Monday, November 18, 2013

Burberry Warm Glow Natural Bronzer - No. 04 Summer Glow

Ahhhh I'm so behind on blogging makeup. It's not just my NOTW posts guys. It's like... everything. D,:
To be fair, I've actually only used this product twice and I put it away in my "things to use when I get through everything else pile," which has gotten quite large. I'm trying to go through everything and either hit pan or know that I've used them sufficiently enough. 
Anyways, back in the summer I purchased a few pretty high end products, and this is one of them that came home with me. I had heard quite a few wonderful things about Burberry's line of makeup, and over the summer their bronzers had a pretty great spotlight on them.
I originally wanted a different shade, but after doing some googling I found that it may have been a little too light on me, so I went with No. 04, or Summer Glow. It's a medium bronze with a pretty strong red undertone, which I feel like gives it less of a yellow, and therefore less of an artificial look to it. Like the Bare Minerals Warmth bronzer, the red gives it a natural sun look, which if you think about it makes sense because when you go in the sun, you get red. Or at least I get sort of red. Summer Glow has a very subtle sheen - no shimmer but it isn't completely matte either.
The texture is very smooth and the powder itself is very finely milled so it has a pretty silky texture to it. The color is fairy opaque, but not too much so you don't pick up too much product. With a tapered fluffy brush, I applied it to the hollows of my cheeks and also on my temples and around my jaw for basic contouring. I also added just a little to the high points of my face during the summer to add a little bit of natural looking bronze to my skin. It didn't sit heavily and blended in beautifully. Again, the pigmentation of the powder is just right so you don't have to be too scared of going orange on your face. 
Availability is limited to high end department stores like select Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and the like. My local Nordstrom actually didn't carry it so I went and browsed in the San Francisco store and then subsequently ordered online because they didn't have No. 04 in stock.
They retail for $48 each, which is super duper pricey but in my opinion worth the splurge - and this is most definitely a splurge versus a necessity. 
It compares pretty well to the other powdered bronzers I've used. Nars Laguna is less red, and has a shimmer. It's a little bit more opaque and requires a slightly more gentle hand. NYC Sunny Bronzer is lighter and matte. It's also less pigmented. Mac's MSFs that are in bronze tones that I own are all shimmery and tend to be slightly more orange.
What do you guys think? Have you tried these products? Do you have other bronzers you think I should try?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

NOTW: Gray Shimmer - Enchanted Polish Secret Sauce & OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts

Let's go back into my long lost file of NOTW posts.
Back in the summer I had OPI's French Quarter For Your Thoughts, which is a medium warm toned gray creme. It was during the beginning stages of my shimmer obsession so I went searching for combos that could for the time being fill my need for ALL the Takko Lacquer polishes. I went digging through my stash and found a bottle of Enchanted Polish's "Secret Sauce".
"Secret Sauce" is a shimmer top coat that shifts from green to orange. I actually purchased this long, long ago when Enchanted Polish was first available on Llarowe and still pretty easy to purchase. The shimmer is quite strong and the orange is the more prominent of the two colors.
I didn't get a good enough photo with the green showing so I apologize for that.
Gray cremes are becoming easier to find nowadays, so if you can't find this particular shade of gray, then you'll be able to find another suitable replacement :) As for the shimmer, there are also other indie brands that make shimmer top coats like this, like Starlight Polish, and their color Phoenix.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatches! Catherine, Catherine H., Jane, Stormy

