorite of the bunch for me.
  • Miranda - magenta pink with a pink shimmer. This one is the closest to the recently released OPI Minnie Mouse texture polish (which I will not be purchasing), although I think this one is more pink than the OPI is. It's not my favorite, but serves as the pink option for all the texture polishes available. 
  • Stevie - light lilac lavender tone with a silver sparkle. The silver in this is very bright and makes it look really beautiful. It's really quite fairy like and delicate looking when painted on.
  • Liberty - bold cerulean blue with a blue shimmer. It's so so pretty! It's slightly darker than the OPI Mariah Carey blue texture and it doesn't have the extra pieces of glitter mixed in. This one is great for those of you that like blues, although there are a LOT of blue options in this finish out there.

Currently you can purchase the colors on Zoya's website, and they retail for $9 each. You can buy the set for $54, so there isn't a discount, but they come in a nice box that, from a collector's point of view, is nice to have.


Top - OPI Jinx
Bottom - Zoya Destiny

Left Top - OPI Jinx
Left Bottom - Zoya Destiny
Right - Julie G Sugar Rush


Left - Beatrix
Right - Tangerine G





Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Video!


Julie G Frosted Gumdrops Collection - Swatches & Review!

Good morning everybody!
Today's post is swatches of the Julie G for Jesse's Girl Frosted Gumdrops Collection. Here's another bunch of polishes with that sugary sand finish. These polishes were aptly named after different candies and flavors and it's the perfect fun theme for this finish. "Liquid Sand" sounds cool and all, but "Frosted Gumdrops" just sounds so much more appealing!
Just to recap, there are two different types of finishes out there in this category of polish - the sparkly candy like ones, (which are these, the Zoya Pixie Dusts and most of the OPI Liquid Sands) and the matte/creme finish ones that look more like spackled paint or tacky, lumpy polish. Obviously, I'm not a fan of the latter finish by the description lol. I know China Glaze, Milani and Sally Hansen all have their own textured polishes that are the non-sparkly ones. For me, it's the sparkle that really make these worth purchasing, otherwise it just looks like a bad manicure. However, there are also different finishes within those two categories. What OPI has done with some of the Bond Girls colors is not give the sugary crystal finish but add a frost to the base color itself to give the texture more dimension, which is key. I think the only one that OPI didn't do that with is Vesper, but again the base polish may be a creme but the texture itself is a different color. Putting in a different dimension or layer to the polish for sure counts and makes certain ones really quite beautiful and some just look (in my opinion) awful.
By the way, if you're looking for all the Liquid Sand/Texture polishes I have, I've tagged all the posts with "Liquid Sand Effect" so just click on the link for that tag either at the end of this post or in the sidebar on the right :)
Going back to the Julie G polishes, the collection contains 5 pretty staple colors to satisfy almost everybody's needs. The formula for these was pretty standard, dried fast, opaque in 2 coats and not at all difficult to work with.

  • Hot Cinnamon - cherry candy red with a warm gold sparkle to it. In one light it's very warm looking and in the other it's very cool looking, which is actually very gumdrop like. 
  • Sugar Rush - reddish orange with a warm gold sparkle to it. It's fairly similar to OPI's Jinx as well as the orange in the Zoya Pixie Dust colors for the summer. It doesn't quite have as strong of a pink undertone to the base like the other two do, so it looks much more orange in photos. In person though, there's definitely a strong similarity between the three, to the point where I would recommend just purchasing one of the 3 (unless you're crazy for this finish lol).
  • Tangerine Dream - lighter orange hard candy sort of color with a warm gold sparkle. This one is also very similar to a Zoya Summer Pixie Dust color. Again, I would recommend getting either one but not both since they're so so similar. If anything, the Zoya color is slightly more textured - the grains are slightly larger.
  • Rock Candy - cool green base with a silver sparkle as well as pieces of silver hex glitter. While the first three colors had a gold sparkle, these last three all have a silver sparkle, which makes a good mix for the collection, although I would have loved to have seen an apple green with a gold shimmer. Oh well. I like the mix of silver glitter with these last three. 
  • Blueberry Fizz - cool toned blue. I used this for a NOTW post recently. I think this is my favorite of the bunch. The silver glitter complements the blue in this really nicely.
  • Crushed Candy - this is actually a warm berry toned purple but the silver glitter off-sets it just slightly to make it look cool toned. It's a nice combination of colors.

