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Super fun giveaway time :) I recently posted about the new RBL Je t'aime! Je t'aime! Collection, and now there's a giveaway!

You guys know how I'm always going on and on about how privileged I feel when being included in the RBL reviewers - it's crazy to be in company of some of the best nail bloggers out there. Again, I feel very privileged and very grateful because the lovely Lakeisha of RefinedAndPolished organized an amazing giveaway for all of you!


  • Begins today and ends 4/14/15 at 12a est. 
  • Open internationally to those 18+. 
  • Must leave a comment on my blog letting us know your favorite shade from the collection. 
  • Additional entries for following each blog or social media page.

All of the bloggers are participating so you can enter here or on any of their pages. Also, go and give them some love :) I'll link them all down below again for you!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Videos!

Check out my latest videos :) 

NOTW: Zoya Savita

Happy Spring Break (to me!). Lol.
In my most recent video (below) I hauled a bunch of the Zoya Velvet Mattes that were repromoted last fall. I found them on clearance at my local Ulta and was stoked. I totally meant to buy them when they came out, just to get backups of Verushka mainly, but never ended up doing it. So when I saw them, I put them in my basket without even a hint of hesitation. 
There were six colors I believe in the full collection, and I got four of them. This is the one I wanted to put on first though. 
Savita is a royal purple with a velvet finish. It dries matte but there's a shimmer mixed in so it doesn't dry completely flat looking. It was opaque for me in two coats and dried down fairly quickly so I could function without it smudging. I'd say it wasn't fully dry for about 30 mins. 
Wear time for me was actually on the short side, it chipped within 2 days. However matte polishes tend to chip very quickly, especially since you cant seal them in with a top coat if you want to keep them matte. The cool thing about these polishes though is if you do put a top coat on top it goes really shimmery so you get two different polishes in one, essentially. 
I'm pretty excited to wear the red one from this collection, Posh, as a shimmery polish since it's so pretty :) 
Do you guys have a favorite matte polish? Or a favorite polish you like to mattify?
I don't know how available they'll be in store, but you can still purchase them on the Zoya website still.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Whim. Nail Polish "Midnight Wink" | Swatches & Review

So I went to Ulta the other day and the very first thing I saw was a new display of polish. I thought they were Butter London polishes, just based off the shape, but when I got closer, there was a big sign that said "Whim" and that's it. There was a range of polishes that went from neutrals to brights to darks and it looked pretty, so I picked one up and went on browsing.
I'd never heard of the brand before, and there was abosutely no explanation as to what these polishes were and there was really nobody in the store either, so I just went home and decided to Google.
Now honestly, there's really not much online either. There's not even a website for the brand, so I'm assuming they're either an Ulta affiliate or the like because the first thing that pops up is the Ulta website. Their website provides really no literature either.
So from the very little amount of information I could find, Whim. Nail Polish is another gel manicure alternative for those of you that want the look of a gel, with the affordablility and accessiblity of a regular polish.
Here's what Ulta's little blurb says:
ULTA Exclusive!
Whim is a high shine, gel-like nail lacquer line whose unique patented 3 step system goes on like a polish but wears like a gel for long lasting color and superior shine. Free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and formaldehyde resin.

Primary Collection:
The Starter (base coat) fuses the lacquer with the nail using a mesh-like coating that acts like a color magnet.
The Paint (lacquer) multi-patented formula creates a long-lasting, durable high lacquer
The Finisher (top coat) multi-faceted top coat creates a self-cured, high shine gel-like manicure.

