Sunday, February 23, 2014

NOTW: Team USA, Team Canada and Team Japan Olympic Nails!

Since the Olympics are ending today, I thought this was actually the last appropriate day for me to post this mani I did inspired by Team USA and Team Canada.
Personally, I cheered for Team Canada (because I LOVE Canada) but was also very proud of the US and Japan. What made it very easy was that the US, Canada and Japan share colors on their flag so I could represent all three countries in one manicure :D
For the US:
- OPI Keeping Suzi At Bay
- Deborah Lippmann Today Was A Fairytale
- Girly Bits Canadian, Eh?

For Canada/Japan:
- OPI Vodka & Caviar
- OPI Lights of Emerald City
- Girly Bits Canadian, Eh?

For The US nails I just did simple layering. For the Canada/Japan nails I jelly sandwiched the glitters between Vodka & Caviar and LOVED it. It was the perfect Red & White nail and I was pretty stoked.
I hope you've all been well :) Also I hope you all had a fabulous time watching the Olympics, like I did. That was the direct reason why I went all radio silence for 2 weeks. Before that I had school crap I had to deal with (I know, it's the same excuse again) but also I was feeling a little down and discouraged about all this internet stuff.
Regardless, I'm starting to feel better about it again and I have this major backlog of posts I have to sort through soooooo here's to more blogging :D
Oh and last thing - YES CANADA WONNNNNNNNNN THE MEN'S HOCKEY GOLD MEDAL! My boys did it. And I had 100% faith in them the entire time (and it felt realy good to say I TOLD YOU SO to people at work lol). Patty and Pickles did so well, and Sid came through in the end like he always does ♥ I'm also very proud of Pavs and Nemo but also the women's team from Japan. I'm pretty happy about the Olympics (as always). 

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