Saturday, August 23, 2014

Essie Vanity Fairest | Swatches & Review

The second color I have for you today is the end of the creamy, off white, bridal pinks I have.
Vanity Fairest is a really light bridal pink with a very fine shimmer running through it. It's got a slight jelly finish and is a sheer polish by nature. The photo above is 3 coats on the nail.
It's a nice step away from the bridal pinks with the added shimmer, that isn't a frosty or pearly tacky mess on the nail. The shimmer that comes up looks very delicate and is a very modern shimmer.
From far away it's definitely your standard pink sheer color but up close you can really see the shimmer and it's beautiful :)
This is definitely a color I highly recommend to people because it's very easy to work with and is a great, clean shade for the nails.
Essie polishes retail for about $8 and $9 in the US, in all drugstores.

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