Tuesday, August 27, 2013

OPI Muir Muir On The Wall - Comparisons!

I was actually requested a comparison of OPI Muir Muir On The Wall and OPI German-icure by OPI so here they are! Better late than never right?
For comparison sake, I added OPI's Every Month Is Oktoberfest as well as Royal Rajah Ruby from the India Collection, so you can get a real sense of these colors in relation to each other. 
  • Muir Muir On The Wall - Brown, burgundy base with a red shimmer on top. 
  • German-icure by OPI - Dark brownish red, with a red shimmer on top.
  • Every Month Is Oktoberfest - Dark purple base, with a slight brown town to it, and then a red shimmer on top.
  • Royal Rajah Ruby - Rich, deep, blackened red base with a red shimmer on top.
Of the four, Muir is the most brown, and the least vibrant in terms of red. It actually more resembles Oktoberfest, just a more subdued version of it. German-icure and Rajah are actually fairly similar, Rajah being deeper.
Below are just photos of each polish, so again, you can get a sense of the colors in relation to each other. Enjoy!

Muir Muir On The Wall / German-icure by OPI / Every Month Is Oktoberfest / Royal Rajah Ruby

Muir Muir On The Wall / German-icure by OPI / Every Month Is Oktoberfest / Royal Rajah Ruby

Muir Muir On The Wall

German-icure by OPI

 Every Month Is Oktoberfest

 Royal Rajah Ruby

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lynnderella UnDead Red

Yesterday I posted a swatch of Deborah Lippmann's Single Ladies. It's a darker oxblood red and it's fantastic.
About 4 days after I initially applied Single Ladies, I added Lynnderella's UnDead Red on top. UnDead Red is a sheer red jelly base with red and silver holo pieces of glitter in various sizes and shapes dispersed throughout it. It layers fantastically, as most Lynnderella's polishes do, to create a really deep and pretty glitter mani.
I've mentioned this before but the base Lynn uses in her polishes is what makes these polishes so easy to use. They're on the thinner side but that doesn't make it a watery or difficult polish to work with. It's just a thin base so that makes layering the polishes super easy. It also lets the dense amount of glitter in the polish flow easily enough on the nail without having to fiddle with the glitter on the nail.
Of course you can use Lynnderella's on their own but won't really get a fully opaque color on the nail with most of her polishes, like this one. There are definitely polishes she makes that go fully opaque but I think most of her polishes are meant to be glitter top coats. That's why I layered UnDead Red over Single Lades to create the most luxe, ruby like jewel manicure on the nails.
I layered 2 coats of UnDead Red over Single Ladies. Over the top I used Seche Vite as a top coat.
I had this manicure on for an 4 more days after adding the glitter :)
Lynnderella polishes are available on her eBay site and retail for between $22 and $23.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Deborah Lippmann Single Ladies

Good day lovelies :D
Today's post is a Deborah Lippmann color that I have been loving recently. It's been my go-to dark but classic red for the last few months (it changes quite frequently though so stay tuned to see what I pick next lol) and I've just been loving it even though it's summer!
Deborah Lippmann's Single Ladies is an oxblood red creme. It's opaque in 3 coats and dries to a gorgeous glassy finish. It's most definitely a statement and power red, which is perfect for it's name (named after the fab Beyonce song).
You can purchase DL polishes on their website as well as at Nordstrom, Ulta, and now Sephora! They retail for about $16-$20 depending on the finish of the polishes. It's pricey but it's totally worth it :) By the way, if you use Ebates and shop at those stores through them, you'll get some cash back! It's normally what I do when I shop at Nordstrom, Ulta and Sephora online.
In terms of colors that are similar, a lot of brands make this sort of red, so it's not a super unique color to my collection. I happen to be somebody that loves red nail polish though, so I am happy to have a lot of options. I do like the subtle nuances in color between all the darker reds that I own, but in reality, just the average polish lover won't need as many reds as I have. An example of a polish that is basically the same color is OPI St. Petersburgundy.
This manicure was on my nails for a good 4 days before I added glitter. I used Deborah Lippmann's Gel Lab system as base and top coats.
What do you guys think? Do you love reds as much as I do?

New Video!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

NOTW: Lynnderella Change.

