Saturday, July 12, 2014

Butter London The Black Knight | Swatches & Review

My last Butter London polish! Actually I have 2 more, but since I swatched these there hasn't been enough sun out to photograph the last two (holos) and do them justice. Or at least present them they way they should be seen.
So today, I have The Black Knight, which is a black jelly base with magenta, blue, red, green, and silver pieces of microglitter suspended within it.
I have the most love-hate relationship with this polish. It's a little ridiculous.
When you first open this polish, it actually applies fairly well. There's a little bit of drag and a little patchiness but it's not too bad. It evens out in two coats and for a really nice amount of depth, three coats will give you a cool galaxy like finish on the nail. Three coats does get a little thick though so I'd actually recommend doing a black creme with one to two coats of this on top. It dries with little to no shine on it's own so you definitely need a top coat. But when you do put on a top coat, it's so so so pretty.
My issue really comes along later because the end result of the polish on your nails so far squashes all of those tiny issues I have with it as a new polish. When you end up using this polish two to three times, it gets gloopy really fast. This polish dries out very quickly and becomes the biggest pain in the ass. It makes me so sad because this is the only polish of it's kind that at least I have so I deal with it. It's just an expensive polish and annoying to see it go bad so quickly.
This is the polish I used for the base of my first Hunger Games manicure, which is still one of my favorite manicures of all time.
I love this polish, I really do, but the formula is just so lame :\
Butter London polishes are sold at Ulta, Nordstrom and other department stores.

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  1. This is beautiful, what a shame, would you consider putting thinner in it? It may be redeemable. I only have one A England and it was thick when I got it. I used it only once and I can't remember if I added thinner before I put it away but I think I did. Jo x