Hi everyone! Since tomorrow is the Rescue Beauty Lounge #IWantMyRBLHaul50off sale, I have some swatches to show you all :D 
A lot of the new polishes Ji has made has gotten a lot of super good rep, and for good reason. So much so that some of the gems that are in her line are forgotten, and they really shouldn't be. I've posted swatches of these a really long time ago, with some of my favorite RBL colors, Anne, Dead Calm, Teal, and Under The Stars. Anne, Dead Calm, Teal and Under The Stars are now RIP colors, but these colors are still available on and I thought I'd share updated swatches in better quality photos.
Just to give a little context into Rescue Beauty Lounge, I've actually been a fan for a few years now. I first heard of Ji's polishes through SayAnythingBr00ke when she raved about Underwear (also a RIP) being the greatest white polish of all time. I naturally got curious so I went and browsed. I was very VERY taken with the brand, and also totally enamored when I found out a collection based off of Henry VIII of England's wives was going to be released. My first purchase was the Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty collection. Soon after that was one of her infamous 50% off sales (which again will be happening tomorrow!) and so I purchased a few more. After that, she had a sale of polishes she had discontinued, which included Scrangie and No More War, and so those came home to me as well. That's all I had purchased since basically January of 2011.
Since then, a LOT of collections and beautiful polishes have been released, and every time I coveted each polish but didn't find them in my budget or schedule, with a lot of other collections being released from more easily accessible brands. Since they are on the pricey side of polishes, a lot of these polishes just ended up on my lemmings list. 
And now, being a reviewer (btw these I purchased on my own 2.5 years ago), I'm very very excited to show you all of these again.
To celebrate the 50% off sale coming back, I have four polishes to show you that I think everybody should have because they're just stunning, and again tend to not be talked about because of some of the all-star polishes that have been released after these guys. 
  • Catherine - regal and rich eggplant purple with a pewter shimmer. The shimmer is quite strong in this and translates on to the nail very strongly as well. Within the pewter shimmer are little speckles of blue and pink. This is opaque in 2 coats.
  • Catherine H. - dusty blue with a very very pale gold, almost silver, shimmer that has speckles of pink as well. This is opaque in 2 coats and always reminded me of the riche fabrics used to make all of those amazing dresses the Queens of England wore. Also, if you watched The Tudors, does this totally remind you of Catherine H's dress she wore while celebrating all her gifts given by her ladies? And while she giggled through the palace? It totally reminds me of that. 
  • Jane - warm nude with a very delicate lacing of gold shimmer. The shimmer is really hard to detect indoors but out in the sunlight, it's really beautifully evident. Not "IN YO FACE SHIMMER" but very elegant, and very Jane Seymour (at least The Tudors depiction of Jane Seymour). This was opaque in 2 coats. 
  • Stormy - gray creme with a slightly more warm tinge than a cool tinge to it. It's super opaque, almost a one coater. It's also a slightly darker shade of gray as well.

I'm eventually going to show you guys other swatches of RBL polishes I have, but I wanted to show you these first because they're still available on the RBL site and will be available during the sale tomorrow.
The sale runs on 11/17/13 ONLY from 12pm-5pm Eastern Standard Time (New York City, USA). Everything will be 50% off, which will make everything very affordable for those of you on a budget. For those of you that aren't, you'll be able to expand your collection twice as well now lol. 

Catherine H.



New Video! OPI & China Glaze Holiday 2013 - Swatches & Review!


OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 Swatches & Review!