Yesterday's post was Barry M's Gelly Shine in Papaya, and today's is the same color just with some glitter added on top to make it all blingy and stuff.
Actually, I usually add glitter to a manicure to distract from chipping or wear, or if I'm in one of those nail polish ruts (which I was when this happened). Adding glitter is the quick fix for all of those situations :)
Lynnderella Change. is a clear base with a very fine gold shimmer, bigger pieces of gold hex and square glitter, then pieces of square and hex glitter in various other colors like red, green, orange and holo pieces.
It's got a pretty nice formula - the base is on the thinner side and the glitter is evenly distributed really nicely so that when you apply it, the glitter goes on pretty easily and when layered it doesn't go too thick on the nail. The brush is on the thinner side, which isn't my favorite, but it's not difficult to fish out pieces of glitter so it's not all that difficult to wear the polish.
The one thing about polishes with big pieces of glitter is that I have a smaller nail surface that's fairly curved so big pieces of glitter don't lie flat on my nails and tends to peel much more easily. Other than that, I typically have no wear issues with Lynnderella's polishes.
On top of the glitter I used Seche Vite, which made this manicure last about 2 more days with no visible wear or chipping. The only thing that happened was the peeling thing.
Polishes from Lynnderella can be purchased on their eBay site and retail for $23.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pop Beauty Nail Glam Swatches: Turquoise & Loud Lime!

Does anybody else remember way back in the day when Pop Beauty was sold at Sephora? I was given one of their little eye cakes as a birthday gift once from a friend named Alyson - it was this little circle eyeshadow that had 5 strips of color, and I got the purple one and was in love. I wanted like all of those. They don't make those anymore though They totally still make them, and you can still get them in the UK :). But they don't sell Pop Beauty at Sephora anymore. Nonetheless, Pop Beauty has had some pretty neat items in their line for quite a while. 
Recently their nail polishes have been getting a bit of attention in the beauty world, especially the colors Loud Lime and one of their neon pinks, which I do not have.
I sort of vaguely remember having Pop Beauty being re-introduced into my life when I walked into one of those CVS Beauty Centers (which is not their regular beauty aisle, but one of those upgraded sections with your almost high-end brands) and seeing a giant Pop Beauty display. It was pink and girly and had a big side full of lashes. I remember going "they made those eye cakes I liked!" then browsed their products, picked up a few things and went home. I don't think I ever talked about them in detail in a blog post or video but what I picked up was a duo of shadows, which was perfect for traveling and then some random bits that I don't think I have anymore. I didn't even think about picking up any polishes because they didn't interest me at the time, or there wasn't a great selection of colors.
However, jumping forward 3 years to present day, their polish range has expanded and gotten some good praise so I thought I should go and search for them again.
I recently walked into my local Rite Aid, which had gotten a full re-vamp and not only was much cleaner, much more orgaized, and a much more pleasant experience, but their stock was vastly improved as well. They had a full display of Pop Beauty items, as well as other brands that I hadn't ever seen in stores before, and I was pretty excited.
This time around I only picked up two of the polishes they had to offer:
  • Seventeen - Turquoise: vibrant, pretty much neon, turquoise. It's got a slightly bluer tone than some other turquoises out there. It's greener than Essie In The Cab-Ana. Very similar to Barry M Gelly Shine Nail Paint in Greenberry. This was opaque in 2 coats. The formula was pretty average. It glided onto the nail well and wasn't patchy. It does dry down a little flat so a top coat will get it looking nice and shiny :D
  • Seventy One - Loud Lime: vibrant, also pretty much neon, light green creme. This is like a brighter version of OPI's original Gargantuan Green Grape. It's got the same sort of formula as Turquoise.
About 2 weeks ago I actually wore Turquoise out and it was very flattering on the nails. It's definitely an attention grabber. It wore quite nicely - 3 days without chipping using my OPI Nail Envy and Seche Vite base and top coats respectively. However, it did start to peel and chip pretty badly so think what you will with that. It may just be my specific body chemistry.
These polishes are available for $10, most popularly at the CVS Beauty Centers (That's where Pop Beauty's site will lead you to in their "Find Stockists" link), but I just found you can get them at Ulta as well as, again, at Rite Aid. 
Have you guys tried any of the Pop Beauty products? Any must haves?

