Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Daria Nail Paint | Swatches & Review!

Hi everyone! I'm back to hopefully posting regularly on this blog :)
I'm starting with some polishes sent to me by Daria of Daria's Nails - she created her own line of polishes and she let me pick out 3 polishes from her site to swatch and review for you.
I picked out three polishes that I really was excited for from her line - colors that were totally "me" and finishes that I was excited to test out.
I ended up with Hot Sun, In My Dreams, and Mermaid's Jewels. I have a full review and live swatch in the video above - so check it out!
You can purchase all her polishes HERE and check out her social media as well! -> Instagram & Facebook.
Hot Sun

In My Dreams

Mermaid's Jewels

Friday, October 16, 2015

Cirque Colors Meta Collection | Swatches & Review!

Hi everybody! I have the Cirque Colors Meta Collection for you guys today :) I just posted a review and swatch video (which is embedded above) and wanted to show you guys HD photos as well, because they're BEAUTIFUL!
The Meta Collection is a 5 piece Limited Edition collection of multi-chrome colors - but, instead of just being multi-chromes there's also a really delicate glass fleck that's in the polish as well. The effect is then the magic of the multi-chrome layered with the twinkly loveliness of a shimmer. It was a surprising and unique addition to the spectrum of multi-chromes and I totally wished there were more of them!
Cirque Colors is available here as well as through all of these stockists. These polishes retail for $15 each and again, they're Limited Edition so make sure you go pick them up before they're gone!
For a full review, check out the video above :) 
And here are the swatches!

 *****Cirque Colors provided these for review and consideration. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for my opinions. For more information on my review policies, please contact me at*****

Friday, October 9, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection 3.0 | Swatches & Review

Hi Everyone! New video for you, and it's a good one!
I have the Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection 3.0 for all of you today :) Just as every RBL video, I have a full swatch and review video. 
There were 7 finalists chosen and each finalist worked with Ji to create their dream polish. Read all about the inspiration at the end of this post. 
Here are everybody else's swatches!
As for everybody else's swatches, as always here are the links!


Introducing The Fan Collection 3.0 
How do we collectively convey our passionate fixation for nail polish? By dreaming up fantastical colors, knitting compelling stories, and obsessively entering our infamous fan collection submissions. This nail polish color love-a- thon is an absolute dream-catcher. Here they are, the seven winners from across the world—it’s my true privilege to create these treasured colors and to share this extraordinary journey with all of you. 

Ethereal: “It is reflected in a fleeting sunrise, the lining of a seashell, the bubbles of pink champagne in a gold-rimmed flute, the shimmering silk of a sari, the glow of a candle through a gossamer white curtain. Ethereal is elegant and infinitely wearable, but has the merest hint of flash. It’s a versatile polish that can be worn by anyone, for any occasion.”—Nancy’s Fantasy. 
This color truly reflects the inside of a seashell—shiny, with a mellow white mica and flashes of pink that swim through its slightly golden-gray shimmer—you can practically hear the waves by looking at the bottle. 

Electro Glacier: “This dream color would be an icy pastel blue/green with magical iridescent sparkles. It would be light and bright, never described as muted or dusty. More blue than Aqua Lily, and much lighter than Faraway, it is closer to the color of Bikini Bottom, but striking and opaque. I imagine the sparkle effect to be along the lines of Scrangie and NailsandNoms. Tiny, yet highly effective.” — Ashley’s #want 
Electro Glacier was the most challenging of the collection, requiring many variations (there were tons of non-stop mixing going on—making this the most demanding fan color thus far) and boy, am I glad we stuck with it! Creating an icy blue that would stay light, but still be a true blue, took some magic. This blue iridescent sparkly delight is jammed-packed with shine. 

Many Splendours: “...a night-sky black polish that, like Uluru, responds to its environment revealing fiery flashes of red orange from within. “Many Splendours” could be thought of as a darker sister to my beloved bottle of Piu Mosso, however, like the island that inspired her, she will be truly one of a kind.”— Angela’s envisage 
I am super technically challenged, but not one to give up. We focused on creating a lava-like color since black pigment by itself is very dense. I replaced the black matte glitter with gold and orange sparkles. This color dries to a matte. I’m really into this look, but one swipe of our super-shiny top coat (hyperlink) will transform Many Splendours into live, hot, molten danger. 

Golden Horn: This is a beautiful place in Istanbul where the Bosphorus makes an inlet. The idea is to have an off-white base (nothing too strong) with gold particles in it, similar to Naked Without Polish (which had a pink base). I love Naked Without Polish and I believe this can be a unique addition to your line. The particles should show through, so probably the base will not be 100% opaque. I love white & gold, I think it can be worn all year round, it is classy and chic.” – Sara’s Marvel.... 
This is a sophisticated, soft white mica base with a flash of lavender and golden flecks. It applies like a dream and yep—all year around and for every occasion. 

