Saturday, February 28, 2015

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Essie Bahama Mama | Swatch & Review

YouTube is responsible for a lot of the purchases I make. Nobody hypes up a product like the beauty community on YouTube. Essie's Bahama Mama is a prime example of that.
Actually, Essie in general, is a prime example of that.
I feel like Essie wasn't a big deal until Ingrid started gushing about them. It was definitely all about OPI and China Glaze. Zoya, if you looked further into nail polish, like I did. Then it was the high ends; Chanel, Deborah Lippmann. Essie really wasn't popular. There were a few really popular colors, like Mint Candy Apple, but nobody hoarded Essie until quite recently. I'd even argue that the most popular Essie Collection was Resort, the one with Lapis of Luxury and Turquoise & Caicos, and it stayed popular for like 2/3 years.
Then one day, Ingrid sort of started mentioning Essie. And then all of a sudden, Essie just exploded. Their permanent colors became anything everybody ever talked about. And then Essie started releasing more popular colors, and brights. And now they totally have a fond place in pretty much every YouTuber's heart.
It's also sort of strange because Essie has a very hit or miss formula. I have a lot of great Essies - their creme formula is great, for the most part, in the colors I own. But they have a lot of very finicky polishes. I don't own much of them which is why I rarely mention it.
Anyways, one of Essie's biggest colors, and again because of Ingrid, is the color Bahama Mama. Like 3 years ago, she bought it and raved about it, and in the next two weeks it was featured in everybody else's videos. It was everywhere. I needed to know what the fuss was about so I went and bought it.
Bahama Mama is a warm deep plum. It's got a rich color payoff. It's a very creamy formula and opaque in 2 coats. It's definitely got one of the good Essie formulas. This is definitely a great fall color. It's not terribly unique, it's one of those fall plums that you think you see everywhere, but is just like a touch lighter or a touch darker than other plums. It's one of those colors that will suit specific skin tones great - if you're looking for a plum that isn't too dark then this will be a good bet for you.
This is available on Essie's website so again, I'm assuming it's permanent. Essie polishes are available across the U.S. in drugstores, and they retail for $8 to $10.

Essie Angora Cardi | Swatch & Review!

This one is an oldie but a goodie. It's one of my very first Essie polishes and a classic color; great for all seasons :D
Essie's Angora Cardi is a dusty mauve in a creme finish. It's dark enough to be a good color for fall, but has enough brightness to still be easy to wear in the spring time. It's actually one of my favorite fall colors because it's a great way to incorporate color into your manis without being too overwhelming.
I like how neutral it is but still how you can get a little pop on your nails. It's a great color for people who either like neutrals and are venturing towards incorporating more colors or for people that can't wear brights in their work place. My brother's fiancee wears a lot of colors like this.
The formula is great. It's solidly opaque in 2 coats and doesn't have any patchiness. It evens out on the nail beautifully and dries down o a shiny finish.
I added Seche Vite on top just to seal in the manicure.
I'm not sure if this is part of Essie's core line - it's on their website so I'm assuming it is. Essie polishes are available at all drugstores in the U.S. and retail for between $8 and $10.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Essie Absolutely Shore | Swatch & Review!

Ahhhhh I know I said I was going to do the Essie swatches in order of color but they got put out of order :( So now, I have random bunches for you. 
I recently made a Spring Nail Polish Video with my picks for this Spring. The next bunch of colors will coincide with the trends I saw.
Absolutely Shore is a light, almost white with a sea-foam green tint to it. In some lights, it looks much more green and in some lights it almost looks like a minty blue. In the photos I took of Absolutely Shore, it was looking a little more blue than green. Believe me when I say that it looks green sometimes :)
It's a creme finish. It has a slightly patchier formula. It's not thick or thin, relative to other creme formulas that I've used. It just can be a little finicky when it comes to application. You can see that in the swatch above. I used 2 coats, but it didn't even itself out. It sort of comes with the territory of light pastels though. They can be difficult to work with.
In the swatch I have Seche Vite as a top coat, to add shine and seal in the manicure. It dries shiny on it's own though.
It's definitely not the greatest light green I have, but it definitely is the lightest. I don't own a lot of super light greens like this so it's unique to my collection. It's just a bummer that it doesn't have the greatest formula.