I just posted the China Glaze Holiglaze collection swatches and mentioned that if you're looking for a more traditional holiday collection then you're going to want to look at this one. This collection, which was another collaboration with Mariah Carey, is a much more glitzy, girly, and purely Christmas collection. 
In it's entirety, the OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 collection has 18 polishes, 6 of them being new Liquid Sand colors and 12 of them being "regular" finish colors. The collection is a very solid holiday collection with a nice set of reds, glitters and shimmers.
Given that I have way too many reds, especially by OPI, I ended up with three of the Liquid Sands, one red, all the glitters and one shimmer. 
The colors I purchased were:
  • All Sparkly and Gold - warm but still antique gold shimmer. It's in a clear base and the pieces of gold are shards of glitter. Very beautiful, and like the less molten version of Goldeneye from last year's Skyfall collection. I'm pretty in love with it. It's opaque in 3 coats and goes on very smoothly.
  • My Favorite Ornament - cool, platinum type of gold. This is also in a clear base and is very similar in finish to All Sparkly and Gold. Again a total love from this collection. It's seriously SO beautiful and I'm for sure going to pickup a backup :) Again it's opaque in 3 coats.
  • Ski Slope Sweetie - white shimmer with a gold glass fleck. It's really similar to China Glaze's White Cap from last year as well as Jesse's Girl's Firefly. This has a much smoother shimmer though. Very pretty and elegant. Opaque in 3 to 4 coats.
  • Underneath The Mistletoe - red jelly with red, magenta and silver glitter. I'm pretty surprised and happy that OPI made a red like this. I originally purchased this based off of OPI's very vague swatches, that made it look like a dupe for Smitten With Mittens. However although it isn't a dupe, it's very different than all the other reds OPI has released recently. In this collection there's a dark, a creme and a shimmery red, and those are sort of the standard finishes OPI releases reds in. I like that they stepped out of their comfort zone and came out with a jelly red with glitter. It's a nice holiday color and it also makes for a nice change. This is opaque in three coats.
  • Wonderous Star - this is the same glitter that you see in My Favorite Ornament but also includes small hexagonal pieces of black glitter. It's very different and very... edgy chic? It's sort of like a mix of edgy girly girl with the black glitter and the super sparkly glitter. This is for sure not going to be a polish for everybody because the black glitter is going to throw some people off, but I quite like it. It's opaque in 3 coats, and the black glitter shows through so it looks sort of like little kiwi seeds mixed in. 
  • Silent Stars Go By - Liquid Sand in a pale, rosey nude shade. It's got a beautiful silver shimmer running through it and a nice silver hex dispersed throughout it. It's opaque in 3 coats. It's just so pretty! I think it'll be a good "office" color that's subtly colored but up close super blingy. Crazy chic and gorgeous.
  • Make Him Mine - Liquid Sand in a bronzey rose-gold shade. Has the same shimmer as Silent Stars Go By.
  • Baby Please Come Home - Liquid Sand in a darker plummy purple. It's like Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre in Illusoire, just in nail polish form. I die for this color. Again, same silver shimmer and just absolutely beautiful.
OPI Colors are available at salons and stores like Ulta. You can also purchase on Ulta's website. They retail for about $8-9 and this collection is out now in stores.
I absolutely am in love with this collection - it's sort of my personality and aesthetic in a polish collection. If there was some random teal, then it'd be complete. The very romantic colors absolutely mesh with me and I, again, completely am in love with this collection. The other colors are pretty classic OPI as well - the other Liquid Sands include a black, a silver, and a blue. The reds are very easily compatible with everybody, with a dark and cherry creme, and some shimmery reds. There's also a smokey brownish black color in a shimmery base that's quite lovely if you're looking for a dark shade.

What do you guys think? Have you purchased any of them?

Silent Stars Go By

Make Him Mine

Baby Please Come Home

All Sparkly and Gold

My Favorite Ornament

Ski Slope Sweetie

Underneath The Mistletoe

Wonderous Star

Friday, November 15, 2013

China Glaze Happy Holiglaze 2013 Swatches!