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint "Papaya"

These have become a cult favorite on YouTube recently, especially in those from the UK. Barry M in general have become a very prominent brand, especially in their nail paints. I believe they're fairly inexpensive and are pretty widely available in their drugstore Superdrug.
The hype about these, I think, was in the formula. They have a slightly thicker consistency and dry down to a very glossy finish like a gel nail polish.
Here I have on Papaya, which is a bright orange toned coral. I don't typically love this shade of color on me, but I ended up actually like this on me! It is a perfect summery melon shade, and again, I'm surprised I liked this shade of orange on me. It may be because I haven't actually gotten that much color this summer. I think on other people, coral looks amazing, especially with a tan, but I just don't like it on me lol.
It definitely had a thicker formula, and was opaque in almost one coat. I did 2 for security. It was very glossy and lasted on my nails for a good 4 days with little to no wear before I layered a glitter on top (which you'll see soon).
I used Seche Vite as a top coat and OPI Nail Envy as a base coat.
A friend of mine actually brought this back for me from the UK so I can't actually tell you what their availability is like.
What do you guys think? Have any of you tried this line of polishes?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ninja Polish Floam

I think this originally came out about two years ago, and it sparked this major trend of a ton of indie brands creating matte glitters.
Floam is a mix of turquoise, green and yellow matte pieces of small square glitter in a clear base. The effect it creates is a very textured looking nail that looks exactly like the 90's Nickelodeon toy that it was named after (which, by the way, they still sell in random places lol).
I layered it over Pop Beauty's Turquoise, which is a bright almost neon turquoise. It meshes well with the mix of glitter in the polish so I didn't have to layer too many coats of Floam on top.
The formula is on the slightly thicker side so I didn't want to layer too many coats or else it'd feel a little too thick on the nails. It does make a good top coat though and adds interesting texture as well as a fun pop of color to your manicure :)
Ninja Polish now makes a ton of different variations of the color Floam and they're available on their website.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer Swatches!

About six months ago these made a HUGE debut in the UK. People were pretty much obsessing over them and talking about how amazing they were. It was announced that they were going to come to the US in the Summer and pretty much everybody on YouTube was anxiously waiting for their arrival.
These are currently a Walgreens exclusive with 12 shades available, which I think is more than what's available in the UK. Why they did that? No idea. It confuses me and makes me annoyed that big brands from the drugstore don't standardize products available throughout all the countries they offer products to. But whatever.
The colors range from neutrals to brights in varying undertones. I'm definitely a big red and bold lip fan so I naturally picked up three of the bolder shades (still looking for "Apocaliptic" :D) and then one of the neutral colors.
  • 501 Stellar - bright bold red toned pink. It applies sort of like a coral red, and looks less pink in practice than in the tube. When against other colors and with other makeup though it definitely is a bright warm pink.
  • 401 Aurora - slightly darker than Stellar, and has a cooler undertone. It again looks sort of red in practice, but is again definitely a pink.
  • 400 Big Bang - bright primary red. This next to Stellar and Aurora makes the other two look very pink. It's a solid red, and great for summer since it isn't too deep.
  • 200 Comet - neutral pink tinged taupe. Very similar to Revlon's Lip Butter in Pink Truffle. 
I've worn Comet out all day and quite liked the formula. They apply very opaque and only one swipe of product is needed to get a full coverage lip. The product sits comfortably on the lip for about 5 hours. After a while it does start to feel pretty dry on the lip but ends up staining the lips. For me, Comet was a fairly pigmented My Lips But Better color, so again, just a stronger version of Revlon's Pink Truffle.
Have any of you tried these? I'm still trying to find more colors in various Walgreens' that haven't been previously opened and swatched by people.

Rimmel's Show Off Lip Lacquers retail for $4.99 at Walgreens.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Enchanted Polish Electric Feel

Hello! Good Morning! (Or afternoon, or evening, or night?)
Pretty much in the last year, Enchanted Polish went from hard to purchase, to impossible to purchase. I'm all for indie makers getting more recognition, but sometimes I just want to say "Ignore this brand!" so I can purchase them all lol.
The reason Enchanted Polish got so huge, at least in my opinion, is because they've made some spectacularly beautiful holo nail polishes in the past, with the Imagine (Beatles) Collection polishes, and sporadically some other polishes like As If and the monthly colors. In the last six months, they released a collection all based around MGMT, and again had six beautiful duochrome holo polishes, like the Beatles colors were.
Electric Feel is one of three I was able to get my hands on during the last Enchanted Polish restock on Llarowe. I'll tell you, those restocks are ridiculously difficult to succeed in now. And the sad part is a lot of those polishes end up on eBay for a stupidly inflated price. That's a whole different subject though, and I won't rant about it today. 
Of the three that I bought, and the other two swatches are coming, I promise, Electric Feel is my favorite.
It's a green to pale gold color shift with a strong linear holo on top. It was opaque in 2 coats and was really easy to work with. The colors glide on so well, and it's crazy how vibrant the holo is even within the duochrome.
Usually you can purchase Enchanted Polish on their website, as well as Llarowe and other etailers like MeiMei Signatures. However, again, the restocks are crazy and they're now few and far between. Follow all of those sites on facebook or twitter or instagram though, and you'll at lease get prior notice to when the restocks happen :)
I purchased this polish for $15 on Llarowe.
This manicure lasted about 5 days with Seche Vite on top and with OPI Nail Envy as a base. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