Zoya Dahlia - Holofied

I'm a big believer in using what you've got. I'm not a person that returns items often. It's got to take a lot of failed attempts in order for me to return them. I think in the history of me on YouTube and in blogging, I've only returned one product because it was a failed product. I return other things if they're not the right shade, but I'll exchange them for the right shade. I generally, will find a use for anything.
This is what I do with past nail trends. Textures? Huge deal last year. Shatter and magnetics? Another previous huge deal. And I still had almost all of those before I started purging products and giving them away. A lot of the shatter ones went bad - they dried up and separated. The magnetics I still have since a lot are pretty colors to start with anyways. 
But textures? I've found a lot of use for them. They're quick manicures. They dry down fast. They last forever. They can be smudged and it's no big deal. You can put a top coat on them and they're quite beautiful. 
My favorite thing to do though is to add holo top coats to them. I've done this in the past previously, three times in fact. Once with Alcatraz Rocks by OPI, once with Zoya Nyx and once with Zoya Stevie. All three of those manicures were some of my favorites from last year.
I recently decided to do it again, with Zoya Dahlia, which is their black textured polish. I was hoping for a really nice holo sparkly black. And that is what happened but there were a few things I just wanted to note.
Holly recently said in a video it's hard to find dark holos that aren't slightly de-saturated, color wise, because the base of a spectraflair shimmer is silver. While I do have a lot of dark holos that haven't been effected by the addition of spectraflair, I have also noticed that yes, that does happen. It happened in this case. I added one coat of Starlight Polish's Starlight on top and Dahlia ended up becoming slightly gray toned. It wasn't bad but it was just not the look I was going for.
You can see the ending color of the manicure in the photo.
The holo ended up being really pretty and sparkly on top anyways, so it was still a pretty manicure. I'm sorry I couldn't get sunshine photos since it was raining the week I did this manicure. You can still see the holo slightly in the photo. 
If you want to try layering polishes like this, I'd suggest seeking out the texture polishes sooner rather than later. I know Zoya is discontinuing them. They retail for $10 on their site right now, so go pick them up before they're gone! As for holo top coats, you can find them quite easily via Indie retailers like Llarowe or Harlow & Co. 
Do you guys have a mani you really like doing? Or have you found a combo that you love?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Colors By Llarowe Swear Jar | Swatches & Review

The last CBL color I have for you, for now, is Swear Jar. I want to first off apologize for getting this up too late in that it's not available on the site anymore.
However, it's very similar to Zoya's Ivanka, so if you like the color, you can check out Ivanka :)
The color is a cool green with a very strong glass fleck shimmer that's gold. The result is a really warm shimmer against a pretty green. I'd say Swear Jar is slightly more green than Ivanka, and slightly deeper of a color. It's a very, very similar color though. 
It was opaque in 2 coats and very easy to work with. I added Seche Vite as a top coat to seal in the manicure. But it dries plenty shiny without a top coat.
I really love shimmery greens, I think shimmery and holo greens are my favorite. Do you guys have a favorite finish for green polishes? 