Whim paint colors range from the most loved creams to unique textures and the latest glitters in 58 shades. These, along with the essential top and base coat make up the 60 bottle collection.
  • Wears like a gel, removes like a polish
  • No UV/LED light needed
  • Salon professional-grade brush for precise application
  • Durable formula in high fashion colors
  • Removes with regular nail polish remover
Now, I really wish they had something written on their display or a person explaining the polishes at the store because it really would've been nice to know lol. Even when I checked out, the girl said little to nothing at all to me, aside from "oh the lipstick you're buying is so pretty," so I'm getting the impression that even the Ulta staff no very little about these products. Or they just need to work on their customer service. Either way, this isn't a review on the store, but the polishes.
Had I seen that explanation earlier, I definitely would've purchased the base and top coats to fully test out this system the way it should've been used. However, I did use my current favorites, the Orly Bonder and Seche Vite, so I'll still be able to tell you how they perform as a regular nail polish.
The polishes all come in glass, squre bottles, with a slightly rubberized cap. The bottles actually have a slight curve to them, which I guess helps them stand out, but doesn't curve so much that storage will be an issue. The caps are at first comfortable to hold. However, in practice, I think I prefer a longer cylindrical style instead. The cap just felt awkard to manipulate in my hand. The brush helped with application though; it's thicker and slightly shorter so it holds product well and spreads it out well.
The color I purchased was called Midnight Wink. It's a cerulean blue jelly with a bunch of irridescent glitter mixed in. The combo makes the polish look really blue sometimes, and really teal sometimes. It's totally a color that's right up my ally so I knew I'd get good use out of the product.
Formula wise, it's on the thicker side, at least for this finish and texture of the polish. I haven't tried any of their creme finish polishes so I don't know how those apply. Sometimes jellies can be on the thick side so I wasn't really surprised. The first coat applied pretty sheer, but there was good glitter distribution. The second coat didn't provide full opacity, and it did start to drag the previous layer so that's where I started to have some issues. The polish also started getting pretty sticky in the neck of the bottle so I felt like it was on the harder side to work with. At three coats, it definitely was a thick layer of polish on my nail, and took quite a bit of patience to get a good finish and even finish without a lot of patchiness. I did get to full opacity, it just wasn't as easy as it could have been.
Seche vite applied fine on top though, it didn't drag the polish so that was a good sign. The polish, on it's own, had a fair bit of shine, so Seche Vite didn't add a ton of benefits, aside from sealing in the manicure.
Now, I've had this on for about 14 hours, and it's already chipped. I think it's because it's on the thicker side, and it's a glitter, and polishes like that are prone to small chips on the corners of nails. I can also still press into my fingernail and get small dents though so it means the polish didn't ocmpletely dry down even with the Seche Vite on top. On the two nails that I have chips, it should also be noted that I used those nails to open a compact this morning when I was doing my makeup. It's not the first time that's happened.
As of right now, I think the color is beautiful, even though I'm sure there are dupes you can find through either indie brands or some drugstore brands. I also want to try one of the creme polishes, and their base and top coat just to fully test how these would work as a system. However, they're not doing so great paired with a regular base and top coat, so it's a little hard to be excited for these polishes. At $10 a bottle, to not be able to use them with other base and top coats means I have to exclusively buy the Whim. system, and it means there's a limit to how versatile and cost-worthy they are.
I'll let you all know what happens with the base and top coat though, when I get around to picking them up :)
You can find these polishes at Ulta, and Ulta online, for $10 a bottle. Also let it be known that it's $10 a bottle for 0.32 fl. oz. An OPI nail polish at Ulta is 0.5 fl oz, and $9.50, just for a price comparison.
I did end up getting Midnight Wink at Ulta when I went for like... $1.50 off? I have no idea why though. It was just on my receipt that I got it for less than the regular price. And Ulta always has coupons so it's really easy to be able to figure out how to get these for less than $10.
Have you guys tried these? I'm curious to know what you think :D

Friday, March 13, 2015

Cirque Colors The Awakening Collection | Swatches & Review!

