Monday, August 25, 2014

Essie Muchi, Muchi | Swatches & Review

This is my last true pink in my Essie collection. The other pink tones are on the coral side.
Muchi, Muchi is a bright pink creme with warm undertones. Sort of bubblegum like, and very very girly.
Formula wise, it's a little thick and a little finicky. At 2 coats, its still patchy but at 3 coats it gets fairly thick and starts to get hard to work with. The photo above shows 3 coats, and you can see the thickness. 
It's honestly not my favorite shade of pink on my skintone, and since it was a little difficult to work with, it's not really my favorite polish and not one I would recommend right of the bat. Off the top of my head, I can see a few polishes from OPI or China Glaze that I would prefer over this one. Since this shade of pink is fairly popular in salons, it's an easy color to find elsewhere, should you choose to follow my advice ;)
Essie polishes are available at all drugstores, and retail for between $8 and $9 across the US. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Essie Fiji | Swatches & Review!

I have my first fully opaque Essie polish for you guys this afternoon :)
Essie's Fiji is sort of a cult classic amongst YouTubers nowadays - it's an opaque light pink creme with a great color payoff and a super shiny finish.
The photo above shows 3 coats, and you can see that it's a little heavy on the nail. 2 coats is plenty with this polish. It's formula is a very smooth, and very opaque and glides onto the nail really easily.
I really don't have very many bad things to say about this polish - the worst thing I think is if you layer too much of the polish on, then it gets thick, as you can see above.
Essie polishes are available at drugstores, and retail for $8-$9 across the US.

Essie Mademoiselle | Swatches & Review

Hey guys!
Next stop on the Essie swatch-a-thon is Mademoiselle. Mademoiselle is a light pink jelly - sort of like the pink version of Marshmallow.
The photo above is 3 coats on the nail. Instead of an off-white creme that gives the creamy look on the nail, Mademoiselle gives off a pink tint, but still looks very healthy and clean on the nails.
Mademoiselle dries down super shiny and can be layered to 4 coats for a fully opaque pink color but I personally love the slightly sheer pink look with this polish.
This is a great color to wear if you're going on vacation, fyi, because when it chips, it won't be as noticeable. Well, it won't be as noticeable for light to medium skin tones. This color actually blends fairly well with my skintone.
As a jelly, it'll work great for jelly manicure polishes, and this will also work great for french manicures, if you're into them.
Essie polishes retail for $8 to $9 at Drugstores across the US.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Essie Vanity Fairest | Swatches & Review

The second color I have for you today is the end of the creamy, off white, bridal pinks I have.
Vanity Fairest is a really light bridal pink with a very fine shimmer running through it. It's got a slight jelly finish and is a sheer polish by nature. The photo above is 3 coats on the nail.
It's a nice step away from the bridal pinks with the added shimmer, that isn't a frosty or pearly tacky mess on the nail. The shimmer that comes up looks very delicate and is a very modern shimmer.
From far away it's definitely your standard pink sheer color but up close you can really see the shimmer and it's beautiful :)
This is definitely a color I highly recommend to people because it's very easy to work with and is a great, clean shade for the nails.
Essie polishes retail for about $8 and $9 in the US, in all drugstores.

Essie Adore-A-Ball | Swatches & Review!

Good morning everyone!
As I go through some of these really neutral shades, you'll see exactly how close a lot of these colors really are.
Yesterday I showed you Ballet Slippers, and I mentioned how a lot of Essie's line is very similar to that color. This is an example of that.
Adore-A-Ball is a creamy off white with a pink tint to it. Compared to Ballet Slippers, this has a slightly less beige tone to it. But it's very slight. Slight enough to make no difference but a huge difference at the same time.
Although I don't think a normal person needs this many shades of bridal off white cremes, the perfect shade can sometimes be hard to find, depending on your skintone and such. For me, that's the virtue of a brand having so many different shades of off white.
Formula wise, Adore-A-Ball is slightly less jelly-like than Ballet Slippers was, but still has a sheer and almost squishy look to the polish when dry. The polish is fully opaque in 4 coats, but again just like Ballet Slippers, you can get two coats of a decent color coverage with clean looking nails.
Essie polishes are available at drugstores and retail for between $8 and $9 in the US.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Essie Ballet Slippers | Swatches & Review!