Colors By Llarowe Unorthodox Annie | Swatches & Review

This, friends, is Unorthodox Annie. I wrote about this last night, about how I added both Mercy and Unorthodox Annie and had no regrets. The reason is because although they look very similar in the bottle, this is actually pretty different in person.
As I'm writing this post, this polish is listed as a "FINAL INVENTORY RESTOCK" on the Llarowe site, so by the time you guys read this, it may not be in stock. I'm so, so sorry for that because I waited so long to post these swatches. However, I still wanted to show you guys in case it's still available when this goes up! If you guys like it, I urge you to go NOW and pick it up! It retails for $12 on their site.
Unorthodox Annie is both a deep plum but also a brighter plum at the same time. There's a shimmer and a depth together that's crazy cool. The shimmer is slightly bronzy which adds warmth. The holo is very strong in this one.
The formula is opaque in one to two coats, depending on how you apply it. I really love it! It's slightly more purple at the base than Mercy. 
If you miss out on Unorthodox Annie, definitely check out Mercy :)
Do any of you own this color? What do you think?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Colors By Llarowe Mercy | Swatches & Review

Here's another Colors By Llarowe beauty for you guys. This, is Mercy. And she's a stunner. I added Mercy and Unorthodox Annie into my cart knowing that in the bottle they looked similar, but they're both gorgeous and I'm pretty stoked on having both. I'll show you Unorthodox Annie tomorrow morning :)
Anyways, Mercy is a really rich dark plum with a strong holo running through it. It has a little bit of shimmer in there as well that's just slightly lighter than the base which adds depth and dimension. The formula is opaque in almost one coat, but I used 2 to make it as rich as possible.
In the photos I have Seche Vite on top which added an extra shine, but the polish doesn't need it. It shines pretty well on it's own.
It's currently available on Llarowe's site, and retails for $12.
This color is pretty awesome on toes, btw. I had this as a pedicure for a while during the fall and it was beautiful!
I really like how glowy the CBL colors are, even inside. Do you guys have any polishes like that? Let me know in the comments!

Colors By Llarowe My Broken Down Crop Duster | Swatches & Review!

Back to swatching polishes :) I'm still playing catch up on things that I've needed to show you for a long time. Luckily most of them are still available, so I'm just late, and not providing you guys with basically useless swatches. Useless in that, you guys wouldn't be able to purchase these products. 
This morning I have Llarowe's My Broken Down Crop Duster, which is a dark brown, greyish shimmery base with a holo. I'm assuming it's supposed to be similar to OPI's original formula of My Private Jet, which was a dark brown holo. I'm assuming that because in the description on Llarowe's website it says "I can't afford a private jet so this is the next best thing! Deep blackened brown intense linear holo". 
Formula on this was on par with the rest of the CBL colors that I've used, it's really quite opaque and not too thick. It's opaque in almost one coat, but I used two for insurance in these photos. It dries very shiny and fairly quickly. It evens out on the nail and there's no patchiness.
I have a coat of Seche Vite on top, just to add shine, but it's a shiny polish on it's own. 
I wasn't ever really planning on purchasing this polish but I'm glad that I sort of last minute browsed and added this into my basket. It's a very pretty and formula wise a great polish to work with. 
I have a lot of nail polishes in my collection but I don't have this particular shade so it was a great addition. I don't own the original OPI My Private Jet so I can't tell you how it compares, but I'm more than satisfied with My Broken Down Crop Duster :)
Do you guys have this polish? What do you think? Or what types of colors are you looking for? 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Multi-Restorative Dry Oil | Review