Happy holiday season everybody! Technically holiday season doesn't start until December, but for the beauty world, it basically starts in September. Remember when holiday collections came out in November? Well generally now they come out the first week of October. I'm not complaining though because I love the holidays.
China Glaze's holiday collection this year is the Happy Holiglaze collection. It comes with 12 colors, and you'll notice that this year it's much less focused on Christmas colors and more focused on like... party colors. It's a nice change for those who a) don't celebrate Christmas or b) tire of the same sort of collections every year. If you're looking for good, standard holiday colors, you'll want to check out the OPI Mariah Carey colors, which I have a post of here :D
They also released a "Holiday Travel Iridescent Lacquer" which wasn't directly advertised with the Happy Holiglaze collection but you can find it on etailers like 8ty8Beauty. Also, I mention this in the video, but I have a different top coat as well which I mistakenly though was part of the Holiglaze collection but it's not - it was originally released with the Breast Cancer Awareness colors for this year, so I have that to show you as well.
I didn't purchase all of the Holiglaze colors - there were like two that I didn't purchase because I just wasn't that into the colors. Here are the colors I did buy though:
  • All Wrapped Up - blue toned purple microglitter in a clear base. The formula of this is pretty much exactly the same as the Nubar Sparkle glitters that were released a few years ago. I absolutely love this type of glitter because it's very finely milled and thus layers really wonderfully. The base also isn't thick so you can get a fully opaque glitter on your nails with 3-4 coats without it getting majorly thick on your nail. 
  • Be Merry, Be Bright - clear base with a red hex glitter and a bluish-purple glitter. This one really reminds me of a glitter combo by Lynnderella or other indie brands. It's definitely outside of the standard comfort zone of glitters by major polish brands and I was surprised to see this. China Glaze has been coming out with more "innovative" (i.e. indie like) glitters in their last few collections so I was happy they continued this trend. It's not super unique if you have any indie polishes but for those of you that don't, this will be an easy way to find a unique glitter for your collection. This is definitely meant to be a top coat so it goes thick with 3 coats if you try to get full glitter coverage on the nail. The glitter pickup with one coat is really nice though.
  • Bells Will Be Blinging - clear base with an aqua microglitter, holo bar glitter, and gold hex glitter. This is sort of like a combination of all the Hanukkah colors you'll see at CVS all in a bottle. It's sort of in-between a top coat and a color meant to be worn on it's own so you get full color opacity at 3 coats but it also gets a little thick.  
  • Just Be-Claws - red shimmer with a red micro-glass fleck. It's almost a foil, however not quite. I hesitate to call it a foil because it's not a true foil, and not super super metallic if you look at it closely. There's no "tin" like feeling to it which I associate with foils, so I'm calling it a shimmer lol. The color is a rich and vibrant Christmas-ribbon red. This is one of two red polishes from mainstream holiday collections that I purchased, and this was purely based off the fact that I love shimmery reds. I think I purchase a shimmery red every year. Not that I need them. It's just a really beautiful and perfectly holiday red, and with that added interesting finish I'm even more in love with it. It's opaque in 2 coats.
  • Mingle With Kringle - gold version of Just Be-Claws. This one is much closer to a foil because it's got more of a metallic finish but it's still got like a micro-fleck in it. This is a warmer gold than other gold polishes I own and I think it'll also be great for nail art and stamping. 
  • Put A Bow On It - berry toned purple micro-glitter with the same formula as All Wrapped Up. This one is very similar to Nubar's Petunia Sparkle, maybe a little less vibrant. 
  • So Blue Without You - bold blue with the same formula as Just Be-Claws. This is also slightly more of a foil than Just Be-Claws. There's a slight silver like frost to it which makes it more of a foil. This was super opaque and you can almost get away with 1 coat. 
  • This Is Tree-Mendous - green microglitter with gold mixed in. Now, usually the green glitter in China Glaze's holiday collections are my favorite. Every year for the past 4 years they've come out with green glitters that have become some of my absolute favorite greens, as well as China Glaze colors. This one falls short for me. It doesn't feel all that holiday like to me, and I feel like this is also nothing new for China Glaze. They had a green glitter like this last year, just a slightly darker shade of green. Last year's was also a more unique shade of green, and the formula of micro-glitter was much newer and thus felt more special. This color is definitely pretty and will be unique to you if you do not have that many green glitters from China Glaze, but for a collector it may not be all that special to you. I really wanted another green hit form China Glaze this year and was sad that this is what they came up with :/
  • Your Present Is Required - clear base with a mix of blue, purple, gold, orange and white hex glitter. This is not your standard rainbow mix of glitter which has become super super popular - it's much more New Year's Eve feeling in that it's a darker mix of glitter and really feels like confetti. This is surprisingly very dense as a glitter so you will easily be able to wear it on it's own but you can also wear it as a top coat. 
  • There's Snow One Like You (Texture) - the sole Texture (China Glaze's version of the Liquid Sand). This is a matte white with pieces of white hex. It's definitely snow like on the nail and will be fun to use now and in the future for nail art and snow effects on the nails. You guys know I'm not a fan of the matte liquid sand effect on the nail but the white hex is what made me want to purchase this one. It gives it much more dimension and give it less of a plaster look on the nail.
And the two other polishes:
  • Travel In Colour Top Coat - color shifting glass gleck that goes from gold to pink and has speckles of blue and purple. I've layered it on it's own as well as over black so you can see the effect of the shimmer. I absolutely love this. I've been in such a shimmer kick recently and am glad China Glaze released a top coat you can layer over any of the polishes you own. It's so pretty!
  • This One's For You - clear base with that same shimmer in Travel in Colour but also has iridescent pieces of glitter mixed in. This is for sure what I wanted all of those snow-globe glitters released last year to be like. The formula for this is much smoother, and I think because of the shimmer, goes on much more evenly and doesn't feel clumpy. It's beautiful and I may pick up another as a backup. It gives really nice shimmer and dimension to polishes you layer it over and will give an unexpected twist to any creme polish you may have. This was released with their Breast Cancer colors this year.
Overall, I think the main theme of this year's Holiglaze collection was revolved around the feeling of "celebration." Again, I appreciate that they focused less on Christmas and more on just the joyous holiday feeling. I do, however really love Christmas themed collections so I was definitely surprised to see this mix from China Glaze this year. In the past OPI's Burlesque and Muppets collections sort of that that same multi-color "celebratory" feel so I also feel like it's about time China Glaze has done the same thing. Also, I feel like another theme in this collection, as well as this entire year from all of the other mainstream brans, is the idea of texture on the nail. Obviously there are the liquid sand colors that bring literal texture to the nail, but also the idea of mixing finishes and materials within a collection has been huge this year and is clearly represented in the Happy Holiglaze collection as well. There are three different types of glitter in this collection, as well as shimmers that aren't your standard shimmers. Bringing character through your nails, with different textures and finishes (like the metallics and duochromes which were also huge this last year) has been much easier recently and I completely appreciate that mainstream brands are now realizing the endless potential that nail polish has as an accessory, and not just a beauty product.
China Glaze is available at Ulta and Sallys as well as salons and retails for about $7. On etailers online like 8ty8Beauty you can purchase them for between $3 and $4. 
Have you guys purchased any of these yet? What do you think?