Next Essie swatch? Ballet Slippers!
I did a NOTW post of Ballet Slippers a few years ago, and it's actually one of my most viewed posts. It's a mediocre photo in that old post though, so this is another reason why I'm updating my swatches with better photos.
Ballet Slippers is a slightly jelly textured off white with a pink tinge. Much like Marshmallow, it takes 4 coats to get to full opacity. With 2 coats, you can get a pretty decent color coverage that makes your nails look clean and healthy. It's a great bridal color, work color, and a color for neutral lovers. It's one of those quintessential celebrity colors - they all like to wear that milky, creamy color on their nails.
This polish was one of the first Essie polishes that I had bought, way long ago, and is still a go to color for me when I'm in the mood for neutrals. It also happens to be a color that Essie used to specialize in, a few years back, when their brand was more known for bridal colors than for the brights it's recently been producing so much of. If you went up to an Essie display 3 years ago, and actually even still today, I probably wouldn't be able to just pick Ballet Slippers out of the display with full confidence.
I do really love this color though and again, it's a go to color for me.
Essie polishes are available at all drugstores and retail for between $8 and $9 in the US.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Essie Marshmallow | Swatches & Review!

Hey hey!
I'm back from a week in Southern California, and I'm going to start posting my Essie swatches for you all :)
We're going to start with Marshmallow, which is one of the lightest colors that Essie offers in it's core line.
Marshmallow is a milky white jelly, without any shimmer or added pearlesence. I originally bought Marshmallow to use for jelly sandwich manicures. Glitter gets slightly mattified under the milky color and looks so cool under a coat of Marshmallow.
In the photo, I used 4 coats of Marshmallow to get to full opacity. As you can see, it looks really squishy but on the thicker side. It's almost a pure white, but with the jelly finish it almost has a slight tint of cream to it.
This is one of those colors that I think would be a great bridal color - because it's sheer nature, if you use about 2 coats of this, you'll get a nice amount of coverage to hide any imperfections in your nails, but you'll get a decent amount of color on your nails to mimic the look of healthy, manicured nails.
Essie polishes are available at all drugstores and retail for between $8 and $9 in the US.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge Italian Summer | Swatches & Review!

The whiff of cool ocean breezes tickling your hair and the gleaming sun kissing and embracing your skin as you deeply breathe in the fragrances of flowers in full bloom, this, to me, had always symbolized summer. 
My husband and I, we’re earnest creatures of habit, but last summer we decided to abandon the norm (St Barth’s) and head to Venice and Sorrento, Italy. Venice is beautiful, however, it is THE tourists’ destination. Although my husband and I are usually failures when it comes to crowds, monuments and activities, we dove right in. We got lost in narrow twisted streets surrounded by beautiful ancient buildings, we listened to the flapping of laundry hanging from the windows above, they waved cheerfully like flags of pride and welcome. I’ve broken out in toothy smiles, despite my seasickness, while watching the gondoliers in their red and white striped shirts. They appear in their hats and guitars serenading everyone, making amours—I could not believe that they still existed outside of those old Tom & Jerry cartoons (YUP, I’m that old—do kids today still watch that show?). It is so hard to describe the water—in certain lights it appears to be a sea green, and then it can change to look more like green tea. We walked endlessly, navigating the crowds, taking selfies and drinking gallons of effervescent Prosecco. Afterwards, it was time for our annual vitamin D intake by the sea and to bake ourselves dark—Sorrento here we come! 
When we arrived at Naples, three gel-­‐slicked-­‐haired Italian boys were huddled by their scooters smoking cigarettes. They were dressed to kill, dark sunglasses and all while drinking Fanta (Fanta?). On our way to the hotel, the traffic was bumper to bumper due to all the locals driving to the Amalfi Coast. We finally arrived at the hotel, which sat atop a cliff. As we looked at our majestic view, the combination of rosemary and blooming Jasmine intoxicated my senses. Italy just smells different in an “I want to bottle this” kind of way. I love their honest, no-­‐frills delicious food and the warm people who are quick to laugh loudly. What impressed me the most is that Italians love their bodies no matter what shape and size, they don’t wear cover ups, and even 70-­‐year-­‐old men walked around in tiny Speedos, strutting around with their arms around their women. Italians are perfectly seasoned life enjoyers. Below our hotel by the ocean, we dined at restaurants sitting on intimate tight chairs on small decks. We baked ourselves in the sun and read our books under umbrellas. We ate and drank with gusto, and the next thing you know, just as in every vacation, the time flew. We had to say our goodbyes to all the people who had been feeding and caring for us, but when I got home, I couldn’t stop thinking about that Italian summer. Here are some of the colors which captivated me. 