There are times that I just feel like nothing is working for my hair. Does that happen to any of you? Like, I have a whole cabinet of products that I love, but they're just not working. Even my holy grail, absolute favorite items, can sometimes just make my hair seem blah.
I went through one of those phases, about the same time that I went through my "2015 will be the year of Skin!" decision. So, I referenced some of my favorite beauty girls on YouTube and ended up with a good list of things to purchase at the drugstore. Admittedly not all of those things were hair care. Actually, I think only one of them ended up being hair care because I went skin care crazy.
But, after hearing Tati of GlamLifeGuru rave about this product, I knew I had to at least to check it out and try it since it was a drugstore buy.
The L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Multi-Restorative Dry Oil is a leave-in treatment for your hair. It's advertised as a product that you're able to use on wet and dry hair, and apparently fixes damage, tames flyaways and adds shine. 
After playing around with it for a while, I've been able to figure out the best way to use it for myself. Given that everybody has a different hair texture, and has a different list of products they use everyday for their hair, this may not be applicable for everyone, but it may help some of you.
Initially, I used it as I would any other hair oil. The oils I'm used to are on the thicker side, like Moroccan Oil or the Macadamia hair oil. They're the consistency of Olive Oil. The texture of this, however, is much more thin and is easily sprayed through the nozzle of this bottle. 
So what I first started doing was concentrating this oil on the ends of my hair while it was damp after washing it. I used it mainly as a protectant for my hair, and noticed that it worked fairly well for that. It added shine, and added a pleasant scent, which was floral but not too strong. Slightly fruity. Sort of just what generic shampoo smells like.
My hair would dry fairly quickly with the oil on my ends. I noticed, however, that it didn't absorb quite as well into damp hair as some of the thicker oils did, like Moroccan Oil. It sort of stayed slick in my hair and weighed it down a little, which I never found to be an issue with the thicker hair serum like oils. 
After figuring out that was an issue I had with it, I started using it for dry hair, in the middle of the day. 
In the middle of the day, if I felt like my hair was getting too frizzy, or needed to be put into place without a heavier pomade or a sticker spray, I'd use this. I would spray about two pumps of this directly into my palms, and then rub my palms together and smooth it into my hair. It added a nice shine and tamed down my hair without it feeling too heavy. Eventually though I noticed that it started to get a little too oily on my ends, and that again, by the end of the day my hair would just feel too greasy.
Finally, I started using this as a heat protectant, as well as on second day hair. As a heat protectant, I started spraying this in addition to my Got2B Guardian Angel heat protectant. The Guardian Angel acts as a barrier, and the L'Oreal adds gloss and shine to hair. The Guardian Angel can sometimes be a little dulling on the hair, or maybe it's the heat processing. Either way, I've noticed that adding the L'Oreal Total Repair 5 adds shine to make heat styling look much nicer.
For second day hair, I've noticed that it adds shine back into my hair, after sleeping in a dry shampoo. What I like to do with dry shampoo is add some to my roots before going to bed, so that it all absorbs and dissipates into my hair so that I don't end up with a lot of chalkiness in my hair, which would happen if I just added dry shampoo in the morning. Just as reference, the Oscar Blandi loose, white dry shampoo is my favorite. It works the best for me.
The morning after I sleep in dry shampoo though there's always a little bit of dullness to my hair so I add again two sprays of this to my palms, and just run it first into my ends then use whatever is left on the top of my head. It adds the right amount of shine without making my hair too oily. It also adds in a little bit of a scent to freshen up my hair. 
As for if it delivers on it's promises? I do think it helps with flyaways,.I can't accurately tell you that it works to erase damage because I use so many other products that helps with that. I think it's better on dry hair than on wet hair, but again that's just up to my own preferences and hair type. 
It's definitely a useful product if you wash your hair only a few times a week. I think it works especially nicely on straighter hair than wavier hair. For myself, I've noticed it emphasizes a frizz-free, straight hair, with nice shine, all in a good way. Sometimes it loosens my waves, even though it also helps with frizz and shine. 
I can definitely see where the raves come from with this product, however for me it's not a daily essential. It's a nice option at the drugstore though for an oil that you can use on dry hair without it being too heavy. 
Have any of you tried this product? What do you think?