Sanguine: The color I crave is a juicy jelly a la Starfish Patrick with a bright, burgundy base. It is luminous, like Poco a Poco, illuminated by the soft, peached pink glow and subtle flashes of orange. The color is vibrant, bold, and spirited. At once bright and sparkling, mysterious and dark”. –Lygie’s craving. 
It isn’t technically possible for a jelly to hold shimmers and flashes, so we’ve altered the base to a smooth, gliding, non-streaky mica base, which we punched with sparkles. If (hyperlink) is raspberry, this is its brighter, sparkly cranberry cousin. 

Vixen by Sassy Shelly: ”I’m dreaming of a shade that (as of yet?) has been missing from the RBL spectrum. It’s rich and decadent and just dripping with luxury. A vivid magenta! A semi-translucent jelly, but one that is so drenched in color that it can become fully opaque in just a few coats. Its depth is filled with shimmer, a shimmer like (the first) Scrangie so deep you feel as though you could dive right in and swim around for hours. A magenta that almost glows from within with stunning teal and gold, sparkling, shining through its layers...”— Shelly’s Dream... 
There are so many shimmers in here that it’s almost ridiculously obscene—in a good way of course. This flawless formula waxes poetic on magenta while it perfectly embeds and traps the decadent, luxurious glimmers... 

GalaxSea: “Things that excite (and somewhat terrify) me are outer space and the sea. My inspiration for a new shade are those two extremes, as well as my favorite colors — multi-faceted shades of purple, blue, magenta– think fish scales. I love glitter in my polishes or sometimes a well-done shimmer makes an even bigger impact — think stars.” –Danielle’s Yearning... 
Ok. This might win top honors at a shimmer contest. It really reminds me of our long-ago Scrangie, but on steroids. This lavender base enmeshed with flecks of blue glass makes this formula glidingly, oh-so-easy to apply—it’s a win-win.

 *****Rescue Beauty Lounge provided these for review and consideration. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for my opinions. For more information on my review policies, please contact me at*****

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

OPI Starlight Collection - Holiday 2015 | FULL COLLECTION Swatches & Review!

Hi guys :D 
I know it's still September, but I got these in the mail about 10 days ago and wanted to get it up ASAP - it's the OPI Holiday collection for this year, the Starlight Collection! I saw promo shots for this over the summer and knew I was going to pick some up. To my surprise, Diane from called me up and said she'd like to send me the collection to review - so I said "YES!" and here the are.
I found when I was searching for the Venice Collection which was OPI's Fall collection this year. Diane was the only one that had OPI's FULL fall collection up for order. She's so far the only one I know that has any of the holiday colors up, so check out BtySales so you can pick up your colors! There's a $30 minimum for purchase, but that should be easy to fulfill because there are 18 colors in the collection :) I also happen to have a coupon code for you - if you use YUKI10 at checkout on a minimum $60 purchase, you'll get 10% off :)
Anyways, the review is all in the video above, and here are the swatches! Enjoy!
By the Light of the Moon

Ce-less-tial is More

Center of the You-niverse

Comet Closer

Guys & Galaxies

I Drive a SuperNova

I'm in the Moon for Love

Infrared-y to Glow

Is this Star Taken?

Let Your Love Shine

Love is in My Cards

No More Mr. Night Sky

Press * for Silver

Super Star Status

Ro-Mance-ce on the Moon

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite

Cosmo with a Twist

Give Me Space

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Madam Glam Swatches & Demo!

Hi every one! Long time no blog - sorry for the massive lapse in photos. I've got a lot of up-to-date swatches on my Instagram though so if you're just looking for swatches, go to @yukieloves on Instagram and you'll find all my swatches :) I'll eventually update this with everything though, so don't lose faith lol!
Today I have some Madam Glam swatches. I was contacted by Laura from Madam Glam to do a swatch and review and thought it'd be fun, so here they are :D
You'll find all my review in the video above, so check it out!
Madam Glam polishes are available exlusively on their site - click here (affiliate link) and use the code wvs30 at checkout for 30% off!

Kiss & Tell

Found The One

Look At The Stars

Make A Wish

Saturday, August 8, 2015

ICYMI: Most Recent Videos :)

In case you missed it, here are my most recent videos!
I'll have swatches up of some of my forgotten and underrated nail polishes soon :)

For now, see what I've been into in the beauty world:

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

OPI Venice Collection | Swatches & Review! (I Cannoli Wear OPI, Gelato On My Mind, St. Mark's The Spot, Venice To The Party?)

Hi everyone! Long time no blog - I've been trying to figure out if I want to keep a blog or just transition to only having my nail polish Instagram. I think for now, I'm going to keep the blog updated sporadically. But that's the reason for the absence.
I do, however, have a fun video for you guys today :D It's the OPI Venice Collection!
OPI's Fall 2015 collection is centered around Venice, and has quite an unusual group of colors, I think.
I go into full detail in the video so make sure you watch - I bought 4 colors and go over those formulas and live swatch them. I also have swatches of the rest of the collection because Diane, the owner of where I purchased the polishes, added them into the box. 
So, check out the video! 
Here are my swatches:

I Cannoli Wear OPI

I Cannoli Wear OPI

Gelato On My Mind

Gelato On My Mind

Venice To The Party?

Gelato On My Mind

St. Mark's The Spot

 Gelato On My Mind