The video above with have my full thoughts and review on the collection, so check it out :D Below are the swatches of all of the colors, but before I do that, let me give you the links to ALL the amazing bloggers giving coverage on this collection as well!

Also click here to check out Ji's Blog! 

Pre-Order starts MONDAY 8/11/14 at 12pm EST (9am PST) 

Here are my swatches, with descriptions from Ji's Press Release :) Enjoy!
Gelato Al Cioccolato: I promise I will stop my obsession with anything that has to do with a taupe-­‐brown goodness, but what can I say? When I tried the gelato from Venice (and it had been about a decade since my last Chocolate Gelato—I know, not a huge chocolate fan, and yes, I’m human) I was mesmerized by its taste and color. When I was mixing this color, there were definitely times it looked good enough to eat.

Bicicletta: In Sorrento, while strolling by the sea, I saw a precious, dark-­‐haired little girl in a bikini riding a bike with training wheels. The bike was pale pink and it sparkled and twinkled in the sun, the matching streamers flying along with the girl’s confident peddling. I was reminded of my own six-­‐year-­‐old self; this was the exact color I had longed for instead of my own lime-­‐green bike! This pale pink polish has micro glitters that will make you think of sugar and summertime.

Gondoliere: Yes, I do adore those red and white stripe-­‐shirted gondoliers floating around the canals in Venice. Gondoliere is the most vibrant orange-­‐based opaque glossy red nail polish I’ve ever mixed. It’s so sexy, yet classic at the same time. This has more of an orange base than Bangin, trust me, I tripped over myself endlessly comparing the two. This color is hot, like dreamy, steamy summer nights.

Oliveto: Did you know that Italian men climb ladders to carefully handpick olives for extra virgin olive oil? And that the olives that have the misfortune to be dropped on the floor are destined to become just plain olive oil? The smell of olive groves was something I want to smuggle back home. A wonderful multifaceted fading sun drenches those dancing, rustling olive trees. Oliveto is the perfect olive green that reflects the flash of rainbow and purple and periwinkle shimmers. It is a shimmery, yet less yellow version of No More War.

Motorini: If I ever learn how to drive a scooter, this would be the custom color I would mix for mine. A moodier, darker sister of our famed and playful Aqua Lily, this medium base of blue/aqua has a flash of surging fuchsia shimmer.

Meow Meow: During our nightly strolls you could smell the day’s catch on the shores, and out of every corner, bright green eyes flash at you from the cats protecting their food bank. This dark hunter green shows off a finely milled glitter. It’s almost like Burn The Evidence but with a black glitter that casts shadows, the way a dark cat’s fur might look in the moonlight.

Melanzane: I love eggplants. In the markets, in pastas, roasted, and I can stare at them all day just looking at their lush colors. I always see the various tones of purples, vivid green stems, and sometimes there is almost a hint of a bluish tint on their skins. This glitter polish is just like that, you’re going to stare at your nails all day long— wait — make that all week.

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