Algenist Ultra Lightweight UV Defense Fluid SPF 50 | Review

Back in January I wrote up a review of the Clinique skin serum I picked up at Sephora and mentioned that I also had a sunscreen to review. And here it is :D
I purchased the Algenist Ultra Lightweight UV Defense Fluid because I was looking for SPF that wasn't in the form of a moisturizer. I have a moisturizer that I use and love (one for day and one for night) and I didn't want to change those out for a moisturizer with SPF because it'd just be a waste of money, regarding the other moisturizers that I already owned.
And what inspired this sudden need for more SPF?
This video.
I mean if that doesn't freak you out then I don't know what will.
As somebody that swam competitively for 14 years, I have had my fair share of sun exposure. And I've been surrounded by a lot of people  that took sun care as something less than serious. Swimmers - at least the swimmers I know - should take sun screen more seriously. I can't even tell you how many swim meets I've been to while growing up where nobody had nor cared about sunscreen. Anyways, for 14 good years, 14 summers, 14 years worth of massively bad sunburns that I didn't put much thought into, I didn't really realize how quickly your skin can go from good to bad.
Recently I've noticed how much harder it is for my skin to heal from things like breakouts, or even minor sun burns. I have some rosacea on my cheeks, which I know is from sun damage. Freckles and moles have formed over the last 6 or 7 years, again which I know is from sun damage.
After watching that video, I finally went to look for a good sunscreen. It was the year for skin for me so a part of taking the best care of my skin came with a good sunscreen. I also wanted to get a sunscreen to add to the SPF that's included in some makeup because I just didn't feel like there was enough SPF coverage in my foundations. 
A lot of the sunscreens at the drugstore have broken my face out. I think because they were too thick. A lot of them were also either combined with a moisturizer, which I think attributed to the breakouts, or too greasy for my skin, again adding to the breakouts. I'd notice a lot of clogged pores, bladkheads, and new millia forming on my face after using sunscreens. Even when they were labelled non-greasy, or specifically for the face, or dermatologist tested sunscreens. I've just simply had bad luck with them.
So, having tried all of them, I then went looking at higher end sunscreens, in hope that I'd find a sunscreen that wasn't combined with a moisturizer, and that wasn't heavy or greasy. This actually proved to be a difficult feat since most of the ones I found were combo products.
On Sephora, however, I found Algenist, which is a San Francisco brand that offered what they said was a lightweight product that was simply an SPF. Being a Bay Area native, I was already sold lol. But also reading the details of this product totally sold me:
What it is:
An ultra-sheer, weightless fluid for everyday protection against broad-spectrum UVA/UVB damage. 

What it does:
This fast-absorbing, ultra-lightweight fluid provides daily protection against broad-spectrum UVA/UVB damage. Alguronic Acid combines with antioxidant-rich botanicals and UVA/UVB protecting actives to delay signs of aging caused by sun and environmental stressors. This oil-free, sheer formula has a silky texture and weightless feel, designed to apply smoothly on top of other skincare products and under makeup for a soft, matte finish.  
-Alguronic Acid: Increases cell regeneration and elastin synthesis. 
-Vitamin E and Green Tea: Contain antioxidants that protect the skin against signs of aging, and help minimize fine lines and wrinkles. 
-Bearberry and Licorice Root Extracts: Contain antioxidants that help protect the skin against sun damage, and boost skin radiance and luminosity.  
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates 
- Synthetic Dyes
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan 

What else you need to know:
Alguronic Acid is a unique and powerful regenerative compound from microalgae. This rare ingredient was discovered unexpectedly by a biotechnology laboratory in San Francisco, CA, focused on researching renewable energy solutions. Algenist is the only line of skincare products to contain the antiaging power of Alguronic Acid. 

Research results:
In comparison testing, Alguronic Acid outperformed other well-known active antiaging ingredients, demonstrating superior antiaging benefits: 
-54% decrease in UV cell damage 
-55% increase in cellular regeneration 
-32% increase in elastin synthesis 
-26% decrease in melanin production 
*Average results measures following an in-vitro test with Alguronic Acid.