Travel in Colour Top Coat

This One's For You

There's Snow One Like You

All Wrapped Up

Be Merry, Be Bright

Be Merry, Be Bright

Bells Will Be Blinging

Bells Will Be Blinging

Just Be-Claws

Mingle With Cringle

Put A Bow On It

So Blue Without You

This Is Tree-Mendous

Your Present Is Required

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As I'm typing I'm also uploading a giveaway onto YouTube - it's the second part of my 5k Giveaway. BUT, I wanted to formally thank all of you a million bajillion times because I was selected as the final YouTube Reviewer for Rescue Beauty Lounge!
I'm just shocked and feel very blessed that so many of you voted for me and that I'm in such prestigious nail blogging company. The four bloggers that got selected are some of my absolute favorites and I'm just.... shocked :)))))))) You guys are the reason for this - for voting and for keeping me going through all of this and I can NOT thank you all enough!
I'll be getting back into posting more blog posts as my health goes back up and my schoolwork takes a temporary break for Thanksgiving. I've got some good things to show you guys and I'm just overall very very excited :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and again THANK YOU ALL for everything you do :)


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Guys! Voting is open NOW!

Voting to be a Rescue Beauty Lounge Reviewer is open NOW :) Click here to vote for me! Voting goes for 24 hours!

Thank you!