I was able to purchase them on Groupon for $16.99 (original list price for the set was around $24). The shipping for Groupon was kind of slow, but I guess worth the discount? I don't know - I like the polishes, but they weren't incredibly expensive to begin with so it wasn't all that devastating when they didn't come as fast as I had liked. Now you can purchase them individually on Jesse's Girl's website and they retail for $3.99 each.
What do you guys think of the textured polishes? Do you prefer one type to the other, or are they a skip for you? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!
Hot Cinnamon

Sugar Rush

Tangerine Dream

Rock Candy

Blueberry Fizz

Crushed Candy

Hot Cinnamon / Sugar Rush / Tangerine Dream / Rock Candy / Blueberry Fizz / Crushed Candy

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Have You Seen My Most Recent Videos?

I have no blog posts for you today, but watch my videos instead ;) (and comment, rate and subscribe to me HERE! - I would love it if you do!)

5 Minute "No Makeup" Highend Summer Makeup - Divergent Series #4: Abnegation 

New, Used, & Empties! May 2013 

Favorite Aqua & Teal Nail Polishes! Roy G Biv Series :) 

Drugstore "No Makeup" Makeup For Summer! - Divergent Series: Abnegation Tutorial #1 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

NOTW: Chanel Malice

It's magic. It's just... magic. It was expensive, but SO worth it.
This was part of the Winter 2013 collection by Chanel, and I didn't purchase it then because I just didn't want to spend the $28 for it. But then about a month ago I totally regretted it because I kept seeing people's swatches online and well, there's a reason why everybody was going crazy for it.
Malice is a deep burgundy red shimmer. It's got a slightly lighter red tone in the shimmer, which makes it layer up to a gorgeous and perfect shimmery red.
The formula is fantastic - it's opaque in 2 coats and stayed on my nails for a week without any tipwear or chipping. It's amazinggggggg :D
I used OPI's Nail Envy as a base coat and Seche Vite as a top coat.
It was Limited Edition, so you're going to have to pay extra for it on Amazon or eBay if you can find it. If you're willing to, it's totally worth it though.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jade Holografico Swatches - Energy, Psicodelica, Extasy, Magia, Jade Diamond Supernova

These swatches are LONG overdue, because I've had these polishes for quite a while now.
On my last purchase from Llarowe, which was months ago, I purchased a small set of these Jade Holografico polishes because I was so impressed by Mystic Gold, which is the liquid gold holo that I'm crazy about.
I also bought one of their Diamond colors, to probably layer under Mystic Gold in the future (let's be honest lol).
Their holo polishes have a slight jelly finish, which makes it seem almost more of a very finely milled holo speckle versus a truly linear holographic polish. However, the grit of the holo is so fine that it does look really linear when applied.
Because of the finish, it definitely takes 3 coats of the polish to be fully opaque, but it's not a thick polish so it's not a bitch to deal with when layered.
Here are the colors I purchased:

  • Extasy - dusty steel blue holographic. I purchased this because of it's unusual color. It's not a solid grayish silver because of it's blue tones, but it's not a bright blue. The subtleties of the color make this one really special. This is the color I used on one of my Autism Awareness manis (the half moon holo gradient).
  • Psicodelica - silver holo but a little darker of a silver versus your standard silver holographic polish, which is a brighter, lighter silver.
  • Energy - teal holo. I've been waiting for a brand to make this polish. A-England St. George is close, but that's still more of a speckled holo than this one is. This polish looks much more linear on the nail than St. George does and fills all of my teal and holo loving heart with glee.
  • Magia - warm black holo. I say "warm" black because it's just a smidgen lighter than a true black. It's still a very nice and bright holo against the black though. Love this one!  
  • Jade Diamond Supernova - from what I can tell, the Diamond shades are thin polishes packed with glass fleck shimmer. This one is a honey gold that shifts to a slightly pink like color then back to a deeper, more orange color.
The holos by Jade are $7 each on Llarowe, and Supernova is currently $5. They do come with less polish though, so if you're a price/oz person, it is going to be a slightly more expensive polish brand. To me, they're totally worth it though. Keep in mind that these polishes, like most on Llarowe, have to be shipped here and restocked so you'll have to check when the next restock is of your favorite brand.