NOTW: Sweet & Girly Inspired by SoHotRightNail

SoHotRightNail has become one of my biggest nail inspirations on Instagram. I found her through Blair (JuicyStar07) and was totally sucked in to her page after Blair posted a manicure she did on her little sister.
Unfortunately my memory card had whatever issues it seems to have often, so I don't have good quality photos of this manicure but I did manage to keep the photos I took of it on my phone. The photo above is in artificial indoor lighting, the photo below is with iPhone5 flash. I found good photos of my nails for this manicure as well that I took with my DSLR in the depths of my hard drive, so I've edited this post to have the good photos at the top of this page.
Basically what this manicure is, is super girly and pink everything. What SoHotRightNail did originally in her design was some glitter and strawberries on Blair's little sister. Later, like a few months later, she did a different manicure on Remi Nelson, Blair's friend, with roses. So I sort of combined the two to get to this. I also added a cupcake on my index finger.
Here are the polishes I used:

  • Pink creme - OPI Pink Friday
  • Dark pink - OPI Strawberry Margarita
  • Dark pink glitter - Zoya Kissy
  • Light pink glitter - OPI Teenage Dream
  • Red - OPI Color So Hot It Berns
  • Dark Red (roses) - Deborah Lippmann Single Ladies
  • Greens - OPI Jade Is The New Black, Color Club Rebel Debutante, OPI Fiercely Fiona
  • Yellow - Color Club Almost Famous 
Using various nail art brushes and dotting tools, I was able to make all of these designs. They're fairly simple - it's just creating small shapes and layering colors :)
Again, I apologize for not having better photos, but I'll probably end up doing this again anyways!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Glitter Gal Lizard Belly 3D Holographic Nail Polish

Way back in 2011, Temptalia posted a swatch of this and I died. This was before indie brands were super prevalent and holos were easy to come by, as they generally are now.
Glitter Gal is an Australian beauty brand, who is most famous for their holos, specifically this one.
Lizard Belly is a dark blueish green with a strong almost linear holo. The holo is very bright and just one step off of a true linear.
The formula is quite good, it's opaque in 2 coats. The polish glides on to the nail very easily and doesn't pull or tug like some holos are. The base is almost a jelly - it's one of those "not quite jelly but not really anything else" sort of bases that you can't put into just one category.
I had Lizard Belly on my nails for about 5 days, over OPI Nail Envy and under Julep's Freedom Top Coat and had little to no wear on my nails.
Glitter Gal polishes are available on Harlow & Co, Llarowe and other etailers online :) This one retails for $11 on Llarowe.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

OPI Can't Find My Czechbook - Euro Centrale Collection

Since this shade of blue has been so popular this Spring and Summer, I thought I'd show you another option for those of you out there that can't get enough of turquoise (like me :D ).
I was definitely NOT planning on purchasing this polish when the press release for OPI's Euro Centrale Collection came out, but after three or four months of seeing people's swatches I caved when I had a coupon for Ulta.
Can't Find My Czechbook is a midtoned turquoise blue. It's one of those polishes that looks very different on people and in different lighting, as I show you both of the photos in this post. Above is under fluorescent lighting and below is under natural sunlight.
I used 2 coats on every nail. The formula wasn't the greatest - it did drag a little as you can see in the photos, but it's not terrible. OPI definitely has had better cremes.
This is a great color though for those of you that want this shade of blue - it looks great on toes and nails. It sort of depends on what brand you prefer because almost every brand has a color like this now. Essie's In The Cab-ana is very similar.
I purchased this on Ulta's website, and I believe it's still available there. It retails regularly for $9, but I had a coupon and got 20% off.
This color was on my nails for like 2 days before I just di