Spring polishes!
I have a really pretty bunch of polishes for you today from Cirque Colors :) Cirque Colors contacted me and I was floored. I've been following this brand for a long time and I've been coveting their products to see her contact me was like *mind blown*. Anne, the creator and CEO, asked me to review their Spring collection called the Awakening Collection and I absolutely couldn't say "no" because I was so excited!
The Awakening Collection has 5 colors, all great for transitioning from Winter to Spring. She also released a matte top coat, which can be used on these polishes to add a unique twist to a finish that's become quite popular recently :)

  • Gaia - black with pale gold shards of shimmer
  • Hatch - off white, slightly gray, with a darker gray shards of matte shimmer. The shimmer is smaller in this one.
  • Love Stone - peachy pink with a delicate gold shimmer.
  • New Moon - slate gray with a delicate gold shimmer.
  • Qi - bright blue with a delicate gold shimmer. 
  • Matte Top Coat - mattes out colors really nicely.
The formula for these was great. They were all opaque within 2 coats, however adding a 3rd coat doesn't make the polish too thick or sticky. I have 2 coats on all of my finger swatches, and 3 on all of my wheel swatches. 
Gaia, Love Stone, New Moon, and Qi all had a slight jelly finish to them - they dry very shiny, and have a slight squishy-ness to them. They're mostly cremey though. I like that the shimmer doesn't disappear or sink at all into the polishes, which I've had happen with other shimmers. Gaia is great; I've had issues particularly with black shimmers and Gaia performs marvelously.
Hatch has a creme finish and layers great. It doesn't lose it's shimmer particles either, and looks really quite cool both as a shiny and matte color. I prefer it shiny, because with the matte it looks a little too egg like but it's very cool nonetheless. I feel like it'd layer great with other effects on top as well :)
The Matte Top Coat is awesome. It takes a little bit longer for it to dry than the other matte top coats that I've tried, however this mattes out colors completely. 
You can purchase Cirque Colors here, on their website, but here is also a list of Stockists. The colors retail for $13 each, the matte top coat is $10. 
Check out my video for a full review and my thoughts :D
And for now, swatches!

Matte Top Coat





Love Stone

Love Stone

New Moon

New Moon



****Cirque Colors provided these products for review. I was not compensated otherwise. All opinions are my own and honest opinion. For more information on my review policies, please email me at****

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Essie First Timer | Swatch & Review

This is one of those colors that Essie would have never made 6 years ago. But I wrote about how when Essie started getting really popular, they also started producing more brights.
Essie's Resort collections have been great little collections in the last couple of years. They're always fun colors.
First Timer was part of Essie's 2013 Resort Collection. It's a bright, saturated turquoise that leans on the more green side. It's a perfect summer green that feels super tropical and happy.
The formula is a little stubborn though. It's opaque, as you can see, as the photo is 2 coats. It eventually dries down very opaque and shiny. It just is slightly thick and can pull a little on itself when you apply that second coat.
It's a gorgeous color so I deal with the formula. It's also different than most of the other greens I have. China Glaze's Four Leaf Clover is the closest I have to this, but it's darker.
First Timer is still available on Essie's website and I've seen it recently at CVS, so I'm assuming that it's permanent, for now. Essie polishes retail for between $8 and $9 at drugstores across the U.S.

Essie Barefoot & Topless | Swatch & Review

Nude polishes are not something I typically covet. There's always a spot in everybody's collection for a good nude polish. But I don't tend to wear them all that often so I don't really ever ten to look for them. I buy a lot of teals and reds and purples. And glitter. And everything but nudes lol.
So the other day at CVS I was browsing, and I needed to purchase like $6 in order to use a coupon, so I went walking through the beauty aisle. There really wasn't anything I saw that was special so I was about to leave when I saw a handful of these sitting on the side of the Essie display.
Barefoot & Topless was a color that I've heard some good things about and that I've seen multiple times but I never really paid attention to it because it's a nude polish. On my way out though I figured I should try it out since it got so many good reviews and it was sort of the perfect little sign; why not buy it? I needed the purchase to fulfill the coupon anyways. And if I didn't like it there were definitely people I could give it to. So it came home with me. And I actually really like it!
It's a beige creme with a slight pink tinge to it. It's mostly a beige though. The formula is opaque. This was 2 coats and you can see how creamy it is. What I like most though is that it's not a jelly or crelly based polish. A lot of nude polishes have that base, so finding a fully opaque nude that was in this light of a shade was pretty nice.
I believe you can still find these easily in drugstores across the U.S. It's also available on Essie's website. Essie polishes retail for between $8 and $10.