Tuesday, May 21, 2013

NOTW: Purple Ombre & Lynnderella

So if you couldn't tell, I was recently in the biggest "ombre" mood. I have done a lot different types of ombre manicures, mostly sponged ones, but this time chose to do the individual nail ombre. I saw somebody post it on Instagram and was totally set on doing it as well.
Around the same time, I got a bunch of Lynnderella polishes so was totally in the mood to use those as well. So, this manicure was born :)
Here are the colors I used:

  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "Lavender Cloud" - really really light lavender, almost white. One of those colors you could paint your walls and you wouldn't see it as purple until you painted all four walls that color. Formula was pretty good, opaque in 2 coats, just the brush isn't my favorite but after 2 coats it doesn't really matter all that much.
  • China Glaze Light As Air - pastel lavender. I've talked about this polish before, as it's one of my go-to pastel purples. It's easy to use and opaque in 2 coats, and a color I reach for a ton every spring.
  • OPI Do You Lilac It? - midtone blue-ish purple. Not really what I'd consider Lilac (to me Lilac is more pink).
  • OPI Funky Dunkey - primary violet type color. Like the purple crayon that comes in every box of crayons.
  • China Glaze VIII - dark eggplanty inky purple. And when I say "eggplanty" not what clothing stores consider "eggplant", I mean the color of the actual vegetable. The formula on this was great, very opaque and almost a one-coater.
The believe you can still find the majority of these colors in store. Funky Dunkey is the only color you can't currently find by OPI but it's a pretty common color.
The Lynnderella glitter I layered on top was Crocus Pocus, which is a fun blue and purple glitter. There's moons, stars, blue shimmer, purple shimmer and it's all around magical.
This manicure lasted only a few days before the glitter started peeling off and catching on things. I have quite a curved nail surface so big glitter doesn't sit on my nail all that well. It's sort of a bummer but doesn't stop me from using all those Lynn glitters :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

NOTW: OPI What Wizardry Is This?

Today's NOTW is the Liquid Sand polish by OPI that really sold me on the effect.
This is from the Oz Collection, which was OPI's Soft Shades collection this year. What Wizardry Is This? was one of four effect polishes, the other three being glitters.
Originally I really wasn't a fan of these textured polishes, but I then saw swatches of this on Instagram and was intrigued. The bronzey tones amongst the texture really popped and made this a special polish.
What I have here is two coats with no base or top coat, and this picture was taken after a full week of wear. Look! Very minor tip wear and that's about it!! Not only did it last forever on my nails, but it also dried really quickly which makes this a great polish for last minute nails before bed, which is what I do a lot when I know I don't have time to do them before going somewhere in the morning and don't want bare nails.
It also doesn't stick to skin very well, so after it dries, it flakes off easily. When it does start to chip on your nails, it chips in chunks because of the sandy texture.
This polish was about $9 and I've still seen it available at various stores. It's definitely one of my favorites of the Liquid Sand effect polishes from OPI, Zoya and Julie G (Which are the ones I own).

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chirality Polish Cereal Killer FULL Collection Photos & Swatches!

When I was 11 years old, I watched my first episode of CSI. It was the episode Grissom was being taunted by Paul Millander, in season 1 (or 2?). It totally scared the crap out of me. But it opened the doors to this weird fascination with being a CSI or a Coroner or whatever and I was hooked into that world.
I then was introduced to Patricia Cornwell novels, at 13, and was sucked into the whole serial killer thing and then, again while scaring the crap out of myself, read all of her books and looked more into serial killers and such. The film Zodiac, which chronicles the Zodiac Killer events just with Robert Downey Jr. (basically playing a 60s/70s version of himself), came out a few years after that and again, I was intrigued by all of that stuff.
I started watching Criminal Minds when it first came out on TV, and basically realized it was the perfect television show for me because it's all about the psychology of killers. 
Basically, moral of those three paragraphs is that I will forever buy things serial killer themed, because I've been into it for a long, long time. 
I first went and started browsing Chirality Nail Polish because of their holos - they have two particularly lovely green holos (which I bought and will review here soon) that I had had my eyes on for a long while and then was totally sold after Radha posted photos of them on Instagram. So, I went over to their site and found these babies and instantly put them in my cart. Not only were they serial killer themed, but they were pithy and all CEREAL related. It's punny and awesome.
There are 4 in the collection, and they retail for $7.50 each on their website, which is linked here.
Here are the colors:
  • Special BTK - white crelly base with red hex, holo hex and a very slight and delicate shimmer in the base.
  • Raisin Gein - white crelly base with purple hex, holo hex and a very slight delicate shimmer in the base.
  • Dahmer Crunch - white crelly base with black, and the same other components. This one has much much more black glitter mixed in than the other two, so you really only need one coat of this.
  • Bundy Berries - white crelly base with bright blue hex. 
The formula for all four of these was great. The swatches below show one coat of each polish in the swatch, and you can see a fair amount of glitter comes out on just a single swatch. Dahmer Crunch has the most glitter packed in as I mentioned before. The polish is smooth and easy to apply and not at all thick.
Just a random note, but these are (I guess) not the shape of the bottle anymore. The polishes on their site are now shorter and rounder. I quite liked this bottle shape though, it was unique and set them apart from other brands and made them SO EASY to photograph! They didn't roll around lol! Oh well. The packaging doesn't take away or add to the product's quality :)
Again, these retail for $7.50 each, which is totally worth it considering a lot of indie polishes range from $9 to $11, and most mainstream brands are about $8. 