Turquoise Stone Manicure - NOTW & A Little Bit Of Truth

When MissJenFabulous posted her video on the Turquoise Nails, I thought "that's pretty, I should give it a try!" I did, and posted on my Instagram that I had done it, and it was inspired by her tutorial.
I had vaguely seen nails like this done before, but couldn't tell you who did it first. I can tell you though that Jen was NOT the first, and she didn't make any of this, the technique nor design up, and she refuses to credit those who should be credited.
I can tell you, that the first person I saw the mimic OPI's Spotted Nail technique was Cute Polish, and her video on it is posted down below.
That's essentially what this nail look is - that technique over a turquoise and a gold or bronze.
After I posted that photo, some of my friends on Twitter and Instagram kindly let me know that I really shouldn't credit Jen, but other bloggers.
Jen is basically notorious for stealing people's original designs and calling them her own, and trying to take ownership of manicures that she copies. Every single "simple nail art" video should have been credited to many other people. It's the same as stealing an essay and turning it in for an A+, but she's actually making money off of this.
You can read more about this here.
I didn't intend for this post to be a "hate on Jen" sort of post - I just wanted the truth to be out there, and to again reiterate what so many other people say online, make sure you all credit your sources :)
Now, to get into the specifics of my specific manicure, I used Essie's In The Cab-Ana as a base, and the bronze I have in there is OPI's A Woman's Prague-ative from the Euro Centrale collection.
I didn't have it on for enough days to take proper photos, so that's why the quality of these is a little off - I took them with my iPhone 5. Guys! I apparently DID take real photos! I updated the post so the top photo was taken with my DSLR. 
Make sure you watch the video by Cute Polish to see how to get the spots :D

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NOTW: Julep Jennifer

About 2 months ago I went through a super neutral phase, with like everything. I took down a lot of clutter on my walls, did a lot of neutral makeup and did a lot of pinks and beiges on my nails.
This was my favorite of that phase.
Julep's Jennifer is a very pale, slightly warm toned pink with a slight jelly finish. Julep actually advertised this after Jennifer Lawrence won her Oscar, which reminded me that I had this color and that I should use it. 
The formula was standard for these light, pale pinks, it's on the thinner side, so you have to pile on a bit of product to get an opaque coverage. I have 4 coats on my nails here. You can easily wear 2 or 3 coats, but you'll have a visible nail line. Sometimes though people like that, as it gives a natural nail look but with a cleaner finish.
I used OPI's Nail Envy as a base coat, and Julep's Freedom Top Coat, which is a new favorite, and this manicure lasted about 4 days before I got wear on it. Not chipping or anything, but you could just tell it wasn't a new manicure, which is what happens with these light colors.
Julep nail polishes retail for $11-$14 each, depending on if where you purchase them, or if you're a Julep Maven. If you're a Julep Maven, you'll get a discount on their website if you shop through them.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NOTW: OPI Tomorrow Never Dies, Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Lynnderella New Years' Eve Eve

This manicure I actually featured in my Colors of the Rainbow Tag I posted on YouTube. I went through a purple phase around the same time as my neutrals phase (which I mentioned in a different NOTW post). 
When my nails start to get longer, I also like to do more "blingy" and complicated manicures. My nails/fingers are naturally smaller, so when they're shorter, I like to do cleaner manicures. When they start to grow out and have more surface area, I like to start piling on the effects lol :)
For this manicure I started with 2 coats of Tomorrow Never Dies from OPI's Skyfall collection, which came out during the winter. It's a shimmery bluish purple with a slightly thin formula. I was able to get full opacity in 2 coats. 
Over top of that I put on a layer of Max Factor's Fantasy Fire, which is a sheer purple jelly base with a super shifty shimmer that goes from green to red. 
I then added a little bit more accent on my middle two fingers, by adding some of Lynnderella's New Year's Eve Eve, which is a packed multi-colored and multi-shaped glitter in a clear base. 
Overall, I loved the effect of all the layers and textures of this manicure. It's fun to make combinations that have a lot of dimension :)
Lynnderella retails for about $23 on eBay, OPI can be found on Ulta and I was given the Max Factor.
As a base coat I used OPI Nail Envy and I used Seche Vite as a top coat. I removed this after 3 days and had no visible wear :D

