Friday, July 11, 2014

Butter London Gobsmacked | Swatches & Review!

Here's some glitter for your Friday evening, to take you into the weekend :)
This is Gobsmacked by Butter London. I picked this up originally because I didn't have a glitter in this shade. It was unique to me and to all the other brands that I have previously seen. Usually this sort of gunmetal color comes in the shimmer/metallic variety, so it was nice to see this color represented in an individual way.
Unfortunately, like most of the glitters I have from Butter London, this didn't apply the best. It's a clear base with a microglitter, so I wanted it to apply really well on it's own as well as over another polish, like Nubar, Rescue Beauty Lounge or China Glaze has been able to do with their microglitters.
Just like previous microglitters I've shown you from Butter London, the base is on the thicker side so there were issues with layering multiple coats of this polish. It works great as a single coat though - you'll get a decent amount of glitter on the nail but still be able to see the base color underneath.
This photo has three coats of the polish, and it looks glittery and nice but it took quite a bit of fidgeting to make it look presentable.
Butter London is available at Ulta, Nordstrom and other department stores.

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