BTK / Ed Gein / Jeffrey Dahmer / Ted Bundy

Bundy Berries

Dahmer Crunch

Raisin Gein

Special BTK

Saturday, May 18, 2013

NOTW - Duochrome Gradient featuring China Glaze New Bohemian Collection

This is another Instagram inspired (copied) manicure. One of my favorite nail artists on Instagram is @kpandaanails! I started following her probably about 6 months ago and was browsing all her photos when I found this manicure she posted a while back and realized that a) I loved them and that b) I could do them because I have all the polishes and that gradients are easy!
So, I went into my stash, picked out 4 of the China Glaze New Bohemian Luster Chrome polishes that she used and started gradienting away.
The colors I used (from blue to gold) were: Want My Bawdy, Deviantly Daring, Unpredictable then Rare & Radient. I used the sponging technique and sponged over a layer of black polish to make this more vibrant.
I LOVED the way this looked on my nails and wore it for about a week, until one of my nails broke actually, and was so sad after I removed it. 
I'm for sure going to do something like this again, and probably with these colors :)
Also, I'd love some suggestions for colors to use while gradienting my nails! Leave comments on what you all think I should do!

Wicked Polish Wicked Whimsy Collection Swatches - Stabbed By A Unicorn, Fairy Blood Spatter, Expired Pixie Dust

Here are the final 3 Wicked Polishes that I own, swatched for you today.
In very good luck, I was able to get the 3 other Wicked Polishes I don't have in a recent restock on Harlow & Co, so I'll eventually have swatches of ALL the polishes shy makes and feel very accomplished lol.
These 3 are the other colors from the Wicked Whimsy Collection, which I mentioned yesterday. The other color from the Wicked Whimsy Collection is Hung-Over the Rainbow, which you can see here.
  • Expired Pixie Dust - clear base with tiny holo microglitters, black hex, black hearts and bright pink squares. This is very much what I made everything themed around in middle school lol. The pink, the black - basically if this existed in 2003, I would've been all over it. The formula is pretty good on this one, not too thick so it layers easily. I did end up fishing the hearts out of the bottle though and placing them, but if I had shaken the bottle up more, I think it would have helped. 
  • Fairy Blood Spatter - clear base with neon pink and purple to layer into a crazy bright and fun nail. I fell in love with this after Rylee posted pics of this on her Instagram and had to purchase it. It layered wonderfully and dried down fairly quickly.
  • Stabbed By A Unicorn - this one I was most excited for because it's a clear base with a rainbow of neon glitter, then white hex and star pieces as well. Love! This one was slightly thicker, and again, I ended up fishing out the stars to get them on the swatch. It wasn't annoying or anything though, so in practice it'll be a pretty easy polish to use. 
Wicked Polish retails for between $10 and $12 depending on where and when you get them. Currently, Wicked Polish's site is closed down because Rylee, who makes the polish, is moving. You can, however purchase them on Harlow & Co as well when they're in stock. I suggest Liking Wicked Polish on Facebook, so you can keep track of re-stocks :)
Expired Pixie Dust

Fairy Blood Spatter

Stabbed By A Unicorn

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wicked Polish - What Happens In Vegas & Wicked Whimsy Collection Swatches! Five-Oh!, Hung-Over The Rainbow, Drunk In Public