NOTW: OPI You're Such A Budapest & Lynnderella Connect The Dots

This is the polish that started it all. This is the first black and white chunky glitter that, as far as I know, put Lynnderella on the map and made it the brand that was so coveted that it was sold out for months and impossible to purchase for a long, long time.
Lynnderella's Connect The Dots is a clear base with a really delicate shimmer. There's then pieces of hex, square, and bar glitter in varying sizes, all in white and black. What happens when you apply it is instant nail art, without even trying. Since Lynnderella originally released this, a few years ago, many brands have come out to dupe it, and essentially do the same thing. The one difference is the formula of this polish versus the others. The Lynnderella version has a thinner base, that layers beautifully and doesn't feel heavy on the nail. The glitter sits in the polish and makes it really easy to get the glitter on the brush and straight onto the nail.
I chose to put this on over OPI's You're Such A Budapest because it's an easy to match color with glitter of any color and size. It's a periwinkle blue creme, and was opaque in 2 coats.
OPI's YSAB is available in stores still, like Ulta. Lynnderella's Connect The Dots is available on their eBay site and is about $23.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Simple Flowers - Mr. Candii Pants Style

This manicure was completely inspired by Mr. Candii Pants on Instagram. She does these amazing flowers, using just the brush of a polish bottle. I actually did a tutorial of this:
The colors I used in this are:

  • Revlon Minted
  • Julep Matte Top Coat
  • Color Club Almost Famous
  • OPI Mod About You
  • OPI Atomic Orange
  • Wet n Wild's White
  • Zoya Demi
I used the technique that I feature in the video above :)
Nail art that's simple like this is my absolute favorite, and I really commend Mr. Candii Pants for being so creative and keeping it so simple! I love it. 
I had this manicure on for about 4 days before the wear was noticeable on the matted out mint base. I've done this a few times though since then and have loved this every time I've painted them on my nails.
All of those colors are available on their various sites and stores.

NOTW: OPI Do You Lilac It?

Today's nails (or, well, today's post of nails that I had on like 2 months ago) are OPI's Do You Lilac It?
After a lot of manicures of glitter and holo and all of those things I love, sometimes I just end up wanting to be in a simple color mood. I completely, completely LOVE putting every glitter on my nail and having holos and duochromes and such, but then sometimes I feel like what I love most is going back to simple manicures and how they make me appreciate simple polishes even more when I use them. Does that make sense? A simple creme polish is always a fresh breath of air after multiple blingy manicures.
Anyways, this is one of my favorite creme and classic polishes. OPI's Do You Lilac It? is a light purple pastel polish. It's formula is classic OPI creme - easy to deal with, goes on cleanly, layers wonderfully, and dries to a beautiful glossy finish.
What I have here is 3 thin coats over OPI's Nail Envy and Julep's Freedom Top Coat on top of it. This manicure lasted about 4 days before removing it. It was still perfectly on at the 4 day mark though.
I believe Do You Lilac It? is permanent, as I've seen it in a lot of stores, but if it's not, it can be easily found online :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

NOTW: Wicked Polish Hematoma & Essie Rock The Boat

Hellooooo lovely internet peoples :D
I'm back with about a million NOTW (basically my manicures of the past weeks) posts so be prepared for that :D. I'll have a few other posts mixed in as well, but mainly it'll be a big slideshow of what I've been wearing on my nails for the last few months.
We'll start with the oldest mani I have in my photo library, and it's this which features Essie's Rock The Boat, which is the light blue and the Wicked Polish color in Hematoma.
Hematoma is part of Wicked Polish's Pestilence collection, which is where Pox and Gangrene (two of my favorite neon glitters) come from. It's a white creme-jelly base with neon purple and blue glitters. It layers really well, and isn't goopy or difficult to deal with. Here I've layered it twice over a white base.
Essie's Rock The Boat is a light periwinkle blue with a slight shimmer to it. It's really quite similar to Bikini So Teeny, which I don't have, but when comparing side by side in the bottle they looked basically the same.
As a base I had OPI's Nail Envy and I used Deborah Lippman's Gel Lab top coat. This manicure lasted 3 days before I removed it, but I saw no signs of wear on any of my nails.
Wicked Polish is available on their website as well as on Harlow & Co. However, the maker of Wicked Polish, Rylee, is currently in the middle of moving and updated today (8/4/13) that after they completely move in and build her polish room, she'll start making polishes again. So, patience my friends! The wait will be totally worth it!
Essie is easily available at all drugstores.