For $28, you get 1 fl. oz. This is fairly expensive considering the size, (the bottle fits comfortable in the palm of my hand) however you don't need that much product to cover your whole face since it's a lightweight formula.
Inside the bottle, there's a little shaking mechanism, like the Chanel VitaLumiere Aqua Foundation. It definitely needs to be shaken well before using. Under the cap there's a precise nozzle where you can squeeze the product out from. The bottle is a little on the firm side so we'll see how easy it is to get all of the product out when it starts to run out. Otherwise, the packaging isn't bad.
I do agree with the description, it's a fast-absorbing formula. I like to apply this onto my face right after I apply a moisturizer, so there's a little slip on my face. It helps spread the product even though it's, at first, a very easy to spread formula. It sets very quickly though.That was something that I had to figure out after I used it for the first time. I think I used too much of the product the first go around because I didn't realize how quickly the product settled on the face. And with too much product, I found that it felt stiff on my face, and felt almost too matte and itchy, the way that mattifying creams behave on the skin. Really, if you apply this right after you apply your moisturizer, you'll only need a dime sized amount for your whole face.
It definitely gives a soft matte finish. And again, when the right amount is used, it does feel relatively lightweight on the skin.You can for sure tell that there's another layer of product on your face, but it feels soft and not too drying. There was no visible white cast on my face from the product.
When I applied makeup on top, the first time around, it was definitely hard to blend makeup. But it's because I used too much product. When using a smaller amount, the soft matte finish doesn't make makeup any more difficult to sit on top of. I always apply a primer anyways, so I found that the primer also didn't go on patchy or stick to certain spots of my face.
I can't tell you what all of these ingredients do, or if they really actually work, because I've been using this for about a month and then in conjunction with other skin serums and products that also claim to help with anti-aging, skin evenness and the like.
I did notice a few, small breakouts when I first started using this product, especially on a daily basis. Since they weren't cystic breakouts, I wasn't too concerned. However, I did notice more clogged pores and blackheads after the addition of this sunscreen. In order to rid of those I've added more exfoliating products and masks, which has taken care of the breakouts as well as the blackheads and clogged pores.
As a sunscreen, I do like this product. I think it's a little pricey. But judging by how little product I can use for my entire face, I think it's benefits will eventually outweigh the price point for me. I think I may purchase it in the future, since it's working very nicely for me. The texture and feel and effects, with the lack of major breakouts, are so far much better than any of the Neutrogena, Olay, and Garnier sunscreens I've used.
I do want to eventually try the Kiehl's sunscreen, which is a little bit more expensive, but for now I'm really enjoying this product, and feel good knowing that I'm adding more protection to my face.
Just as a side note, if you're planning on being photographed heavily, try to avoid SPF at all. Flash photography reflects negatively off of SPF, giving you ghost face.
Do you guys have any sunscreens that you like to use? Or is there another product that you've recently added to your skin care routine that you've found is a holy grail for you? I'd love to know!