More Wicked Polish today! (And tomorrow)
I have some from her newer collections today, the Wicked Whimsy and What Happens In Vegas collections. To add to Gangrene and Pox, Rylee made some more neon glitter polishes, and I was SO excited to get them when she first posted pics on her Instagram.
Wicked Whimsy (which the rest of the collection will be posted tomorrow) and What Happens In Vegas both have some fun and cleverly named polishes with pretty unique use of neon glitter and different shapes of glitter.
Here are the colors I have today:
  • Hung-Over The Rainbow (Wicked Whimsy Collection) - clear base with small and large neon hex pieces. The colors are neon "primary" colors, pink, yellow and blue. Rylee specifically said she only used those two colors so that they layer together to make all the colors of the rainbow. It's great in theory, but I haven't been able to successfully and easily layer the polish so that there's a nice rainbow of glitter. The swatch below, on the very edge of the swatch, I placed a lot of glitter so you can see what it's supposed to look like. It may just be that I have to shake my bottle more. The formula isn't overly thick or anything though so it's not too goopy when you layer it out like that.
  • Drunk In Public (What Happens In Vegas Collection) - milky white crelly base with a rainbow of small neon hex glitter. This actually has all the colors of the rainbow in it and is a very pixel like looking glitter when you apply it. The formula was great on this for me - easy to apply, good coverage in 2 coats and it's bright and pops because of the neon. I can definitely see myself wearing this a TON over the summer :)
  • Five-Oh! (What Happens In Vegas Collection) - clear base with red, white, blue, and black square glitter, meant to look like cop car lights. It's a unique concept and definitely unique in my collection. I don't quite know what I'm going to use this over, but like the look of the layering of square glitters. The formula was similar to Hung-Over The Rainbow, it's not too thick so layering wasn't a pain.
Wicked Polish retails for between $10 and $12 depending on where and when you get them. Currently, Wicked Polish's site is closed down because Rylee, who makes the polish, is moving. You can, however purchase them on Harlow & Co as well when they're in stock. I suggest Liking Wicked Polish on Facebook, so you can keep track of re-stocks :)

Hung-Over The Rainbow

Drunk In Public


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wicked Polish Pestilence Collection Swatches - Black Lung, Frostbite, Priapism, Cardiac Arrest

Today's post is going to be a series of swatches all from Wicked Polish!
My two first Wicked Polishes were Pox and Gangrene, which were the two polishes that put Wicked Polish on the map (as far as I'm concerned). Here I have the rest of, well almost all of the Pestilence Collection which is what Pox and Gangrene are from. The two that I'm missing are Hematoma and Pink Eye, which sold out SO QUICKLY during the restock.
But for now, here are the rest!

  • Black Lung - dark grey, almost black, jelly with blue shimmer, scattered holo sparkles and small black hex glitter. The blue shimmer is almost a turquoise. The texture of this one was ok - it's pretty sheer so I'd suggest layering it over a black to get the full effect. You'd probably do best with two coats over black, since one coat doesn't get you all that much glitter mixed in. 
  • Frostbite - white glitter and teal holo glitter in a shimmery white glitter base. I was expecting the least out of this one, based off of online swatches and bottle picks, but ended up loving this THE MOST. Which is stupid, because it's a teal glitter, and you'd think I'd automatically fall in love with it before purchasing and playing with it, but the rest of her polishes are awesome so I sort of overlooked this one. The formula is really great, the glitter comes out really nice and not too scattered but not too dense and it's a good mix of teal and white.
  • Priapism - hahahahahahahaha. Remember that time I made a video, and said "google what a priapism is?" this is the polish that sparked all of that. I laugh, mostly because somebody finally made a polish called priapism. And well, it's a blue polish. And Viagra is blue. I lol. Anyways, this is a really sheer blue jelly shimmer with a reddish pink flash to it. There's also the rare blue glitter in there. I'd really recommend layering this over a blue because even at 3 coats, it's quite sheer (as it's a jelly).
  • Cardiac Arrest - this one turned out quite lovely in person as well. It's a blood red jelly base with red and holo hex glitter. It layers to pretty much opaque coverage at 3 coats. I generally love reds and red glitters, so this was also a no brainer "love" polish for me.
Wicked Polish retails for between $10 and $12 depending on where and when you get them. Currently, Wicked Polish's site is closed down because Rylee, who makes the polish, is moving. You can, however purchase them on Harlow & Co as well when they're in stock. I suggest Liking Wicked Polish on Facebook, so you can keep track of re-stocks :)
Black Lung



Cardiac Arrest