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Deborah Lippmann Let It Bleed - HBO True Blood Forsaken Collection

Last August, Deborah Lippmann released a collection of items all inspired by the HBO show True Blood. Being a mega True Blood fan and a mega Deborah Lippmann fan, I was totally determined to purchase all of the items. I got a few of the nail products, in the end, and have been loving them ever since I got them.
I don't actually think I've shown you them on my nails though, so in the summer I ended up putting on Let It Bleed again and loved it. I do apologize for the not so great photo though - I took the photo in a pinch before I ended up doing a ton of house work so my nails got ruined after that. 
Let It Bleed is a dark, vampy burgundy red with a jelly formula. It actually dries to have the Forsaken fragrance. In case you didn't know, Deborah Lippmann also released a perfume which is very spicy, sexy and heavy. It's not really my sort of scent, so I didn't purchase the perfume, but it's nice to get a glimpse of it with this polish.
The formula os a great jelly formula - opaque in three coats and flows onto the nail really nicely. 
You can actually still purchase some of these items on Deborah Lippmann's website as well as the HBO website, if you're still interested :)

NOTW: OPI "Hey! Get In Lime!"

In the summer I went and got a manicure and was browsing the rack when this vibrant green OPI caught my eye. I knew it was a little too dark for it to be Gargantuan Green Grape, but also couldn't think of what it could possibly be, because I have a LOT of OPI colors.
I looked at the label and it said "Hey! Get In Lime!" and I hadn't heard of it so I decided to get it done on my nails so I could share it with you guys. After a little Googling, I figured out it's a very old polish and for sure NOT in their collection anymore, so you'll have to do some searching if you're interested in it.
It's a bright, clover green color with an almost neon finish. It's super vibrant and a great spring green color. It's like a shade darker than China Glaze's Re-Fresh Mint.
They applied three coats of this over OPI's Nail Envy and under a mystery top coat. It lasted like this for 3 days, when I finally got that tiny baby chip on my ring finger. Not bad, right?
If you have a color that seems similar to this, I'd love to know :) Comment down below with any possible dupes :D

Wicked Polish Swatches - Pink Eye & Prowling

After I show you guys these two polishes, I've officially showed you all of the polishes available on Wicked Polish's site. I'm excited, are you?? Aside from the limited edition ones that are going to be released in Llarowe's monthly boxes, I now have every Wicked Polish item and I'm pretty stoked on that. She actually just released one with Llarowe's box, and I was (happily, for my sake) not in need of that polish because it was a black glitter so wasn't too sad when I didn't purchase the box. 
Anyways, getting back to the point, I have the final two polishes from her site to show you today. I actually purchased these months ago during a restock on her site, and was just in the middle of a million life things that I never ended up posting these.
  • Pink Eye (Pestilence Collection) - baby pink creme base with large pink, white and silver pieces of hexagonal glitter. This layers really nicely and is opaque in 2 coats.
  • Prowling (What Happens In Vegas Collection) - medium blue jelly base with opalescent blue, dark blue, holo and silver star glitter. It's also glow in the dark, and glows a really pretty blue color. This one took three coats to become opaque.
Pink Eye is $10 on and Prowling is $11, probably because of the glow and the dark that's in it. Make sure you follow Wicked Polish on Instagram and Facebook as well as Harlow & Co because they announce restocks on their social media. Because the maker of Wicked Polish was in the middle of moving, her polishes are fairly coveted right now. However she's, I think, fairly settled now so her polishes are getting easier to purchase because there are going to be more frequent restocks. 
All of the posts I've written about Wicked Polishes are filed under the tag "Wicked Polish" so if you click it (on the bottom of this post as well as under the "Labels" sidebar on the right) you'll find swatches of all the other polishes :)

Pink Eye


Monday, November 4, 2013

Enchanted Polish Swatches: Time To Pretend Collection - Electric Feel, Future Reflections, The Youth