Monday, February 23, 2015

ILNP Ultra Chrome Holos | Swatches, Comparisons (Enchanted Polish), Review

Hello everybody!
I have the ILNP Ultra Chrome Holos for you guys - the last video and post I put up was the ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies swatches.
The reason I purchased these was because I was requested by a viewer to make a video on dupes for difficult to find or popular polishes. The first thing I thought of was Enchanted Polish. Enchanted Polish is one of those indie brands that's so coveted that a lot of stockists stopped carrying the polishes because the drama and pressure during restocks was insane. Literal insanity. Her restocks on her site are few and far between now and they're still insanity. She makes incredibly coveted polishes.
I'm lucky enough to have all of what I think are some of her greatest polishes, the Imagine Collection which were duochrome, metallic AND holos and they were phenomenally unique when they first came out onto the nail polish scene. You can still track them down for a ridiculous markup on eBay, and join her email subscriptions so you know when her restocks are, but it's always a tough restock.
Now, there are definitely options now for those of you that want those colors but don't want the headache of those restocks. The best options, in my opinion, would be these ILNP Ultra Chrome Holos.
In the collection there are 12 colors - I ended up with 10 because two of them were sold out when I was purchasing them.
The colors I purchased were:
  • Birefringence - shifts from a bright blue to a purple, pink, orange, and gold. This one is a dupe for Enchanted Polish's Across The Universe
  • Bishop - shifts from an old gold to a metallic gray. There's also a bit of an olive green in there as well.
  • Cygnus Loop - shifts from a rich purple to a magenta, red, and orange. This one is a dupe for Enchanted Polish's Octopus's Garden.
  • Masquerade - shifts from a bright magenta, to a red, orange, gold and green.
  • Mutagen - shifts from a green to a pink to a silver. This one is a dupe for Hey Jude by Enchanted Polish.
  • Nostalgia - shifts from a rusty warm red to an orange to a green. Much less pink than Masquerade.
  • Peace - shifts from a purple to a magenta to a teal. This one has a strong blue-purple-pink look but at some angles there is a gold. This one sits right in between Across The Universe and Octopus's Garden.
  • Reminisce - shifts from a bright green to a darker green then to a turquoise and dark blue. I say this in the video but it looks like Ariel's tale :) 
  • Sirène - shifts from a bright green-turquoise to a purple, blue and magenta. This one is a dupe for Magical Mystery Tour. It's maybe slightly greener at some angles, which you'll see in the photos, but it's ever so slight.
  • Undenied - shifts from a purple to magenta to gold in a very fall leaves sort of way. This one is an exact dupe for Yesterday from Enchanted Polish.
Formula wise, these are opaque in 2 to 3 coats depending on how thick the coats are. The holo is really delicate indoors and then is very bright outside in the sunlight. The metallic nature of the polish gives brushstrokes WHEN WET but when dried down, the duochrome hides it very well.
These retail for $12.50 each on the ILNP website. They're beautiful colors and I highly recommend them in general, but also if you're looking for some dupes for Enchanted Polish. 
For the swatches, I used 3 very thin coats on my nails as well as on the swatch wheels. The different lighting is listed underneath each photo.
Have any of you tried these? Or have any of you been looking for dupes of polishes you can't find? Let me know if you want more posts like these :) In the mean time, enjoy the swatches!

Birefringence (outside in natural light)

Birefringence (outside in natural sunlight)

Birefringence (outside in the shade)

Birefringence (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Birefringence (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Birefringence v. Across The Universe (oudside, natural lighting in the shade)

Bishop (outside, natural lighting)

Bishop (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Bishop (outside, natural lighting, in the sunlight)

Bishop (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Bishop (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Cygnus Loop (outside, natural lighting)

Cygnus Loop (outside, natural sunlight)

Cygnus Loop (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Cygnus Loop (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Cygnus Loop (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Cygnus Loop v. Octopus's Garden (outside, natural lighting)

Masquerade (outside, natural lighting)

Masquerade (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Masquerade (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Masquerade (outside, natural lighting, between shade and sunlight)

Masquerade (outside, natural sunlight)

Masquerade (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Masquerade (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Mutagen (outside, natural lighting)

Mutagen (outside, natural sunlight)

Mutagen (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Mutagen (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Mutagen (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Mutagen v. Hey Jude (outside, natural lighting)

Nostalgia (outside, natural lighting)

Nostalgia (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Nostalgia (outside, natural sunlight)

Nostalgia (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Nostalgia (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Peace (outside, natural lighting)

Peace (outside, natural sunlight)

Peace (outside, natural lighting, the shade)

Peace (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Peace (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Peace v. Across The Universe v. Octopus's Garden (outside, natural lighting)

Reminisce (outside, natural lighting)

Reminisce (outside, natural lighting, in the sunlight)

Reminisce (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Reminisce (inside, fluorescent lighting with flash)

Reminisce (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Sirène (outside, natural lighting)

Sirène (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Sirène (outside, natural sunlight)

Sirène (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Sirène (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Sirène v. Magical Mystery Tour (outside, natural lighting)

Undenied (outside, natural lighting)

Undenied (outside, natural lighting, in shade)

Undenied (outside, natural sunlight)

Undenied (inside, fluorescent lighting with flash)

Undenied (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Undenied v. Yesterday (outside, natural lighting)