Saturday, January 11, 2014

Holiday Nails: Blue & White Holiday Sweater Pattern inspired by MrCandiiPants & Coewless

So I'm going to start re-capping my Holiday manicures before I go back to showing you all my old manicures before the holidays (there's still about 4 that I have to show you).
The first Holiday manicure was a blue and white and glitter manicure completely inspired by Coewless. She is a super amazing nail artist I found on Instagram - here's her original photo. It's the most surreally awesome white and blue sweater pattern that she did by hand (!). I was really inspired by it so tried to recreate it and failed. Then tried again to make it more simple, and failed again. Then on my third try went super super simple and ended up with the white, blue and red pattern up above.
Tired of trying to do white nail art lol, I added a glitter accent on my middle finger for my left hand. The base color is Essie's After School Boy Blazer which is a very deep inky navy creme color. The glitter I layered was OPI's The Living Daylights from the Skyfall collection and China Glaze's This Ones For You. I thought it looked snowy as well as Christmas light like. I liked the effect of the two glitters together.
On my left hand I didn't dare try to create that pattern again so I went with MrCandiiPants' Herringbone nail art. It's super simple, and super easy and I liked the white on the navy again.
This manicure was on for about a week before I switched to the next holiday mani. :)

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  1. gorgeous! The combo on your middle finger is especially stunning :)