I've gone back and forth with myself a few times on whether or not I wanted to post these swatches. I finally decided I'd share with you guys just because I really truly love these polishes, even though they're so hard to purchase and they end up going for a fortune on eBay.
Over the past year, Enchanted Polish has exploded and basically become the most coveted indie brand out there. It's insanity during the restocks, on her site as well as stockists and the polishes have caused a lot of grief. However, there's totally a reason for it because these polishes are phenomenal.
The three polishes I have here are part of the Time To Pretend Collection, which is a full collection of duochromes and with holos. I have the other three now as well, and will eventually post those too, but for how you get three of them :)
  • Electric Feel - I've already posted a NOTW of this, so you probably have already seen this on my blog. It's a golden lemon that shifts to a soft lime green. The holo is super strong.
  • Future Reflections - turquoise that shifts through blue to purple and almost a magenta. Also has a super strong holo.
  • The Youth - light lime green that shifts to a strong pink color with a holo.
When compared to the Imagine Collection, which are also duochrome holos, these polishes are much less chrome than the Imagine. These are more like shimmers that shift, versus the Imagine colors seem more metallic, if that makes sense. The holos in these are also much stronger and much more linear.
Formula wise these have a slight jelly feel to them - they go on slightly translucent on the first coat but are pretty much opaque in 2 coats.
These are $15 each on Enchanted Polish's store. Make sure you follow her on Facebook and Instagram so you'll have up to date notifications on when they're going to be restocked!

Electric Feel

Electric Feel

Future Reflections

Future Reflections

The Youth

The Youth

Electric Feel / The Youth / Future Reflections
with flash

Electric Feel / The Youth / Future Reflections
indoors, natural light

Jo Malone Perfume Review!

For about six months now Jo Malone perfumes have been all the rage on YouTube. I'm a big fan of perfumes, especially the girly and flowery ones so I've been eyeing these for a while.
They're quite expensive, and very high end. What made me really want to try them wasn't because they're just flowery perfumes, but the fact that they're known for having very pure scents. A lot of high end perfumes are very complicated scents with layers and layers of different notes. After browsing through the Jo Malone site, all of the perfumes they offer are basically one or two main notes with very subtle undertones. It reminds me of a more expensive L'Occitane. 
I purchased mine off of the Jo Malone website - other places to purchase them are at high end department stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales. Generally I'm pretty hesitant to purchase perfumes that I had never smelled before online, but because of the simplicity of the scents I felt comfortable with ordering them.
As far as pricing goes, these are the most expensive perfumes I've ever purchased, and I'm happy I bought them but every time I use them I remember how expensive they are and end up wanting to use less of them. The small sizes that I bought, which are 30ml each were $60. It's about 1 fl oz. The full sizes are $115 and are 100ml, or about 3.4 fl oz. That's about twice as expensive as any standard perfume. 
The perfumes I bought were:
  • Orange Blossom: fresh orange smell over a very gentle floral. The Jo Malone site says it's water lily - it's not a sweet floral but more of an earthy floral. It really does smell like an orange orchard. It's ridiculous. It's very feminine but springy. It's a great daytime scent, especially in the Spring and Summer because it's quite light. I originally saw this on Amarixe's channel and she raved about it. She's big into citrus scents I think, so I trust her judgement when it comes to citrus perfumes. As far as I can tell it's not a limited edition scent.
  • Peony & Blush Suede: this is a slightly heavier scent. It's a very strongly feminine floral with a slight baby powder light scent to it. It's for sure a very girly scent, and a good transition scent from Summer to Fall. I'm definitely not one to usually like baby powder type scents but this one I ended up liking because it's not too strongly powdery. It adds a little bit of depth to the Peony to give it a little bit more complexity, but doesn't push it over the edge. I actually really love this one and am sad because it's limited edition. I don't want to buy a backup because they're so expensive so I'm rationing it off!
Both of these perfumes linger on me all day, although on my friend Holly they don't seem to linger so it's definitely dependent on body chemistry, as all perfumes are. They tend to stick really well to clothes as well, which is really nice because some perfumes really don't do that, especially Eau de Toilette scents versus Eau de Parfums. 
I definitely want to explore the line more but it's going to have to be a planned investment because they're so expensive. I really wish these didn't cost so much because they're amazing perfumes. Shipping, packaging and quality wise they're amazing though so I guess you get what you pay for. 
Have any of you tried any Jo Malone products? If not, what are you favorite perfumes?